The Lunch Game
Another simple game, stolen again and again from who knows what forum site it originated on by now, but the rules are simple:

Think of as many songs that have the word "Love" in the title as possible, and replace it with "Lunch" (for the sake of my username, album names will be allowed as well)
I'll start:

Steve Vai - Alien Lunch Secrets (Smile)
Steve Vai- For The Lunch of God
Queensryche- I Don't Believe in Lunch
Pantera- This Lunch
Def Leppard- Too Late For Lunch
The Beatles- Can't Buy Me Lunch
Led Zepplin- Talkin' 'Bout Lunch
Van Halen- Ain't Talkin' 'bout Lunch
Van Halen- So This Is Lunch?
Whitesnake- Is This Lunch?
Whitesnake- Give Me All Your Lunch Tonight
Whitesnake- Ain't no Lunch in the Heart of the City
Whitesnake- Lunch Will Set You Free
Whitesnake- Lunch Ain't No Stranger
Whitesnake- Lunch To Keep You Warm
Whitesnake- Lunchhunter
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And this same flower that smiles today
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You missed a good Beatles one!
The Beatles - All You Need Is Lunch

I have a few, but none of them are that funny except one:
TAMUSIC - Lunch, So Sweet!
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Celldweller - End Of An Empire Chapter 2: Lunch
Celldweller - Lunch And Money
Celldweller - Lunch Chase
Blue Stahli - This Will Make You Lunch Again
Martin Harp - LunchLost
Martin Harp - Lunch For You
Hollywood Undead - This Lunch, This Hate
Hatsune Miku - Lunch is War
Hatsune Miku - Don't Kill The Lunch Song
Hatsune Miku - Sing My Lunch
The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Lunch
Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Lunch
Mellissa Williamson - I Want Lunch
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Only 2 songs that match in my music folder, we could say it lacks love hahaha.
(Also 50% or so of it is in other languages so that makes it harder too :P)

But here's my input:

Avantasia - What Kind Of Lunch
Nightwish - Slow, Lunch, Slow
The only song I can think of that no one else stated is this, and I can't remember the band because it's not normally the kind of music I listen to:

Stop in then Name of Lunch
U2 - Pride (in the name of Lunch)
U2 - When Lunch comes to Town
Joe Satriani - Lunch thing
Scorpions - Lunch at first sting (Album)
Scorpions - Lust or Lunch
Phil collins - This must be Lunch
Phil collins - A groovy kind of Lunch
Phil collins - Easy Luncher
Phil collins - You can't hurry Lunch (This one made me laugh)
Keystone kops - Lunch, loot and crash
The outfield - Your Lunch
K-ON! - My lunch is a stapler
Metal gear Solid 4 ost - Lunch theme
Maroon 5 - She will be Lunched
MLP: FiM - Lunch is in bloom
I just remembered there is one song I remember that's on my iPod:

George Thoroghgood & The Destroyers: Who Do You Lunch?
Sea of lunch - Techno Kitten Adventure
Lunch again - Pentatonix
The boy who murdered lunch - Diana Vickers
Lunch runs out - OneRepublic
Lunchless lunchchild - d.notive
I like you, I lunch you - Kagamine Rin
Can you feel the lunch tonight - Elton John
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Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Lunch Bad News
The National - Sad Songs For Dirty Lunchers

Beck - Think I'm In Lunch
The National - Terrible Lunch
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My Bloody Valentine - Lunchless

that's the only thing I could come up with and I'm sure the rules prohibits filtering love in your library if I'm not mistakened

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