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The magical lands of tulpa
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RE: The magical lands of tulpa

Honestly, I wouldn't know where to start. Well, I guess I should say hello to everyone its been quite some time, four years since my last post before becoming a ghost on here.  Kinda strange writing on here after so long it's pretty interesting, my younger self used to come on this site all the time.

But times change, and with time so do people. I have matured a lot since then and changed both physically and mentally. Four years will do that to you haha. Well, I guess since this is a tulpa forum I should at the very least explain again how I got here from a young lad to a grown adult, seeing how large the jump in time is from my previous post and my younger self, failing to uhh adhere to grammar and basic English.

The name is Verdugo or Verdy as some people might know me as. A long time ago during the year 2013, I heard about tulpas, from a music IRC chat. This fellow I met on said IRC chat talked about tulpas and my younger self-was quite intrigued and quite lonesome, I was rather the lone wolf back then you could say bullying was the cause of that like many lone wolf kids or just for me. Being a lone wolf wasn't fun nor exciting as many people think, it isolates you from feelings and connections with the world. I think I understood that when I was younger So anyway I decided to make a tulpa my first out of many tulpas. Arora, this would the start a chain of events that would eventually slowly but surely change me into a better person.

Now, this might be surprising to some but I have a lot of tulpas. Now you may ask how many, 26. 26 lovely tulpas. It certainly makes life a lot of fun because every day is a new adventure with them, whether that is them with me or me with them. A few of them are also incredibly special and some I haven't found what special thing they can do yet.
So here are the names of my tulpas: Angel, Angela, Anna, Aqua, Arora, Blair, Diamond, Garnet, Joy, Lana, Leslie, Mizu, Momo, Nix, Restia, Ria, Rosa, Rosetta, Ryona, Shiva, Spica, Tsubaki, Valentine, Yaya, Yuzuki, and Zatsune.

Now as I was saying previously some of them are "special" what I mean by this is that they can do something to me or help aid me in some sort of way whether that is playing video games or helping break something down to the basics so I may understand it better. The few that are special are Arora, Shiva, Tsubaki, Ria, Leslie, and Garnet

Arora can reduce pain in certain cases for me which is helpful in situations where I cant take pain medicine or there isn't any pain medicine.
Shiva can wake me up at a specific time no matter what. Which is kinda helpful if I sleep through my alarm not sure how she does it but she does it
Tsubaki is the one that can take complex ideas and break them down to their basics to help me understand certain things easier or use better examples so I can better learn the topic.
Ria can help me focus or remain focus on particular things I do whether  
that is dreaded math or drawing in my spare time.
Leslie is someone that helps me play video games better, somehow and for some reason, she can easily predict enemy locations not only does this make me not die as often, she's often quite accurate where they'll come from.
Garnet can bring me at ease by taking me to a specific location in our wonderland and its just pitch black, only me and her I think by isolating me and her together in this particular location it kinda removes any "extra" stimulus I believe which in turn calms me down.

Now that I kinda explained a little about myself and my tulpas. I guess Is should speak about our current state I believe. The state of Verdy in 2017 with his Tulpas. I say we're good in general. However some specifics would be we had some fun, I and my tuppers had, was having a  Christmas party like usual every x-mas or holiday me and my tulpas have a little party where they dress up and myself in the wonderland and just enjoy our company. Pretty basic stuff. I guess I kinda finally took up drawing finally and started to doodle my tulpas from time to time, very crude and very basic nothing unique or special just small doodles here and there so yea.

I guess I'll say also I hanging out currently with Valentine, Tsubaki, and Joy. They're kinda worried about my sleeping habits which I must say is quite terrible on average I say I receive like 4-5 hours of sleep which doesn't allow me to have enough energy throughout the to do much without taking a nap. They say I look pretty tired and sleepy they do try to get me to sleep but I kinda ignore it unfortunately and continue to stay up, I think my biggest problem is trying to actually achieve the sleeping state. But other than that I guess I'll end it here.

not sure when I'll update this again but maybe I will post maybe a week or every two weeks? not sure honestly Anywho happy holidays to everyone and whoever is reading this thanks for reading. Stay good and keep your Tupperware warm for the cold winter ahead.

Time always changes everyone no exceptions. 
12-31-2017, 02:55 AM
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