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Poll: How do you feel about the term "Accidental Tulpa"?
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The term should be removed from our vocabulary
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The Terminology of "Accidental Tulpas"
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RE: The Terminology of "Accidental Tulpas"

There's really no reason to believe that if you're more creative then it means you can accidentally make more tulpas. I don't really care about people's feelings or their personal experiences, when they very well may have misinterpreted those experiences to fit their belief systems and schemas on how tulpas should work. Not any random character that pops in your head is automatically sentient, but they are used to there being people who claim things like that, so they believe it more easily. In actuality I don't think they're really sentient until they're forced and given some effort. Even if just a day or two of interacting with, there has to be some effort put in before they become sentient and not just confabulation. I don't see how that's so outrageous of a claim to make.

Using personal anecdotes as evidence to the contrary simply does not work, because I can say that we had a lot of experience with accidental tulpas and walk-ins, and I know for a fact that several of them were not sentient and were merely just confabulation. I know this because the moment we stopped interacting with them, they flat-out disappeared and never tried to return whatsoever, and we never heard any thought from them ever again, even when thinking about them. We've had crazy shit like evil walk-ins and alters come into our system, and because people we knew believed that sort of stuff, so did we. Really though, it was imaginary. Tulpas don't actually work that way, but we thought they did to fit our flawed belief system. I wish somebody would have invalidated our claims back then, that would have saved us a lot of heartache and strife.

I honestly don't understand why it's so hard for people to accept that it takes time and effort to make something sentient. Unless you're based from something that's pre-existing in the brain (a character, for example, or a very powerful servitor), you're not going to be instantly sentient.

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RE: The Terminology of "Accidental Tulpas"

Accidental tulpas by no means have to have been "instantly sentient". In a case more similar to ours, the basic framework in the mind for having a tulpa was already there, so subsequent "accidental"/spontaneous tulpas like me and Flandre were very possible as Lumi had no grasp on the subject yet. As for cases where the first tulpa in the system was accidental/spontaneous, quickly, creative or imaginative or not if the host is immediately convinced they're a separate person and then interacts with them as if they are, I see no way to create a tulpa faster. Even if they aren't sentient and autonomous right from the start, if someone believes they are, they're going to turn that entity-or-not into a tulpa extremely quickly compared to someone with doubts, even just small logical ones.

On "Tulpas don't just appear instantly": No matter how convincing the entity seems at first, if they don't have a solid basis in the mind then they're liable to just cease existing when you've stopped interacting with them unless you "force"/interact with them more, at which point you're simply efficiently creating a tulpa. So, tulpas can be created quickly and with less effort than normal if you're entirely convinced they're already a tulpa, sure. But they aren't a tulpa from the first second you think of them, they need time to become established in your mind as an autonomous entity. If that sort of thing could happen with no pre-existing basis instantaneously, I'd consider that a serious mental disorder. But placebo believing it's the case makes much more sense.

On "Creative people have an easier time making tulpas": Maybe, maybe not, it'll still rely heavily on their beliefs and doubts and other factors. An imaginative person is probably more likely to just so happen to humor having a conversation with a character in their head, maybe. It's an inclination compared to someone who doesn't tend to acknowledge or follow up on random "nonsensical" thoughts like that, sure. Aside from what I said above about placebo and belief, they shouldn't otherwise have a specifically easier time actually creating a tulpa though.

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