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The Wanted Art Mass Thread [POST REQUESTS HERE]
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RE: The Wanted Art Mass Thread [POST REQUESTS HERE]

I can't help it!

Broad type of art you want:
Sketches or quick stuff.

More specific type:
In your style.

Some other art here of me.
Some things people miss: That's hair (mane) not a frill. And it's grey and longer than in any of the pictures.
My wing colour is between green and blue.
I replaced my chitin coating with black skin, if it even matters in your art style.
Note the eyes.
I tend to look less cartoonish in our mind.
Holes in legs optional.


Sketches, Pony

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Cat needs Help Drawing Me

When Cat visualizes me, she has a vague idea of what I look like. She is frustrated she can't get more than a foggy image in her mind, and she knows it's because she has trouble visualizing my face. When she draws images of me, the faces vary a lot, and the inconsistency is ruining her confidence.

Can you guys draw pictures of me? I'll provide a description of what I look like and include bellow art of what Cat considers to be her best attempts. She didn't ask anyone one-on-one because she isn't confident in her ability to communicate an accurate description and she's afraid to tell people that the image they created doesn't match what she had in mind and hurt their feelings.

For anyone who posts their art of me in this thread: thank you very much! If anyone needs more information, I will gladly provide it!

My Description of My face:
  • Head Shape, ears, and face- My head shape is a circle, like a "Charlie Brown Head". My cheeks draw Cat's attention, completely hiding my cheekbones. My ears are a little bit big and can be seen through my hair.
  • Hair- I have medium thick brown hair and it is cut just bellow my ears. Cat does not have the best idea of what my hair looks like, so feel free to have some fun with this!
  • Forehead- for some reason my forehead is flat but my skull is rounded like a ball.
  • Eyebrows- Fairly flat and while not bushy not invisible either.
  • Eyes- I like to think of them as squared off rhombuses. My eyes are blue.
  • Nose- My nose points straight at whatever I'm looking at, so I'm guessing it slants at a 45 degree angle. My nose is smallish in size and it rounds off at the end. I think makes almost a spade shape from a top-down perspective, only the tip is rounded off.
  • Mouth- My mouth does not attract very much attention to it. I have my facial hair shaven off, but what's left of my facial hair is almost blonde.
  • Chin- My chin is short and rounded out. Looking straight on it looks like it takes about 1/3 of the width of my face.

Images (In Chronological Order):

[Image: xU3IXmU.jpg?1]

[Image: 33sI5JY.jpg?1]

[Image: avl7zPZ.jpg?1]

I'm Cat_ShadowGriffin's Tulpa and I like Hippos! I also like forum games, word puzzles, and chatting about stuff.
I now stream!
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