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The Wanted Art Mass Thread [POST REQUESTS HERE]
I can't help it!

Broad type of art you want:
Sketches or quick stuff.

More specific type:
In your style.

Some other art here of me.
Some things people miss: That's hair (mane) not a frill. And it's grey and longer than in any of the pictures.
My wing colour is between green and blue.
I replaced my chitin coating with black skin, if it even matters in your art style.
Note the eyes.
I tend to look less cartoonish in our mind.
Holes in legs optional.


Sketches, Pony
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EDIT: I decided I don't need this post anymore, so I took down the references and stuff. I still appreciate that Ranger went out of his way to help me when I felt so frustrated with my art ability.
I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love Hippos! I also like forum games and chatting about stuff.
My other head-mates have their own account now.
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can some draw emily
she has blonde hair with pink highlights
wheres a dungree dress with flower on a pocket
carries a flower(red)
army jacket on top
pink crop top
thankyou if you do it can you post it on here please
Message me if you would like art of an animal. I got more info here.
Hi, are you still doing tulpa drawings
If so, this is that she looks like, she is a elf, she has pinkish-red hair, green and black clothing, purple eyes and blushes a lot, kinda like this

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