Therapists Legal Obligations?
Hello, I was thinking since this community is well versed in psychology and the likes, if anybody here knows the laws about therapists and their obligation to involve laws.

Today I decided to take a free screening at my college, as they had a mental health thing going on, and spoke with a counselor about my results. He said the results suggested moderate depression and anxiety, and highly suggested PTSD. I am very reluctant to seek any help, as my stress is the result of someone close to me being a victim of illegal acts. The person did nothing illegal, but I don't want the therapists to try get involved with my parents (I'm still 17 for another few months) or involve the legal system.

So, what do therapists/doctors usually do about these types of things?

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If there are instinces of ongoing abuse or a person is committing an illegal or potentially life threatening act then the therapist is bound by law to inform the police and or child services

You can always talk about it without naming names.
I figured as much. I'm conflicted between trying to receive help, but distrusting institutions
Get help. It will change your life trust me. Just leave names out of it unles the other person is in danger, in which case of something can be done it Probobly should.
What amber said, help with side affects is generally better than no help at all. Good luck.
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Yeah, I'd say get help. I'm glad you're considering it. A lot of people are extremely reluctant to see professionals, but it's certainly worth it. I kind of did something similar when I was a kid, its sort of like this but on a tiny scale. I had a small issue with being picked on by the bigger kids at my elementary school, when I saw the counselor I didn't mention any names and nobody got in trouble, and it certainly got better. Now I can handle bullies like their nothing, only problem now is I cry for no reason when entering councilors offices, ironically. I know it's not nearly the same but maybe it will help.
There is a confidentiality agreement. Only if you are in danger of harming yourself or others, if required to disclose it by a judge, or, in most states, if child abuse is suspected, can they release anything discussed. However, in these cases they may release essentially anything and everything, and it may be made known to the proper authorities and or a jury.

I've recently been to see someone myself, so they had to go over all the laws and such. As far as it helping, if you are at a point where you feel like you may need help, then you are at least a step ahead of most people. I won't go into detail, but in my case it was more of a legal precaution than legitimately needing help.

I would suggest going if you feel like you may need help. After all, unlike the therapist, you are not obligated to reveal anything if you don't wish to disclose something to them. For instance, when I went I very carefully tested the waters regarding tulpamancy, and decided against revealing anything very "incriminatory" regarding it(unfortunately, due to Jade's uh...abrasive personality, describing the "voice in my head" would likely result in an unnecessary schizophrenia prescription, which could have very interesting effects on tulpamancy). More than likely you can be treated at least to some extent(assuming you do indeed have an ailment. Tests are not foolproof, especially in this field) without them ever knowing the source, though that would be helpful to them.
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