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They create themselves
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They create themselves
So would you guys consider this normal that they form themselves and have any of you had this happen?  
I thought I would open up just a little bit more. This is kind of something that I thought was normal at least for me it seems. Just about all my Characters created themselves one way or another. In fact Seria was the only one that I had to forge myself. I got to thinking about it and even though I got validated by several psychiatrist so far that this is all normal I still wonder. Yes I know so long as they don't have a desire to hurt me they are ok to keep.
I had many come and go and I have about 7 right now. 4 of them seem to have committed to stick with me. My newest one is based off of Tempest Shadow from the MLP Movie. She also was formed from the recovery of when I joined this website. Like I said before I would never want anyone to travel the road I have, but I am who I am for a purpose. I choose to live for this reason.

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RE: They create themselves
Sometimes wheat grows wild, sometimes it is cultivated. Sometimes you can't tell, because it's growing on the side of the road next to a farmer's field.

To be more specific, usually thoughtforms that form on their own are considered walk-ins or soulbonds depending on the way they are independent from you, however, some aspect of tulpas are always self determined as well.

I would not have investigated the idea that if they have no desire to hurt you they are okay to keep. Such a question carries many presumptions, such as a character is a possession, you need permission, it can be expected that they might have a desire to hurt you, such a character has no rights to self determination, you can easily get rid of them, and such a desire is automatically bad. None of which I would consider likely hypotheses, so the question would never have occurred to me.

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