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Thread Titles and Repeat Threads
There's been quite a few threads lately where the titles have been very vague/uninformative of what the thread is about. I'm bumping this thread rather than making a new one. I'd like for people to make sure their thread title is descriptive of what the thread is about when posting. It's alright if you forget every once in a while, but generally vague titles should be avoided. Additionally, feel free to bump old threads or post in Beginner's Questions General if a question has already been asked before. Kiah mentioned locking duplicate threads, but that's typically not something my system does, we usually just merge them.
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Your thread title should give people an idea of what they're going to click on!

"Can someone help me with this?" is a 0/10
"Need help with imposing" is a 7/10 - a little vague, but it's still on-topic and worthy of being made
"Can only impose well when tired" 10/10! But don't ask this 'cus I have no idea what to tell you lol!
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You should consider adding a small note about specific thread names in the welcome message.

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