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Topics for narration.
Another thing to narrate especially in public is just your various reactions to things going on around you, even better to let your tulpa comment on them.

Such as

"Wow [tulpa] did you see that guy who just walked by me?"
"Yeah, he looks like he's on steroids, he looks silly."

And so forth.
Witty signatures are hard to think of.

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Same trying to develop this Heads up display , have been very successful in lucid states multiple times , now working on imposing the same while waking well i am practicing , although the visuals are not yet clear but basic recall and information management works juat fime , also i use this as a communication aid with my tulpas (basically i chat with my tulpa through text , when visualisation is uh....down ) , as for the programs they are basically made on the go , except for some basic infographic management everything is dynamically executed ?.
oh yeah can anyone tag that glitch guys post I can't find it , i seriously need relevant imposition skills, and his words seem inspirational to me

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