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[Training] Visualization Practice Thread
#VPT106.001 - The Castle

Feedback Notes:
All previous notes have been incorporated to the best of my ability.
.001 - Quick Edit

I recommend you do these in order, so go back and start from the beginning if you haven’t followed along.

Relax, find a quiet space, get comfortable and don't forget to read the first post of this thread for instructions. Remember to be mindful of what your partner is doing. It starts in the morning at the meditation cabin in the forest valley.

It’s morning. The cabin was everything it was promised to be; you and your partner ponder breakfast and suddenly there’s a knock at the door. You stare at each other and you coax your partner to check it out.

What could this be? Are you worried?

Your partner cracks open the door and peeks out, then disappears out the door.  The cold valley air and the scent of burnt pine from the settled chimney smoke seeps in quickly. After a few minutes you’re about to wonder where they went when the door bangs open and they're carrying a huge basket overflowing with wrapped foodstuffs of all shapes and sizes.  

Clear a spot in the cabin, or get dressed and take it outside in the cool morning air. What’s in the basket? Notice something unusually good, take something and unwrap it for your partner. Find something to drink and quench your thirst. What else do you notice?

You're at a loss of what to do next, but at least you’re well fed. You start wondering exactly who might have brought this, but after a quick search all you could find was the basket indentation on the sandy footstep. You didn’t even find any foot prints other than your own.

At the bottom of the basket, a note has fallen between wrapped goods. The note says simply, ‘have fun, and when you’re ready, come find us at the castle.’ Puzzled, you have no idea where a castle might be.

Clean up and pack what you want to keep, then warm up one last time in the cabin and get ready to go searching for a castle. What is the feel of the cabin? Smell it, run your hands over some of the furniture, listen to the last crackles of the dying fire in the hearth and look at your partner. Ready to go?

You decide to head off, completely lost in terms of where a castle might be. You step outside and stand by the cabin a moment and take in the view around you. The rustic structure with the backdrop of the green lush forest and mountain stream seems right out of a picture book. You look around and can just make out the same mountains you saw earlier, based on the angle, you figure you could make your way back. Then you notice a grey structure on the cliff at the end of the valley. Well, it looks a lot like a stone castle.

At the top of the cliff, rutted with rills from centuries of erosion, is an impressive fortification standing proud. Amid bastions and ramparts a tall keep rises and overlooks the valley and beyond. You think wistfully what it would be like to stand in that keep and gaze out over the surrounding landscape.

You start walking down stream, a stable wide path of light grass, spring flowers, and the occasional boulder winds down the valley.

Look up at the valley walls can you see anything unusual? Take a deep breath, what scent is in the air? What does the stream look like? How wide is it? Could you cross it? Are there any animal prints on the path?

The castle is easily a few hours walk away. You look up at the castle, and surrounding hills, and you wonder how you’re suppose to get up there? An adjacent hill to the left looks as though you might have an easier time climbing and you notice a ruined stone bridge across the crevice that has been thoroughly destroyed. In its place is a thin rope bridge that looks like the only viable way to the castle.  Though it may be possible to scale the rutted cliff, a pile of scree indicates that the cliff isn’t necessarily stable.

As you approach the lake, you see the water extend across the valley all the way to the surrounding cliffs.

Feel like a swim? Not in that frigid spring snow-melt runoff, not unless your partner is a polar bear, no way.

There's a cool steady breeze coming off the water and the morning sun glistens off the wavelets causing a pleasing sparkle to the water. As you trek along the shore you notice a small dock, adjacent to that is a boathouse with a several mooring bays. One happens to be occupied by a reasonable sized boat.

Take a look at the boat house as you approach, what’s it like? How old is it? Does it look lived in? What kind of boat is parked in the bay?

It’s peaceful out here on the lake, the gentle calls of exotic birds and the rippling water make a symphony of sounds that are pleasing to listen to. Compared to yesterday’s fearful scramble, today’s trek is a pleasure.

Independent Visualization Activities: Get to the boat house, negotiate or take the boat by whatever means and get across the lake to the cliff side shore. Enjoy the ride!


Proceed once you've done the activities (or skipped them.)

You ‘secure’ the boat on the other side and stare up at the impossible cliff face. From here it’s clear that even climbing the hillside is going to be very hard. You know there’s no advanced climbing gear in your packs so you attempt to find a way up.

You travel along the shore, looking up periodically at the hills, eventually you run out of shoreline as the cliff face plunges into the water. Walking the other way, just before you get to the scree pile you notice a rope. On closer inspection there are several old ropes, with knots periodically placed in them, hanging down the steep slope of the adjacent hill.

Test the rope and get comfortable in the idea that you’ll be doing some climbing. You’re here for an adventure after all, why not a nice climb up a dangerous, partially crumbling hillside.

The ropes nestle in along the gap between the two hills but as you draw them out, they’re attached further away so as you begin to climb them, it’s more of an assisted hill climb than a straight up dangling feat of willpower.

Amid the protesting squawks of beautifully colored birds, jostling as you pass their seldom disturbed nests, is the occasional sound of a stray rock as it plunges down the adjacent cliff face. The smell of fresh mountain air, and the beautiful vista views give you just enough motivation to slowly make it up the hillside.

Feel the old rope in your hands. Are you gaining ground quickly or slipping every other step? How is your partner doing, did you have them climb first or after, or are they on their own rope? How high is this cliff? Look down, what would happen if the rope gave way? How steep is the slope? Look over at the adjacent cliff face, how far away is it? Can you see the foundations of the castle? Are they precariously close to the eroding cliff, or well set back and stable?

The slope levels out and you find the anchors of the ropes wedged under a large bounder. Looking over to the castle, the sun catches the stone faces and turrets with shades of grey that look majestic on their own. The north side of the castle is covered in moss, the south side in vines, and this side has a large double gate that looks fortified. The remnants of a stone bridge, long since destroyed, remain rooted on both sides, and a precarious simple rope bridge runs for about a hundred meters between the ruins.

On the other side, to the left of the castle gate, you can see a campsite with wooden buildings reminiscent of a market square surrounded by fruit trees. One or more of the buildings are in ruins, charcoal black boards stick out at odd angles in the rubble.

You walk up to the end of the ruins and inspect the rope bridge, it seems sound, but looking down you see only jagged scree and broken boulders.  The slight dip of the rope bridge across the gap shows that it’s well taught and ready to traverse, but still, you feel wary.

Lean over the lip of the broken stone bridge and look down. How strong are the wind gusts up here? Do you hear anything? Look around you, what’s on this side of the gap?

You’re settled, you’re brave, but you consider next move. Certainly you’d have seen someone by now so you ponder again, 'Who left you that note in the basket? Who are you going to meet?'

As you begin to approach the rope bridge, you hear an odd beep, then another.  A glint of metal catches your eye and under the lip of the ruined stone bridge railing is a large, fist-sized, smooth shelled snail. It has a tag piercing the lip of its shell that glints in the light and reads, “Snaily”. He slowly slithers his way along the underside of the rail and you notice something stuck to its shell; it’s another folded note.

“Dear adventurers,

My mate and I look forward to meeting you, we’ll be at the campsite by midday, feel free to join us there. Don’t make any unnecessary ruckus, just relax. If you see anything big, yellow, and hungry approaching you, do not engage. We’ll find you soon.  

Hali and Red.”

Give old Snaily a pat on his slimy head and make your way across the precarious rope bridge. On the other side is a deserted campsite with mostly intact wooden buildings surrounding a courtyard. Some look like they were destroyed and burned to the foundation. Explore it and make yourself comfortable. Pick some fruit from the trees, what types of fruit do you see? Have a snack and enjoy any fresh ripe fruit you find.

As you find a comfortable place to sit to wait for Hali and Red, you notice some sort of depressions in the dry mud, large toes, huge claw marks, an odd foot pattern of a giant bird maybe? I giant thing of some sort, surely. Looking closely you can just make out what looks like the pattern of scales. Upon closer inspection they're too wide to be a bird's foot; whatever creature left these, it was here not too long ago.  

1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.
2. How was breakfast? What did you eat and drink?
3. What was the boathouse like?
4. What was the boat like?
5. How was the trip across the lake?
6. How was the rope climb up the hill?
7. What did Snaily look like?
8. What was the rope bridge like?
9. What condition is the campsite in?
10. What fruit did you find?
11. What do you think left those large footprints?
12. How good are the memories of this one?
(0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?)

Ideally, you would now take a few moments to jot down what you remember of your adventure. I'd love to read that! If you share, make sure it's hidden.

You don’t need to answer any of the questions on paper, it’s not a test, just answer them to yourself, but feel free to answer any of them in hidden form in the comments or PM me, I’d be happy to review them. Also, PM me with corrections or suggestions for improvement.

Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

First time doing a part since after my visualization got better. However, things didn't go as planned. Fiora has been enjoying grabbing me and flying us around so much lately that as soon as we saw the castle, she quickly flew us right to it. Then after realizing that was "out of script", she flew us back so we could do it "properly". When we got to the part with the boat and we got free reign on what to do, it was over in less than 3 seconds: Fiora just went in quickly by herself, grabbed and threw the ship's owner out (through a window, he fell in the water). I boarded the boat too, and then Fiora decided the boat was too slow, she went outside and grabbed the boat to fly us to our destination faster... after seeing Fiora was likely too impatient to just follow the script and do it the proper way, I decided it was okay for her to just bring us directly to the bridge part and continue from there. So yeah, that's how it went.
#VPT107.001 - Flight Worthy

Feedback Notes:
All previous notes have been incorporated to the best of my ability.
001 - fixed some typos and a couple details.

I recommend you do these in order, so go back and start from the beginning if you haven’t followed along.

Relax, find a quiet space, get comfortable and don't forget to read the first post of this thread for instructions. Remember to be mindful of what your partner is doing. It starts in the afternoon after lunch in the camp sight. This one seems a little longer than most.

The campsite was deserted but still hospitable as there were plenty of fruit trees with ripe fruit still on them, a lot of wasted rotten fruit on the ground, no one was taking care of these trees but they looked like they'd been trimmed a few seasons ago.

Take a look at the fruit on the ground, do you see any flies or bees or any other bugs on them? What's it smell like? Can you hear anything? Ask your partner to notice something. Explore the grove.

You have your fill of the fruit and it's delicious. You and your partner then follow your mysterious hosts’ orders and 'relax' at the campsite. You take a good look at the seemingly abandoned site, still intact buildings look like they haven’t been used recently, but the destroyed building worries you. It’s scorched and the charred remains still look fresh.

Go take a look, what do you see? Anything of interest? Pick up something interesting among the remains and describe it. Can you smell the burnt wood? Can you speculate the cause of the blaze?

The surrounding weeds near the burned building have grown only a a fraction of an inch amid the black charred remains of those who grew before them, you can imagine this was only a few days ago, maybe a week.  You look across the campsite and imagine who could have used this.

Independent exercise: Go explore the other buildings, what are they? What were they used for? Can you tell who might have lived there?

As you emerge from a building wondering what could keep you occupied next, someone taps you on the shoulder. Startled you spin and instinctively with a defensive stance.

A pair of short, fine-featured, gorgeous women stand before you, one is a Ruddy brown, wearing all black, tightly fitting shirt and pants, her face is girlish and her lips pout in a slight curl as if she’s about to say something surly, her hair is long and dark brown, very straight, and well kept, the other has a red blushing appearance to her skin and her hair has a beautiful reddish hue in a short bob cut, still very feminine, she’s wearing a light pink sun-dress and looking at you like a lioness eyeing her prey.

Your sudden turn and defensive posture startles them, the darker one draws a rather nasty looking short sword and flares reddish-brown wings that are impressively large for her size.
The other jumps into the air, flapping her eagle like wings so quickly that dust kicks up into your face; you and your partner are left coughing.

"Here’s your first lesson, no sudden movements around us, okay?" says the darker one and slowly sheathes her sword into a sheath on her back between her wings. She then smiles confidently at you and says, "I'm Halcyon of Altus, but you can call me Hali, and…" she looks around, then up and waves her friend down. "That's Red."

Red lands gracefully and smiles at your partner, ignoring you completely, "a pleasure to meet you dear, oh my, what a pretty thing you are." She saunters closer and is about to pet your partner when Hali clotheslines her back in place.

"That’s never appropriate!" Hali says angrily.

"Heh, you’re not my boss, lover. Nor am I betrothed to you and you alone," Red responds in a sultry, soft tone and raises her hand to Hali's cheek

Hali slaps her hand away, "if this is the game you want to play, I’m ready to win, but now that you’ve completely embarrassed me, maybe I should let you have them and find a new mate for myself?"

Red giggles and sighs, "darling, you’re so dramatic, I'm just looking." She turns to you, rolls her eyes and then back to your partner.
She smirks and offers her hand. "Never mind her, she’ll be begging me to forgive her rudeness tonight, trust me."

What do you think of them? Does your partner shake her hand, do they see the look in her eyes?

Hali looks absolutely appalled and is steaming. After a moment to calm herself she puts on a obviously forced expression of welcome and through her teeth she says, "I hope you enjoyed your basket." She takes another breath and offers her hand, seeming to calm down. "We've had some trouble lately with someone who's been around to mostly cause trouble. She's not listening to us anymore, so we have a favor to ask of you."

You feel a little overwhelmed, what kind of favor could they ask of you? What are your feelings of this situation?

"I know you don’t know us, and our trust is not yet earned, but if you do this, I promise you won’t regret it. Let’s just say, self preservation is involved," Hali says softly, but you can tell she's not used to speaking this way.

Red continues, mostly speaking to your partner, "not that it's not going to be fun on its own of course, but yeah, it's kind of hard to explain. We've got a special guest today who wants to 'experiment' on us in hopes of enlightenment. So we needed a two willing partners to try this on. Guess what, you’re it."

Visualization practice self-exploration: Greet them and follow them to the through the locked castle gate and up to the main keep of the castle.

You enter the main keep, high above the surrounding landscape. The open stone windows let through a soft cool breeze. The keep has a pair of princess beds, all decked out with mosquito netting and all the frills of a high society bedroom.

Explore the rest of the room, what else do you see? Find something interesting, smell something.

"I thought she'd be here," Hali mentions to Red, "wait here, I'll check the library. I'll be right back, so play nice." She then turns to you with a look nothing short of rage, "touch her and my blade wants it's turn next, got me?"

She leaves but you and your partner still feel just a little tense, what 'experiment' was she talking about? Before you can say anything Red speaks.

"Don’t pay any mind to her, she’s just a big old softy and nothing to be afraid of, well, unless she actually pulls her sword on you, then do what she says because that thing is sharp." Red lifts her dress to show a small scar on her right thigh. "Not that I didn’t deserve it, but oh boy did she pay for this. If she even so much as reaches for that blade when addressing me again she’ll be stripped and tied upside down from her ankles, hung from the nearest tree for the night covered in honey. She pauses a moment as if savoring that thought then blushes a little and eyes your partner again, looking them up and down, "I want you."

You are a bit startled by her seemingly forward demeanor, you ask for her to elaborate further.

"For the experiment, we're going to share memories. Oh, duh, we didn’t tell you. Our friend is an arch mage, she's going to facilitate a memory transfer to shortcut the lengthy training and etiquette protocol for our uninvited visitor. She did it on us once, it was... interesting," she says with a sultry tone, "it'll be fun, believe me."

As you’re still wondering just what a 'memory transfer' would be, Hali returns with an even shorter figure in a deep indigo hooded robe. They discuss something that you can’t quite make out, Hali is speaking, but you can't hear anything being said by the hooded figure, if anything at all.

The figure’s face is completely obscured but you can tell by the way they carry themselves, that she’s probably a woman or even a girl.

The hooded figure looks toward you, directing you and them to the beds. Your bed is very large, and you easily lay comfortably next to Hali. Your partner is similarly laid next to Red.

How do you feel? What do you expect is going to happen? How does your partner feel about this?

The hooded figure doesn’t speak, they only gently move your head next to Hali’s so that the sides of your heads are touching.

"Are you ready?" Hali says, sounding nervous herself.

"I am!" Red says with vigor, unable to stop a slight giggle.

You hopelessly agree, as if you had a choice, but your sense of adventure is strong. If you made it this far, why not continue?

The figure says nothing, but you can almost make out a face, she is a young woman. Her eyes glint of the light through the window and you stare into them as they stare back. You watch her eyes flick as if reading, then your mind begins to feel as if you’re not the only one. A buzzing sense of thought, a mild presence becomes stronger, and suddenly you hear Hali, only, she didn’t speak. Her thoughts are somewhat frightened, but also excited. You try to call to your companion, but it’s too late, all you see is black, you can’t move, and even the sounds of birds outside the window eventually stop.


You awaken, or rather, you were awake?

“Hali, watch this!”

You see Red, only she’s younger, and she’s wearing a very light sleeveless shirt and thin shorts. Her red wings spread like an eagle before you and suddenly you’re aware of your perch, you’re at the top of a tall cliff, below you is a large lake, this is somehow familiar, but the feeling of vertigo is unavoidable as you look down the impossibly steep cliff and the shore below.

Red jumps and you watch her go, suddenly you're very afraid, wait! That’s not Red.

~Your Partner~

You come to feel like you’re not in your own skin, as if you’ve borrowed someone else’s body, it’s light, it’s tone, and it’s filled with adrenaline.

“Hali, watch this!” you feel yourself say and suddenly, without any move on your part, you jump from an incredibly high cliff and are diving with reckless abandon toward the jagged shoreline of rocks below. At nearly the last second, you feel a lifting sensation and 'appendages' like a second set of arms start to tug back. You feel a rush of air like pillows of soft whipped cream as you glide quickly forward, inches from the water, and at an incredible speed.  Your fear turns to exhilaration, you can’t remember ever doing anything so crazy and irresponsible, but you loved it.


You're amazed as you watch them go. That looked really fun, and without a second thought you jump off the cliff, plummeting to your doom. 'Why!?' You think, but your voice is merely laughing and you feel only exhilarating joy. Just as Red did, you seem to glide, and now you realize you too have large powerful wings, without thinking you adeptly use them to catch you and skim the water’s surface. You overtake Red, but, it’s not Red, you can see now, it’s your partner!

~You’re partner~

You’ve never felt this free, light and powerful, as you seem to be able to control the air itself to your whim. You somehow know how to control these powerful appendages and you pull up, enjoying the speed and sensation of flight as you climb effortlessly into the clouds.


You see them pull up and you think to follow. You have an urge to follow but it soon fades, you’re in control now. You can do whatever you want.

Free flight exercise: Have fun for a while and when you’ve had your fill, go back to the keep, there’s someone waiting for you who feels like they need to communicate some details. You feel an odd connection to them, like a pull of a string around your waist.

Later you return to the keep and you flit through the window with grace and ease, feeling great. You see your partner arrive soon after and can’t help but hug them tightly.

The hooded figure wastes no time in explaining the details, there’s a dragon, Uliad, she’s yellow, scaly, huge and impetuous, not an enemy, not a friend, powerful and reckless, but reasonable and intelligent.

The hooded figure explains that it’s your objective to talk the dragon into leaving, or at least playing nice. That or scare it off, anything really, diplomacy, friendship, intimidation, anything to convince this creature from causing more mischief here. The scene goes black.

You awaken again on the bed next to Hali, you pop up and see your partner similarly up.

What do you say to them? What do you do next? The hooded figure still has more to say but you somehow know she’s mute, and can’t say anything here.

Hali stirs with a yawn, "wow, you lead a strange and interesting life. I’m impressed."

Red pops up and laughs uncontrollably, "I never would have believed that in my wildest dreams."

A little offended, a little embarrassed, you collect yourself but before you can say anything there seems to be a memory left in your mind, 'you may use those memories to shift into a winged form at any time, it’s our gift to you, as long as you uphold your end of the bargain. Uliad is coming.'

Freeplay: interact with Hali, Red, even the hooded figure, you feel like you won’t see them again after this, unless you want to come back to visit of course, they assure you that you’re trusted and welcome any time.

1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.
2. Describe an experience you had at the campsite when you were exploring the buildings.
3. What did you think when Hali drew her sword?
4. what did you think about Red’s first forward reaction to your partner?
5. Were you apprehensive about the experiment?
6. What was the keep like?
7. When you first saw the hooded figure, what did you think?
8. Were you nervous laying in the bed? What did your partner feel?
9. What was the jump like? What was flying like?
10. Try to remember something fun about your free flight exercise.
11. Are you nervous to 'negotiate with a dragon?'
12. How good are the memories of this one?
(0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?)

Ideally, you would now take a few moments to jot down what you remember of your adventure. I'd love to read that! If you share, make sure it's hidden.

You don’t need to answer any of the questions on paper, it’s not a test, just answer them to yourself, but feel free to answer any of them in hidden form in the comments or PM me, I’d be happy to review them. Also, PM me with corrections or suggestions for improvement.
VPT#104 Response

That was a lot better than normal! Almost no intrusives, it was really nice. Everything had Ghibli studio vibes, I think I was taking a lot of inspiration from My Neighor Totoro for the forest aesthetics. 
1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.
Maybe 30% for a baseline, with little clips of ~60%.

2. What did the storm clouds look like?
Flat, gray ones that turn black and really make it dark out. From a distance, you just see this blur in the sky that makes you go "oh crap." I could feel it in my joints, since I have that thing where you feel the pressure.  

3. Were you worried about being swept out by the river?
I guess a little, but I ended up laughing hysterically as I was chasing Cassidy. Something was wrong with how he was running. I think it was pretty squirrel-like motion. My theory is, since he was ahead of me, I wasn't "rendering" enough of the terrain for his motion to be realistic, either, so I was just seeing him scramble. 

4. Did you see the Rainbow?
Yes, all against this gray haze. It looked almost cartoony at first, and then Cassidy kinda went "no, like this" and it snapped over to a realistic rainbow. It was shockingly close and wide, and faded on the top and bottom like rainbows sometimes are. 

5. Did you see the scarred trees?
Yes, and they looked black and dead. Something that pleased me is that they were wet, without me thinking about it. Cassidy's hair was also wet, which I don't think I've ever seen before. 

6. Were you scared being chased by Brother Bear?
Yes. I remembered going to the zoo and seeing a snow leopard, pacing back and forth along the cage. She was so big and I could hear her breathing like big cats do. She made direct eye contact with me and I felt this very primal "ahhhh" from recognizing, "this is an apex predator." It kinda felt like that, although I was laughing again. I don't think Cassidy was scared, but he enjoyed running anyway. 

7. What did think about Old Man Oak Tree, did he scare you?
Freaking yes. What the heck? Gavin's voice doesn't scare me, even though he can be pretty gravelly sometimes. I heard bass like the cars that drive by with annoying sound systems, just overwhelmingly loud. When I saw that eye open out of the wood, I saw it flash through colors until it settled on a slightly, slightly pale green sclera with a grayish, brownish pupil, almost like a reptilian eye. And usually nothing, not even my tulpas, look me directly in the eye, but this freaking tree did and it gave me chills. 

8. What did the waterfalls sound like, look like?
Splishy-splashy. I thought of the river in my local nature center. There's a part where it goes over some big, flat rocks and makes really nice "water splashing" noises. They weren't especially clean or photogenic waterfalls, but at least they looked warm and snake-free. 

9. What did your partner do when you met Brother Bear?
Brother Bear was standing up like hamsters do, and I laughed and corrected that. Cassidy was a bit in awe, I think. We don't have NPCs. They shook hands. 

10. Did you try the sashimi?
Nope. Berries? Yes. Good berries: blueberries and golden raspberries. 

11. How good are the memories of this one?
Alright, definitely room for improvement. It was bringing up a lot of memories of my various experiences in the woods, and I think Cassidy liked hearing those stories. I can look back on these memories about the same as looking back on memories of dreams that I recorded upon waking. To give a letter grade, I'd say C+. 

There's a big difference between these NPCs and my book characters, which I found reassuring. It tells me I have a low chance of walk-ins being convincing/fleshed out, because these freshly-summoned characters glitched out a lot. Shifting proportions, colors, things like that. My book characters, which I've thought about a lot more, don't do that. 

I'm excited to do the next one. And I saw flying in the title of one of them? That sounds fun. 

VPT#105 Response


Gavin took my place this time around. They're classic together and we had some back-and-forths about whether or not Gavin was wearing shoes. It sure sounded like it when they were walking through the forests, but he insisted, no shoes involved. In the end, they dicked around in the cabin and were generally disrespectful to their surroundings, which I guess it pretty fun when it's all imagination. Mentally, I kept referring back to the time I got lost in the woods with a good friend of mine, and so the incident of sliding down a hill and catching myself by taking a tree trunk to the crotch kept coming up. It felt quite a bit like a movie. 

1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.
30%, with nice shots of maybe 60% to 70%.
2. How did you feel as you left Brother Bear's meadow?
G/ The ground was awfully mushy. I was excited that there was a time limit. 
3. What did the twilight forest feel like?
G/ It reminded me of some memories Jamie has of walking the dog at 9PM, going too far down by the field's edge, and seeing a coyote. The dog had taken Jamie closer and closer until he saw the movement, and then his dog-brain realized "not a dog" and he completely lost it, pulling the lead and scrambling to get inside.
4. Were you genuinely frightened by the sound of the owl?
G/ Not especially. 
5. Where is the owl now?
G/ In the trees. 
6. What did you yell at him?
G/ It was a girl owl. I yelled, "Boo!" 
7. Were you worried that you'd remain lost for the night?
G/ No, I was more worried about tripping and taking a branch to the crotch. 
8. How did you find the cabin?
G/ The brute-force method of "just keep walking." 
9. What was it like in the valley?
C/ It was a field that Jamie's been too. It was overgrown and muddy, but it's a little cleaner since we revised it and added the stream 
10. Describe the inside of the cabin.
C/ It's really nice, with lots of wood and an angled ceiling. The kitchen has all stone counter tops and there's a nice fireplace and a big, red circular rug that takes up most of the living room. 
11. Was there anyone inside?
C/ No. 
12. What did you do?
C/ I wrestled the chandelier. 
13. How good are the memories of this one?
(0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?)
G/ Looking back, I rarely saw myself through my own eyes. It feels like a movie I watched an hour or so ago. I'd say, 50% realism. Relatively vivid. I do see some progress. 

This one was pretty good! It was fun to watch. 

Three brothers. [Progress Report] [Art] [Oops! All Jamie]

"You are the messenger, not the message. You are just like everyone else."
#VPT108 - Uliad

Feedback Notes:
All previous notes have been incorporated to the best of my ability.

I recommend you do these in order, so go back and start from the beginning if you haven’t followed along.

The following may be inappropriate for some young minds. Let’s just say it’s scary in an intrusive way, so be prepared if your sensitive to that.

Relax, find a quiet space, get comfortable and don't forget to read the first post of this thread for instructions. Remember to be mindful of what your partner is doing. It starts in the early evening in the castle keep.

You chat with Hali and Red, the memory transfer was all the help you needed to completely trust them. You know a lot about them but you feel like there’s so much more. Before you know it, it’s dusk.

There’s a flash of light, but no shadows. A wisp of something crossed your vision. You can’t quite tell what.

“That’s our cue, we’re off,” Hali chuckles.

“Heh, good luck,” Red says in her characteristically sultry way and runs her finger up your partner’s jawline as she passes.

Her hands are soft as silk.

Before you can ask what’s going on, they jump out the window and you’re left with your partner in the ever darkening keep.  They didn’t leave you any lights or means to light any of the candles, but you somehow manage to get a couple candles lit between the beds.

How do you feel? How does your partner feel? What do you do now? Your instructions were minimal.

You do whatever as the sky continues to darken. No one is around, and you’ll be in total darkness soon. Even the stars will be shaded tonight as high clouds have made their way across the sky. The last light of the sun reflects off them like red velvet and soon that ever darkening sky is all you can see outside your keep.

At some point you get a feeling like you’re being watched. It’s an odd sort of sensation that raises the hair on the back of your neck.  Not too long after you and your partner feel very tired, out of nowhere you can barely keep your eyes open. You’re barely able to stand by the time you make it back to the beds you're so exhausted you can't move.

What are you feeling right now? Can you feel the soft sheets? Is your partner next to you or in the other bed? Can you hear anything, can you smell anything?

A flash of light startles you, in the suddenly pitch black room you feel like you’re floating, it’s dead quiet and you have no reference to even know where you are exactly.

Suddenly a beautiful meadow presents itself and an exquisitely beautiful creature wearing all bright canary yellow smiles at you. They’re not human, but you don’t know exactly what they are only that you’re just like them. Aren't you? A moment of confusion passes and then you feel something like a tongue, only, it’s inside your skull, licking your brain. It’s not unpleasant but very creepy and intrusive. If you didn’t know any better you’d think that beautiful creature was doing something, but they’re there, looking at you inquisitively and you’re here and… where did the field come from?

You’re mind wanders, thoughts of this afternoon, thoughts of Hali and Red, thoughts of delicious fruit, of the hooded figure and flying... you’re zoning out. You close your eyes but the image of the figure remains. You close your eyes again, it’s odd, weren’t they already closed? Your partner is gone, where’s your partner?

A soft but powerful voice responds to your unasked questions, “don’t worry my love, there’s nothing to fear. Your partner is doing very well, as are you. Just relax.”

You feel the tongue ‘move’, it’s accessing everything, your life, your most intimate details. Then you get an impression and suddenly you’re thrust into a hot and blackened land. You’re standing on charred ground and nothing lives as far as you can see. The hills are black, charred remains of trees are the only features on this hellish landscape. You look up and see dark figures circling overhead, large, with long tails and sail like wings. You notice your partner.

What do you do? What does your partner do?

Suddenly you’re back in bed, you can feel the sheets and the soft bedding, you can hear again, only it’s a low slow breathing, rhythmic and deep, but no light.

A deep feminine voice bellows in the black, almost more felt than heard and it sends chills down your spine.

"You would ask me to return to death, a desolate land, torn by petty arguments that lead to violence? Nothing you say will entice me to return to them, my family is stubborn and destructive. I am only looking for better hunting grounds. Can you deny me sustenance as you stuff your face with fruit that's not yours? Fruit isn’t my desire, my desire is flesh, blood, and bone. I need it to live. There is plenty for all here.”

You feel a strange sense that you’ve been left as bait, or maybe mislead as to the level of difficulty.

“Perhaps I should just eat anything I wish, even those who would do anything to force me out? Hmm?” You can hear the bitterness in her voice.

Free Exercise: Well, you’re going to have to convince a dragon not to eat you, go on.

“Even if I don’t…” you hear a clicking sound and an orange glow draws your attention. Something akin to a jack-o-lantern, only with a dragon’s head is seen floating in the dark. Their mouth opens and flames, orange flames light the room. The ambient reflections light her up, she’s large, she’s scaly, and she’s eying you like all she wants is to see you burn.  Flames lick past her mouth as if coming from a pot of fuel burning under and scaly lipped lid.

You seem free to move, you look at your partner and you both run for the window. In a leap of faith you jump and feel large powerful wings form behind you. You’re airborne in the cold night air and only the orange glow of the keep window is visible. You’re flying, but lost and in the dark. Its not a good place to be, but at least you won’t be burned alive.

What do you feel now? Is this an impossible situation?

Far off in the distance you see a glimmer of light that could only be the cabin. Using that and the keep window, from those two points you can somewhat determine where you are, definitely over the cliff, about level with the keep window. It’s not too hard to keep yourself afloat, and you feel like hovering is not an issue. You call out to your partner and they respond, at least you can find them if you needed to.

A flash of light crosses your vision. “Am I so hideous? Is my plight so petty?”
~You’re still in bed.~
You open your eyes and the candles are lit again, or were they ever out? You can clearly see your visitor. She sits with her back against the stone wall between the beds. She looks less menacing and more saddened. She’s a lot less monstrous than you imagined, smaller too, not exactly beautiful,  but not ugly, certainly not hideous either. She’s slender and muscular, admirable in form at least, taller than you but maybe not much. She looks young.
“I suppose I won’t rest until we agree. They’ll never allow me to stay if I harm you.”

Free Exercise: Convince the dragon by any means, that’s what they said.  Well, think a little and talk to the dragon. A dragon can be a powerful ally or a terrible enemy. They’re not necessarily the things of nightmares.

As morning breaks you awaken in your bed, your partner is there and you’re both unharmed. You can hear steps echo through the keep, and through the door walks Hali and Red.

“What happened?” Asks Red

1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.
2. What did you talk with Hali and Red about?
3. What was your thoughts about the field and the beautiful creature?
4. What did it feel like to be hovering in darkness?
5. Did you feel setup?
6. What was your first impression of the dragon?
7. What was the charred lands?
8. What did it feel like to have your memories  probed by a dragon?
9. Whar feelings can you remember?
10. Try to remember something fun about this exercise?
11. How did negotiations go?
12. How good are the memories of this one?
(0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?)

Ideally, you would now take a few moments to jot down what you remember of your adventure. I'd love to read that! If you share, make sure it's hidden.

You don’t need to answer any of the questions on paper, it’s not a test, just answer them to yourself, but feel free to answer any of them in hidden form in the comments or PM me, I’d be happy to review them. Also, PM me with corrections or suggestions for improvement.
This have inspired me to do the same! But I don't want to get accused of plagiarism unless I asked Bear for permission.
VPT 107 Response

That was fun. Wings! I need a few more goes before I'll know what I'm doing. 

1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.
40%. I thought doing this soon after waking would be useful, but I actually think it hindered me, because I keep thinking about having to go eat breakfast and get ready.

2. Describe an experience you had at the campsite when you were exploring the buildings.
The roofs all turned to adobe and I had to snap them out of it. I didn’t quite remember what the campsite was supposed to look like, so it turned into crappy little wooden cabins. 

3. What did you think when Hali drew her sword?
“Ah, boo, I’m not up for a swordfight today.” 

4. what did you think about Red’s first forward reaction to your partner?
Pretty weird, considering that he’s seven. All the kinda-sexual stuff was really weird… probably fun for a more gynephilic (woman-attracted) person, maybe if I was in the mood, but when I first meet someone… I don’t like them to be that instantly flirty. I just told them to knock it off a few times, it was fine. We kinda decided, "That's how they talk, read nothing into it, G-rated."

5. Were you apprehensive about the experiment?
Yes, because of all the weird phrasing! Very reluctant. I was pretty sure it’d be fun, though.

6. What was the keep like?
Grey stone, much newer and cleaner than the other buildings and sites I’ve seen. I grabbed a black pillar candle out of its holder, it was greasy and waxy, and licked it- tastes like wax. 

7. When you first saw the hooded figure, what did you think?
“Uh-oh, this is some cult activity.” 

8. Were you nervous laying in the bed? What did your partner feel?
Yes! Creepy. Cassidy didn’t have the same inhibitions, he wanted the experiment to start. Earlier I had a spray bottle and sprayed both of them for coming on to my seven-year-old brother. They broke script and said, “You could have just asked to dial it down! We’re not intrusives!” And I told them, “This (spray bottle) gives me a lot more assurance that you’ll behave.” I don't think Cassidy actually cared, he thought they were both pretty. 

9. What was the jump like? What was flying like?
Good, it was easier than expected for us to both have our “cameras.” I think I was reusing the visual set I built for that cliff-diving scene in Twilight, but the rocks were warm colors instead of cool grays. Flying was okay, it was new so it was hard to keep myself from teleporting around, to actually use the wings. Cassidy was much more of a natural. 

10. Try to remember something fun about your free flight exercise.
I kicked the surface of the lake, while flying low and over it, and my shoe fell off. 

11. Are you nervous to 'negotiate with a dragon?'
I’m pretty excited. I’ve had some good conversations with thoughtforms. 

12. How good are the memories of this one?
Maybe 30%, a little less? I’ve got some clips, but I didn’t spend as much time as I probably should have on all the walking around stuff. Eating fruit at the beginning was fun, Cassidy insisted on climbing an orange tree and everything was very realistic in how it juiced all over our hands when we bit in. My mouth actually watered, when I was thinking about eating pears… I haven’t had breakfast yet. 

I actually felt Hali’s presence… is this the plan, Bear, you’re gonna give everyone thoughtforms of your characters? Wink 
The hooded figure behaved like Gavin- the more you look, the less you see. I was tempted to grab her and take off the hood to see what would happen, but I was also pretty sure what would happen is I’d get a sword to my throat. 
Mmmm.... I want breakfast. This was fun! I want to meet the yellow dragon...

Edit: wrong number XP thanks Bear
Three brothers. [Progress Report] [Art] [Oops! All Jamie]

"You are the messenger, not the message. You are just like everyone else."
(12-22-2018, 01:26 AM)Angry Bear Wrote: #VPT101.006 - Welcome to the apartment

Feedback Notes:
V.001 to V.003 - typos
V.004 - changed 'tulpa' to 'partner'.
V.005 - set season and time
V.006 - Updated flow so as not to disrupt visualized vs guided (to the best of my ability to find them all).

Relax, find a quiet space, get comfortable and don't forget to read the first post of this thread for instructions.

This exercise starts in the morning in late spring.

You and partner awaken in the back of an ample limousine. You're draped in a satin velour blanket that feels like fine silk. The smell of fine leather and the gentle rattle of decanter glasses greet your senses. It's dark but you can just make out trees rush by through the midnight black tinting. The plush carpet is lit by two rows of dim lights that remind you of a runway. The dark burgundy appointed leather is dotted with gold buttons and fine burl wood inserts surround the cabin.

How did you get here? (Just take a minute and think of a reason) How do you feel?

As you get your bearings, a gentle feminine voice fills the cabin.
"Relax and enjoy the ride, sleepy heads."

As you ponder your situation, you notice a small box with a carefully wrapped lid and base. You're compelled to open it and are surprised to see two gold foil wrapped chocolates. The tantalizing scent of chocolate mixes with the leather in the seats and you feel privileged to enjoy such a simple treat.

The crinkle of foil against your fingers is accompanied by anticipation and as you press that creamy goodness to your tongue, the flavor brings you back to the  joy of Christmas morning, or a relaxing Halloween snack.

Think about your surroundings feel the supple leather, look at the richness of the limousine. How does your partner feel? Look at them, what are they doing now?

You lean back in the comfortable bench seats that line the sides and take a long relaxing breath. You feel warm together under the soft blanket.

The hum of the engine and the peaceful countryside passing outside, threatens to lull you back to sleep.

How does the ride feel? What can you hear? Is there any music? Think about the inside of the cabin, what does the ceiling look like?

Then you hear the deceleration, and feel the limousine is come to a stop.

The window partition comes down and a cute young girl wearing a chauffeur's coat and driver's hat, that covers her dark pigtails, pops her head through and gives you a nod, "hey you two, I'm your driver, Joy, so... well, we've arrived!" she says with an adorable smile.

You move to the window and note that, based on her stature, she could barely see over the steering wheel, let alone touch the pedals.

You have a clear view of a main street through the windshield lined with businesses, and a few tall buildings. As ponder where you might be, she pushes you back.

"Exit the vehicle. Go on!" she says sternly. A flash of growing impatience in her eyes gives you an understandable chill.

You scramble quickly from the vehicle and find yourself on a busy main street plaza.

She exits the car and skips playfully toward the large double doors of a glass front building that must be at least 50 floors tall. You follow across the cobblestone plaza and pass a large flowing fountain where two larger than life bronze mermaids pour water from large pitchers.

Breathe that fresh morning air. What do you hear? What can you see of the plaza? Can you see the people pass by? What are they like? Concentrate on a car on the main street, what color is it, what does it look like, how fast did it just pass by? Enjoy a moment next to the rippling fountain with your partner.

"This way please!" the surprisingly young-seeming girl says with ever growing impatience.

You approach the tall building, and the clear glass facade reflects the sky with a brilliant blue shine, it’s dappled by gently flowing white puffs of fluffy clouds.

You enter the double doors to an immense lobby with a pair of spiraling staircases that disappear into naturally lit circular shafts thorough the ceiling of this three-story lobby, and a see-through glass elevator that rides the outside of the building. The view is impressive, as you gaze up at the three-story gently spiraling staircases, the impossibly large marble columns, the vast expanse of glass, it all gives you a strong feeling of energetic power. With a clear view of the fountain and main street, you feel another rush of energy from the scale and elegance.

Be in the moment, take a moment to look around, smell something, feel something, look at your partner, hear something.

You fins Joy standing at the front desk next to a receptionist. The receptionist calls you over, she's chalk white with platinum blond shorter wispy hair, and in an impossibly soft voice, she says apprehensively "here's your keys, go up the elevator to the apartment and find your instructions there."

You take the keys form this timid young woman and Joy chimes in, "don't forget to have fun!" A devious gleam in her eyes makes you wonder if she was being genuine with her well wishes.

As you approach the elevator, the doors open with an inviting tune that comes through the gold trimmed glass doors. You wonder just what you got yourself into and pause to think a moment. Suddenly you feel a push as you're forced by this surprisingly strong girl into the elevator.

The doors close and she waves with a playful smirk, and as you start to ascend, you see her skip playfully out the double doors and back through the plaza.

What could this mean? As the elevator ascends, what do you see? Where do those spiral staircases go? Do you still hear the music? What else can you hear? How does the elevator ride feel?

The elevator goes through the ceiling and rides along the outside of the building. The view goes from a grand architecture of town center to a breathtaking view of the sunlit countryside in the east as the sun rises over the horizon.

Try to see the scene change as you ascend.

Across main street you see a park that abuts a mountainside trail which crawls its way up the local hill, and further up, a forested cloud ringed mountain takes shape.

After a relatively leisure ride in this fast moving elevator, the doors slide open to a hallway, and at the end is a large open door.

You walk down the finely appointed hall, lined with dark wood chair rails, elegant crown moldings, and the occasional framed landscape picture, you count 12 in all as you pass but only one of them is recognizable, it's this very building as seen looking up from the plaza below. Finally you walk through the doors to a simple apartment studio.

The first thing you notice is an oval, wood lined, glass, claw foot table adorned with a tall floral arrangement of unique blooms and amazing colors. Natural light fills this cozy space from a large bowed balcony window.

Does the couch behind you look comfortable? What does the apartment look like? What do you smell? How do you feel? Have a seat on that couch if you want, sink in, look at the pictures on the walls, what do you see? Who is in the pictures? What do you see out the large bowed balcony window? What does your partner think of all this?

There's a note on the table:

"Enjoy yourselves, have a bite from the fridge, take a stroll down main street, enjoy the rooftop pool, do whatever you like, and relax, because tomorrow we go on an adventure.

- Bear."

Ask your partner what they want to do next.

1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.
2. How was it?
3. Quickly summarize your feelings, what was the limo ride like?  
4. Could you smell that chocolate?
5. What was the fountain like?
6. What about that staircase, where could it lead?
7. Were you worried about what you'd find?
8. Did you smell the flowers?
9. Did you look out the balcony? Go on and do that.
10. How good are the memories of this one?
(0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?)

Ideally, you would now take a few moments to jot down what you remember of your adventure. I'd love to read that! If you share, make sure it's hidden.

You don’t need to answer any of the questions on paper, it’s not a test, just answer them to yourself, but feel free to answer any of them in hidden form or PM me, I’d be happy to review them. Also, PM me with corrections or suggestions for improvement.
thank you, that was fun. Do you have it on Youtube? or a transmittable Mp3? Dr. Bob
Cassidy already went to bed, so Gavin took his place as my partner. I think this was the first time it was me and Gavin. Heck, it might be the first time me and Gavin have ever been in wonderland, just the two of us. 
VPT 108 Response
1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.
Maybe 40%. Gavin's not as sensory as Cassidy is. There was a lot to see, but not as much scrambling through nature. 
2. What did you talk with Hali and Red about?
Alrighty, I swear, when Gavin's cheek was touched, he took her hand, cupped his over it, then kissed the back of her hand and said, "You're so sweet." G/ There's nothing wrong with being affectionate toward the locals.
At one point I yelled out the window, "Way to be vague! Guess I'll figure it out myself!"  
3. What was your thoughts about the field and the beautiful creature?
Nice yellow. I like yellows. The field looked like it was not made of real plants, like maybe it was roving and scraps of felt or something. Very plush. "Canary" yellow made the creature look avian to me. 
4. What did it feel like to be hovering in darkness?
When it was "so exhausted all of a sudden" I turned to Gavin and joked, "Uh-oh, shutdown time." Gavin laughed and swooned dramatically into bed, reached out for me and croaked "goodnight", then went limp and let his arm drop over the side of the bed. Such theatrical, much wow. I remember, while in the darkness, I was standing up in the void with my arms crossed and was spinning like a top. Gavin wasn't spinning, he was floating on his back, and I told him, "Well now, this isn't fair." 
5. Did you feel setup?
Gavin was giggling throughout. I did feel set up.
6. What was your first impression of the dragon?
There wasn't quite enough description to go off of. I'm not sure what body parts she had, I think it kept changing. She switched a few times between looking avian and looking like the Chinese dragons that have invaded my dreams ever since I opened a cabinet, expected to see board games, and instead was eye-to-eye with a massive dragon costume head. It wasn't scary, just shocking, and now I get Chinese dragons in my dreams... And then later the dragon was like a naga with somewhat dragonic features in her face: more of a snout, and the lack of a nose. 
7. What was the charred lands?
I saw Gavin among the flyers, and he was on his back like Peter Pan. I heard background noise that I'm pretty sure my mind ripped directly from the TV show Supernatural. Whenever they visit good ol' Lucifer down in his Cage, you hear people faintly screaming all the time. I called out to Gavin like, "Hey man, wassup?" (albeit only in tulpish), and he suddenly spiral-dived down. He didn't have wings, just a big long wisp of a tail, or something. I've never seen him in that form before, but he seems to use it instead of wings, in order to fly quickly. When it was implied that the charred lands were death, Gavin disagreed and said, "Death isn't like that at all." The NPC found him rude and he brushed it off and told her to go on. 
8. What did it feel like to have your memories  probed by a dragon?
I heard loud licking and slurping noises. I'm not that submissive or trusting that an intrusive wouldn't put me in a bad mood, so the "memory probe" was very much glossed over. Like the dragon was just licking my brain and all she was reading was "you have thoughts in there", no more. 
9. Whar feelings can you remember?
I remember getting fed up with the repeated awakenings. I blew out the candles and said, "You better be really out this time. It's dangerous to sleep with an open flame."  Gavin made me laugh IRL at one point, detailed below. 
10. Try to remember something fun about this exercise?
I like flying. It was fun to see Gavin trailing behind me. Mentally I was saying "woosh woosh" along with the woosh sounds of my wings.
11. How did negotiations go?
Alright, this is one for the books. The dragon was instantly behind a judge's bench and Gavin and I were standing in front. Gavin put his right hand over his heart, pointed at me with his left, and said, "Your Honor, I do not deserve to be eaten because I wasn't there. He was though, and HE DID IT!" And I laughed IRL and then told him, "You just sold me out!" 
The dragon agreed, Gavin wasn't to blame, but I was preeeeetty guilty. How I got acquitted, it went like this: 
  • I argue for system responsibility- if one of us is guilty, all of us are guilty and should all bear the gulity verdict. 
  • The dragon says, that's not how the law works in dragon criminal trials. Gavin asks for an explanation. She tells us, the lead member of the system is the only one recognized as a legal person, capable of being charged, tried, or eaten. All others are considered dependents and minor citizens. The lead member takes responsibility for the actions of their dependents. 
  • Gavin declares that he is the head of our system and that I am his dependent. As a minor, I cannot be found guilty. 
  • The dragon says that, in that case, she'll just eat Gavin and be done with it. 
  • Gavin argues again that, he wasn't even there, that's no fair.
  • The dragon says fine, and tells Gavin he needs to keep a better eye on his younger brothers, but since she won't eat minors, and since it's Gavin's first offence, she doesn't think it'd do any good to eat him either- Gavin needs to teach us how to respect others' property. Cue gavel. The bench and our podiums sink into the floor. 
12. How good are the memories of this one?
(0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?)
Maybe 40%? It feels like a book I've read. 
Ideally, you would now take a few moments to jot down what you remember of your adventure. I'd love to read that! If you share, make sure it's hidden.

Gavin is so silly sometimes. He likes to make friends with all the NPCs. He told me the candles in the mansion are scented like mothballs, and so I shouldn't have licked them (I licked a candle, last episode) because the moths don't shower. He really is a middle schooler. 

A new form of Gavin... He kinda looks like a genie, in terms of just fading into a tendril of smoke. And then, right now he's refusing to look humanoid at all. I've got one sleepy vague green orb telling me, it's long past my bedtime. 

I only got head pressures for the first few days of forcing Cassidy, and then every once and a while while doing separation exercises, and once after doing imposition, but I got head pressures from doing this with Gavin. Looking at him is trippy. He is much more stable than Cassidy, who still might accidentally visualize himself doing something he doesn't mean to do, or skip out the motion part and just teleport around, or stuff like that. I see Gavin's motion fluidly, and I see detail in his expressions and weight in his body when he moves. But at the same time, he's clearly not obeying reality, and his appearance itself is purposefully unstable. Looking at him for a long time is like kinda like staring into one of those looping fractal gifs. No resolution, no definitive boundaries, kinda breaks my brain. 
This was an awful lot of fun. I always like a good court scene. -J
Three brothers. [Progress Report] [Art] [Oops! All Jamie]

"You are the messenger, not the message. You are just like everyone else."
#VPT109 – Mind Trip

Feedback Notes:
All previous notes have been incorporated to the best of my ability.

I recommend you do these in order, so go back and start from the beginning if you haven’t followed along.

Relax, find a quiet space, get comfortable and don't forget to read the first post of this thread for instructions. Remember to be mindful of what your partner is doing. It starts in the morning, still in the castle keep. You’re lying in bed with Hali and Red looking over you both. (In separate beds.)

You look around and see the familiar insides of the keep. Regal, high class, expensive. There are darkened stains on the floor where the dragon had sat, at least you think she sat there. The stains are just little drops, like burned out wax or oil from a lamp.

"Good morning," Hali says curtly.

Red is standing next to her, one arm around her shoulder, leaning in amd intently looking at you as if you might do or say something unusual or unexpected.

What do you think of them leaving you with the dragon?

“Sorry, but she gets in your head, making a subsequent ‘visit’ all the more irresistible. We couldn’t talk to her anymore, let alone negotiate,” Hali says apologetically.

“You survived though, that’s at least something good to come out of all this.” Red adds in a somewhat consoling way which is probably of little condolence to anyone but herself.

You notice a single yellow bit on the floor, like a petal of a flower. You get up, slightly dizzy, but able to stand and grab it, it’s a yellow scale, about the size of a small coin.

You ‘feel’ something, it’s something like wind chimes but much more beautiful, your heads swim as the door to the keep opens and the hooded figure comes in.

Hali looks at Red and Hali remarks, “thanks again, hey, no hard feelings. We have to be leaving now, so… bye.” With that they both jump out the open window into the cool morning air.” The fireplace erupts with sparks as their motion through the window and their beating wings draws air through the keep.

What do you feel now emotionally? Cycle through the five senses and concentrate on something for each.

You sit next to your partner and watch the hooded figure. They’re wearing a dark violet hood with gold thread patterns, very elegant. The figure is short and moves with grace. She moves to the bed stand and pulls some long sticks from her pockets. Then you see a flash of light and long thin lines of smoke rise up behind her.

She says nothing, but turns to face you. A glint of light reflects off eyes under the hood. She bows and sweeps her hands in front of you. There is a shimmer of air and suddenly a silver plate of food appears before you on a stone stand that looks like it’s been stretched out of the stone floor. Silver goblets seem to light slowly as if materializing in front of your eyes, along with several pitchers of various colored liquids.

You get a sense that everything is safe and you should eat before proceeding.

Go ahead and eat, drink, rest, whatever, be prepared, it seems for something.

Smell something, taste something, listen for something, feel the food in your mouth or the cool liquid as it passes your tongue.

The whole time you’ve been eating the hooded figure has just been standing and watching. When you’ve finished your meals, the figure nods and as if it was never there everything is gone.

“It’s almost time to wake up,” she says in a high, soft voice.

The walls evaporate and you’re standing with your partner in a town square. In front of you is a bell tower, and surrounding you are market stalls, and several 2-story buildings surrounding the square.

You look at your partner and they look different. They look at you and you’re just not yourself. One of you is a young and beautiful girl with platinum blonde hair that wisps to the shoulders, extremely fair skin, and… wings, wearing a tight cloth dress with short sleeves, and a shear veil-like under-dress. One of you is shorter, but not be much. Another girl with black hair and violet highlights, a soft tan skin and the brightest violet eyes you’ve ever seen. Her features are fine and elf-like and she couldn’t be more than a teenager, perhaps fifteen. She's wearing all dark colors, jeans and a blouse.

You know each other, yet you can’t get over a feeling that you don’t really know each other. The bell tower suddenly rings, it’s six according to the clock, a crispness to the air feels more like morning.

Decide who is who. The blonde will be “you” and the brunet will be “your partner” so have whoever ‘you’ is read the following story, or if you can’t manage that, then congratulations you’re the blonde.

“I’m Gwen” you hear yourself say.
“Johanna,” says your partner, “I’ve seen you around. I bet you’re the only avian for a hundred miles.”
“Just my mother and. I don’t see many kindred around either.”
“Just me and my mother too.”
Awkwardness follows. You know you set up this meeting, but you hadn’t thought of much else. As in, you have no idea what an avian and a magic user could possibly do together.
“The market is opening… do you want to go get something?” your partner asks.

The market square is full of about anything you’d want in terms of medieval meets modern fare. The air is filled with savory and sweet wafts of cookies and bread. The bustle of the vendors setting up is becoming quite the bother. You’re almost overwhelmed by the sudden in-rush of foot traffic. Your instincts are screaming ‘take off and fly away,’ but it’s important to make friends.

“I can see it in your eyes, you want to go,” your partner says with understandable concern.
“No no, I’m fine,” you feel yourself say nervously.
“I sort of want to go too, we could go have fun down by the river. Or do you want to check out the shops?”

Suddenly you feel yourself more and more, like lucidity in a dream your forms can mold back to being you and your partner or stay this way. Decide on what you want to do with your partner. Then go do it! Practice visualization. You should reasonably be able to at least stare out over a river or chase the geese on the banks, buy cookies, eat bread, watch a puppet show, upstage the magician in his own shop, anything that comes to mind as long as you two have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

You spend all day with your partner and find yourselves down by the river, skipping stones in the slower waters. You can see catfish near the shore in the crystal clear water. A light evening breeze kicks up and you faintly hear the bell tower, it rings six again, you’ve spent all day together, and you had fun.

Feel your partner by your side, look at them and remark on the relaxing day you’ve had.

As you stand up to leave something catches your eyes, like a small yellow creature no bigger than a large dog just at the forest edge. It catches your eyes and stands on two legs, it’s a waif of a child, but not human. She stares at you with large slitted eyes and flares large wings. Clearly it’s a girl, fully nude, lined with scales and faintly reptilian. She folds her arms in a nervous posture and cowers slightly. Your mind begins to lose your lucidity, but after a slight spinning sensation you're brought back gently to the scene.

Your partner calls to her, "hello” your partner says softly, “are you new?”
The girl winces as if scared by the question.
You feel an overwhelming sense of empathy, she’s different, maybe she could use a friend, “Hi, I’m Gwen, what’s your name?”

She opens her eyes wide and smiles slightly, “Uliad, I’m Uliad.”

You hear shouting from the town, and hear people running. Suddenly the yellow girl jumps into the sky with leathery wings and off through the treetops. You and your partner turn to see several large townsfolk in a panic. They run to where she was standing and one of them lifts the hind half of a small lamb.

“Dammit! Another one!” the man yells in anger.

Another angry villager stares you down, “what was it? Hey you two, what did you see?”

You can almost feel her presence, it’s faint, she’s afraid, and very saddened. Tell them what you saw or protect the girl, it’s your choice. Something inside tells you, call it a small voice, it says if you say anything they’ll hunt her down.

You and your partner awaken next to the castle, your packs in order, you’re standing near the castle gate, it’s mid-day and you feel perfect. The locks are well secured. Those same gates you’ve passed before are seemingly sealed for now. You look up at the keep, it’s shuttered.

In your pocket you find a note:

“I hope you’re not too confused, thank you for helping, I wanted you to know why I’d been giving Uliad every chance I can. I understand your decision and I wish you the best. Go through the valley to get home.


You see a way marker, it only says “Valley of life” with an arrow pointed down the opposite side of the mountain.

As you put the note away, in that same pocket is a small yellow scale.

Get your bearings, decide on a course of action, (as if you had a choice). There’s the campsite, an open field and a trail heading down the other side of the mountain. See something, listen for something, smell something. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Is it soft or sun baked?

It'll be a long walk to the valley, you might as well start now. At least it's all downhill.

1. Realness %0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.
2. What did you say to Hali and Red when you woke up in the keep?
3. What were your thoughts about the hooded figure and the materialized meal?
4. What did you think when she said, “it’s almost time to wake up”?
5. Did the sudden shift to the new forms surprise you? What did it feel like? Was it confusing?
6. What did you end up doing with your partner? Did you keep the new forms and explore that feeling?
7. What did you think when you saw the dragon girl?
8. What did you think of the town folk? What did you tell them?
9. What did you think of Johanna’s note?
10. Try to remember something fun about this exercise?
11. What did you feel in this one, anything particularly memorable?
12. How good are the memories of this one?
(0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?)

Ideally, you would now take a few moments to jot down what you remember of your adventure. I'd love to read that! If you share, make sure it's hidden.

You don’t need to answer any of the questions on paper, it’s not a test, just answer them to yourself, but feel free to answer any of them in hidden form in the comments or PM me, I’d be happy to review them. Also, PM me with corrections or suggestions for improvement.

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