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Tulpa Creation Through Story Writing
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RE: Tulpa Creation Through Story Writing

Oh no, making this thread wouldn't be redundant, you have every right to do what you feel is in your best interest, I'm not in control of anything on what people do here on this forum. Nearly all of my ideas were derived from things I learned here on the forums and personal research, it would be silly for me to think any of my guides were completely original. I just tend to use what's known in Science and other interesting forms of information and finding ways to apply this to the tulpa phenomenon. I'm more of a guy that wants some known information first before I go on a scavenger hunt with applying them to the unknown.

I wish you the best in this thread, I hope people can realize that narrating and/or storywriting/storytelling can be a useful head-start in active imagination.

08-26-2013, 08:34 PM
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RE: Tulpa Creation Through Story Writing

I've been doing this with Skye as often as possible because I tend to forget to narrate to her when I'm out and about. I'll try my best and say, "Hey Skye, want to go on a little adventure? We haven't driven around together for a while," or anything of that sort but forget she's with me when I'm actually *doing* the thing I went to do. I leave it up to her that she's in her Wonderland doing her own thing until I get back to her. But I have 2000 words' worth of little stories and situations I've "been in" with her and I go back to them and re-narrate them to her when I'm at home and relatively calm. It's been a pretty good bulk of what I've been doing with her as of late minus the active forcing at night and passive (almost) all day.

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09-12-2016, 11:29 PM
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RE: Tulpa Creation Through Story Writing

i decided to write a novel where Mia is the main character, but she's using an alias... Anyway, it really helps for developing personality and how she would react to certain events... One of the characters in the book is a representation of myself too so we can kimda interact inside the story...
Also, my forcing sesions are some kind of image streaming + typing, where we both have some adventure in some random place, or we practice visualization and developing her voice in the wonderland. It is really cool and it lets you explore stuff that you wouldnt had been able otherwise... If you do so, sesions larger than half an hour are recommended. I focused my last sesion in visualizing her face (which it's extremely difficult to me, i think it's a mental disorder hahah) and it went really well, i can even recall her better now.
01-07-2017, 07:27 AM
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RE: Tulpa Creation Through Story Writing

This is absolutely possible, and there's a community for it. They call it soulbonding http://www.soulbonding.org/ and refer to it as 'outsourcing.' Whereas an original character is 'insourcing.'

This happened to me completely by accident, and I was freaked out about it before I sat down and thought through it and read some more about it. Tulpamancy, soulbonding, and thoughtforms are all essentially the same phenomenon, just with slight differences, in my opinion.

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02-23-2017, 12:08 PM
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RE: Tulpa Creation Through Story Writing

I have been drawing stories of Dotty and myself as a young anthropomorphic fox. It helped define her personality and our chemistry Smile
10-03-2017, 05:26 PM
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