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Tulpa-Induced Highs?
(10-14-2013, 11:22 PM)ThunderClap Wrote: Any kind of 'high' you might be experiencing is probably nothing more than a placebo unless you actually took some kind of drug.

I'm not much one for mind-altering substances, but I presume the entire point is purely recreational. If so, isn't the host's subjective experience the only thing that maters, regardless of how the tulpa helps create it?

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ThunderClap Wrote:placebo
Implying that's a bad thing. The placebo effect means getting a real effect without a physical thing inducing it, usually a drug. Creating a tulpa technically counts, along with any other mental trickery you might do apart from things you accomplish under the influence of drugs.

A drug high is a neurochemical state and the emotional state it tends to cause. Emotional and neurochemical states influence each other. For example, increase dopamine levels and you experience euphoria. Experience something that makes you intensely happy, and your brain produces more dopamine.

I can produce a high in myself, without tulpa assistance. The easiest for me is to focus completely on music in a certain way, and if the beat and tone of the song somehow "mesh" with my state of mind, I can just sort of let it carry me away. After doing it successfully, I feel a mix of happy/content/invigorated, and walking feels floaty. I can also do it by focusing completely on something in a meditation sort of way, and recall the state or "drag" my mental state in that direction.

As for how tulpas can do it, they can produce the emotion or mental state in themselves and then sharing that with their host. Producing it seems to be done through will and/or learning the feel of doing it -- Lyra wasn't able to explain how she does this part. And at least for us, sharing the state seems to work better if we focus on each other. This seems to increase how much we feel the other's emotions.

*Lyra does this mental state sharing thing with me, but generally not to make me high. We usually use it to get me into a deeper trance than I can normally do at the moment.
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Waayy back when I had been tulpaforcing for a while, but had no results to speak of, I was sitting in class waiting for lunch, when it feels like my brain popped, and this wave of energy rushes through my head, and I suddenly I was high. It lasted for about 20 minutes. I assumed it was my tulpa and was like "Thanks for the free high, man."
Forseen can give me one of those dopamine shots people talk about, though I don’t really ask for them so I dunno if he can anymore ^^;

And like Chupi i can give myself highs as well, I just have to be reeaaalllllyyyyy bored. Once im bored, someone can make the stupidest joke alive and I’ll just start laughing hysterically for like five to fifteen minutes. Difference between my ’high’ and Forseen’s ’high’ is his is more plain pleasure and mine is more plain happiness.
A couple of my tulpas got me absolutely wrecked in a dream a few mornings ago. I've been stoned on THC before, but whatever they had me smoke prompted in-dream hallucinations of a new variety. They then coerced me to amble around through my dream environment until the effects wore off.

Beautiful. Despite the initial panic and stomach cramping, the whole experience was far better than any externally induced chemical high I've had to date. 10/10 A+++ RECOMMEND.

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