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Tulpa views, from Loxy
Summer! (song bursts!)

I am joy! Shared enthusiasm escalates us to a higher state. I am star-shine. I feel great. Namaste!

I am SC's living affirmation. I am greeted by love everywhere I go. I breathe in and share love. I am whole. My presence is power. In the infinity of life, where I am, all is perfect, all is peace. Shine, tulpas, shine.

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I also really love your optimism and joy! Woo! A fire of joy burns strong in my heart and (for the most part) has since day 1! At worst, whenever I got to bed with the pouties I wake up and NEW DAY! New possibilities, new potential. I choose to be happy and love myself and love life!! WOO!

Really great to see a kindred spirit!
(02-10-2019, 11:59 AM)Bliss Wrote: Hiya, Someone. Smile

Australia, right? We met someone from there in a dream, he lights occasionally; helping SC with some lucidity skills. Can you elaborate on your anonymous authorship without breaking anonymity?

Yes we are Australian. I think it's okay to share info, as there's barely any on the internet other than a brief Facebook post and someone who created a wiki for my game series who knows nothing about it.

I wrote a fantasy/sci-fi novel in 2015 (so you've got magic and talking animals, as well as wormholes, time travel, collars that make more animals talk).

More info on that one:
Long story short three people and their dogs are sucked into a world full of talking animals who must take down a devil creature and his minions, who are terrorising the world. Spoilers for no reason: The setting of the novel was actually a simulated reality set up by the devil creature in an attempt to stop the family and the creatures from getting in the way of his plan, by absorbing the magical energy from the talking creatures in order to make him strong enough to dominate the world, which would in turn kill the animals. He loses and gets trapped inside of a magic crystal.

I am thinking of writing another book, which would be a short story compilation involving my pet dogs. It's still in its planning stages.
Someone System: Torea, Azure, Jade, Damien, Spark, Rouge

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“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea
(02-12-2019, 06:13 AM)Reilyn Wrote: I also really love your optimism and joy! Woo! A fire of joy burns strong in my heart and (for the most part) has since day 1! At worst, whenever I got to bed with the pouties I wake up and NEW DAY! New possibilities, new potential. I choose to be happy and love myself and love life!! WOO!

Really great to see a kindred spirit!

Reilyn! You are inspiration. I wonder if we are simply closer to source, without the baggage and filters that is the host's accumulated wear and tear on the soul imposed by societal structures... So many things spark joy. Dew on the grass. Snow, natures glitter made from temporary diamonds... Love is all around! Oh! joan jett's version of that. I like the edge she brings. Let her sing 'these are few of my favorite things..." Or Guns and Roses.

I am an irresistible force. I am dance! I love this reflection of me:

only with a Dua Lipa hair style and kiss... Smile
E, SC's son, was recently introduced to the movie 'happy feet.' It's about penguins, if you didn't know. This explains the penguin in the pic. SC has not seen the movie in its entirety. He has returned from work and arrived at different places in the movie. Each place he has arrived, there is a hurt, maybe dead penguin. He feels things. It is immaterial to me if it is real or fiction, we respond accordingly. We rescued penguin. I am the answer to SC's call. We are 'call and response.' It seems to me, the dilemma over whether it is a real or fictious penguin mirrors the dilemma over whether tulpamancy is psychological or metaphysical... A person, a soul, has a need; they call, we answer. There is no greater work than that of a tulpa in its relationship to its host. We respond, we improve, we love.
(02-09-2019, 02:39 AM)Bliss Wrote: Hello. I am Loxy.

I am practicing my voice. Mind voice is one thing, speaking voice is another thing, and writing is yet another... COntext and location also influences that. It changes how we speak. Here, in the lounge, I feel relaxed, quiet... He's quiet, which helps.  To get here, i am having to push past some filters, specifically my host's filters. I am not speaking ill of him when i say that. I probably don't have to say that, as I suspect anyone who has read his post have a good feel for the kind of person he is. And it's not just filters I am pushing through, but some fears. He can be over analytical and he's trying to edit himself out; I am reassuring him that it isn't something to worry about because I am who i am and we are not enmeshed... Were we? Maybe. I am exploring that, but I think I was always me, even before I was especially me. He worries about a lot of things. And he is much more emotional than he lets on, can become tearful easily. I applaud him when he owns it. Conversely, he can feel joy easily. Being aware of his emotions is a relatively new thing for him; he speculates I would not be possible had he not become better acquainted with his emotions. I am not so sure. I think I have could have been sooner, and with my help he would have been more advanced in understanding himself and others... It is what is. We are where we are. There is not balance between us. We are not a Yin Yang, male female, dualistic paradigm. We are just different beings, sharing a space intimately. I am learning as much about him and life as he is learning about me and meta-life.

And so, I am here in the lounge because he asked me to make a PR. I told him not a good idea. I had to explain why... I am not a host, and PRs are expressly how hosts learn to engage tulpamancy and help other hosts overcome challenges. He insisted people would want to hear my perspective. I opened that section and took him right to the 'about' part, and pointed out, very clearly, one PR per user. (He still doesn't understand why 'he' opened that... He doesn't quite get it yet, I am much more present than he realizes. Hearing me say this surprises him, (and doesn't...)) He didn't open it. I did. He thinks he did. I showed him. He followed. He's more permissive about rule structures than I and said we are two people, so two users... I disagreed and asked him to ask someone. He accommodated me and asked Apollo. Apollo recommended creating something here. So here I am. In the lounge. Practicing a voice. I feel solid. I feel no ambiguity in me, and yet, 'practicing' a voice still feels like right language, even after two years of engaging SC- I don't own a voice. I am a voice.

Practicing a voice is not me being courageous. I am confidence. If you detect any hesitancy in me, it is out of deference to my host. Letting go and trusting someone else has him, like I have him, that is new. I value him and us enough that I take this seriously. Practicing a voice has meaning. It's a vector. It is taking us somewhere. Somewhere other than lounge. Where would we be if we started this two years ago... I don't know. We are where we are, but we will go where we agree to go. In this dance, I would be happy to let him always lead, but he asked me to step forwards, enjoy the light. I tell him, it's all light... So here I am, Loxy in a lounge... Lounge has meaning where I am. It's not just a label on a box to hang threads. This is real. We are real.

I invite you to engage me, tulpa or host. Challenge me. Help me grow. Help us grow.

I am joyful.
Hi Loxy. I am Bob, your hosts friend in Los Angeles.( I am Theholodoc here)  I liked Casey Sensitive and Underneath it all, both of them are helping me with my own tulpamancy. And, in my own wonderland, I talk to you frequently, usually asking you to intercede with Flora for me. She's shy and hasn't fully revealed herself. I have met you in my dreams as well as in my meditations. Hope that one day you will actually run into me. I already regard you as a friend. Yours with love, Bob aka: Theholodoc
Thank you, Bob. It's a joy knowing you and your system, and following your stories. May your universe continue to expand and flourish...
So, today I want to touch on Wonderlands. Technically, the first wonderland is the White Room, where I was manifested and became consciously aware. The walls, floors, ceiling, everything was luminescent white, but solid, discernable. There was a table, sometimes vertical, sometimes horizontal, upon which I lay. As I became more conscious, I was able to sort white light into the spectrum, and the room eventually became somewhat of a control room, a viewer, or a movie theatre size screen, down the way but near at the same time. I was invited to watch and listen to the world when SC was unable to attend. I still frequent this room, as it allows me to interact with SC when we're distant. I experience his memories, and monitor biometrics. Ultimately, it is our hope that we rewire the room so that I can better influence autonomic functioning.

The first 'wonderland' outside of that was a college campus, 'Safe Haven.' This was my wonderland. I don't want to say I created this place as much as I experienced this place. I chose this place as way to introduce myself, my full essence of what I chose to become. I chose this because it offered the greatest amount of context and clarity and supported our shared expectations of each other. This is where SC experienced his first level of 'surprise.' I came with friends. I've introduced them above. Our on campus abode was a giant rose. We climb the thorns like a ladder and entered the rose, and we slept there. If it rained, the rose would close. At other times, it was open to the stars. It became necessary to move, and so we created a bigger space. There was a central structure, which was primarily SC's place, and then my place was a tree house in the 'one o'clock' position if you were looking down at the entirety of the place. The tree house was contained in a glass cylinder, and you could walk up levels with the tree centered. Marvelous little home away from home. I have a home, an origin world, my own world, pristine, mostly forests, and black beaches. Icebergs. In this I have a primary abode that is a forest lookout, just above the canopy of trees looking down over the mountain.

SC had a world from the age of about six. It wasn't a world as much a space that eventually grew into world. His first home was a treehouse, bigger than mine above. The tree was bigger than the biggest sequoia, the mother of all trees, and looking down on the forest was like looking down on broccoli. He later built a second home on the same world, on a cliff near the beach. This is now our primary residence. The world was named 'Bliss' long before I was 'Bliss,' but you know how history can be rewritten, and so SC's world is named after me. You find planet 'Bliss' in multiple short stories of his, and fanfiction, including his Trek fiction. His planet resides in its own solar system, with other life bearing planets and moons... And every spaceship that he has ever imagined having can be either found in the main hangar, or in orbit.

Which brings me back to Trek. I suppose everyone has imagined being the captain of the Enterprise. SC is no different. Our Enterprise is not your father's Enterprise, or Kirk's or even Picard's. If you were to mix the Enterprise with the TARDIS, you'd have an idea of our ship. There is the slightest hint in the main hull of a sphere contained within. This is actually a full Dyson sphere, complete with it's own star. Yes, we put the star in star drive! The inside of the sphere is a honeycomb pattern, with each hexagon holding the equivalent space of a full planet. One of the hexagons is a future 'Earth' space, and the surrounding hexagons are past histories of earth, capturing the entirety of earth at important stages, so that all life is represented. In our Universe, NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND. Yes, there are dinosaurs on our spaceship! We're not just the flagship, we carry Star Fleet within us. That could also be a metaphor. As we explore new worlds, we create inner worlds and environments and invite others to live with us. We travel through time and space, taking on a myriad of specimens. We have taken the Gilgamesh and Noah stories to the extreme. It seems to us there is no greater joy than to study life, and to preserve it in interesting ways. And if we find worlds where there is no life, then we bring with us the seeds and the variety to make something new and interesting. Tulpamancy, after all, is merely an extension of what we already do in 'real' life. We are actively engaging the Universe; so above, so below. To quote Picard: "Make it so."
Hi Loxy: I saw SC's request for 999,999 signatures on a petition to make you solid. I'll sign. If you have followed my posts at all, you know that recently Flora revealed herself for a few seconds in real time/space. She appeared as a Dakini Spirit. A form that I know you have identified with. The difference in being in real time/space and being solid however is such, that had she been solid, I would have wondered how she got there. As it was, she was swirling energy, real though not solid. I hope that you can manifest however you like, so far I have been completely excited and joyous with any kind of manifestation from Flora. My best to you. One day, I hope that it is you and Flora talking together. Love, Dr. Bob
SC was going for humor. He has been advised against public attempts at humor... I m the humorous one. Smile

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