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Type or Swipe?
Mobile tulpae and hosts:
Do you type or swipe on your phones?

I'd prefer to type, just as a movement, but our low possession experience makes it difficult and draining.

Aster also prefers to do a combination, largely favoring swiping for some ungodly reason, so our right hand is trained to do that.

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We type.

Whenever I see people say that possession is slow or difficult for the tulpa, it makes me think that the tulpa is seeing the body as a machine that needs to be operated, rather than just something they can naturally move. Really, movement should be just as easy for the tulpa as it is for the host, mindset makes it harder.
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Type, change it to a vote and I'll vote. You'll get more responses at least for the poll.
I tried swiping, but the results were never what I wanted to write. So typing it is!
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I always type. We never figured out the swipe keyboard stuff, so we simply type.

Edit: I can set up a poll for you, just let me know.
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Oh, I despise mobile touch screens and typing on them, they bring my WPM down from like 120 on a keyboard to, I don't know, significantly less. I'd give you a number but it's dang near impossible since half of the time is spent correcting typos. Anyways, we don't type on the phone almost ever.

I did find out purely accidentally about that dragging your finger through the letters to write words, and despite normally hating mobile gimmicks like that, it actually seemed pretty cool and worked unreasonable well (for words bigger than "is", of course). I still don't do it but it seemed pretty nice for poor accuracy phone screens (all of them, I'd wager).

And jeez, bringing it up as easier to do for newbie possessing tulpas? That's sort of amazing, I haven't seen a thread like that since like 2014. Seconded that you should have a mod set up a poll for you (just give them permission) - Typing, swiping, or a mix
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[Image: jeans-keyboard.gif]

Transcription: I type using this thing. It's both typing and swiping so I guess both? Now that I'm recording I'm like doing terribly what the hell I swear I'm usually better than this. Anyways, uh, it has the option for autocorrect but I hate autocorrect with a passion so I have it set to just type what I typed, dammit! Also this awesome keyboard has a secret: Look! all the special symbols! I basically never have to switch modes, {}()[] and I can do “smart quotes” and stuff ª¬‰†£´`’‘ so yeah, also that C in a box is "combine", ™. I am 50% sure, ±50%… Really‽
It's kewl. It also has arrows that are hidden. So. Yeah. … … bye
What is that??? I want it.
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Swipe has been around for 21 years, I still think it's clunky
(06-14-2019, 11:27 PM)JGC Wrote: What is that??? I want it.

It has lots of configuration stuffs, so depending on whether your device is more of a phablet or more of a phone, you may want just a 4x4 grid, or you may want it like how I show in the gif.

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