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Wandering tulpas?
Haven Offline
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Wandering tulpas?

hey! so I've only had DP with me for less than a week, but he's very developed in terms of visualization and communication. Anyway, my question is if tulpas can go walk around in the corporeal world without the host's supervision? He sometimes disappears to do hang out on his own in wonderland, but when he comes out into the "real world" he follows me pretty closely even when there's lots of other stuff going on. It's not really a problem, but im wondering if he'll develop any independence once he grows a bit more? What do your tulpas do (or if you're a tulpa, what do you tend to do?) thanks so much!

disclaimer: all of Deadpool's text is paraphrased by me!
04-24-2016, 04:04 AM
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Jake'N'Aelita Offline

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RE: Wandering tulpas?

well Haven, i don't have much expeariance with my own Tulpa to give you a solid answer, but from what i understand once your tulpa "matures" enough he will be able to go do its own thing but it will generaly stick around you close by. hope this helps!
04-24-2016, 04:37 AM
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mysonofrageandlove Offline

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RE: Wandering tulpas?

Jamie goes off on his own frequently. He's very energetic and easily distracted so he will often wander off. However, he'll always return to me within the hour.

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04-24-2016, 04:44 AM
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Zaya Offline

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RE: Wandering tulpas?

A tulpa can wander the ether of your mind at will, escaping from "view" when they want.
Some posts I've read have described tulpas becoming so frustrated with their hosts that they voluntarily leave for extended periods of time without returning simply to get away for a while.

When Zaya becomes tired yet I can't sleep, Zaya tends to turn in for the night and retire to his room in our wonderland.

Tulpas need time off too. I can't stand it when my host stays up so late.
04-24-2016, 04:46 AM
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glitchthe3rd Offline
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RE: Wandering tulpas?

^ My tulpas used to go fly around in space for a couple weeks when they wanted some time away from me. But as others have said, they tend to split their time between the wonderland and hanging out with you in your physical surroundings.

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04-24-2016, 05:51 AM
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RE: Wandering tulpas?

OP Wrote:It's not really a problem, but im wondering if he'll develop any independence once he grows a bit more?

No, it really isn’t a problem, honestly. If you’re getting the impression with the wandering, and it’s something you feel confident that you’re not trying to force upon them, then the wandering would imply some potential to develop over time. It’s natural to feel that you have to be so engrossed into this—as if you’re balancing the very fabric of their existence, but there were several anecdotes that I knew where some hosts just went about doing other things for a year, and boom, suddenly, next level tulpaing. They end up being confused whether or not the presumed walk-in can be deemed as a tulpa. In other words, the confusion is just due to having to update what it means for them to be sentient to you—if that implies that they can go about in the confines of your mind, and implicitly do whatever they claim they’re doing, then that’s something to add to your book.

It’s one thing to treat them as sentient, but it’s another to know that for them to cultivate the impression of sentience can be done through the wandering, and their existence not solely being dependent on our conscious decisions.

OP Wrote:Anyway, my question is if tulpas can go walk around in the corporeal world without the host's supervision?

I like to think of it in this mentality. My imagination isn’t necessarily going to ask for my permission to execute whatever visual cues, creativity, and what have you. Now, one may be used to knowing the steps their mind goes through in order to have that kind of freedom with their imagination, but it’s not a phenomenon that will always wait for your permission. So, imagine them going into that flexible mode of existence with your mind and imagination, and having to make sense of it all in some way. It’s like a testing grounds without you having to set it up, and it can go both ways, I guess (both embracing their imagination, that is).

Now, if one made an intention that they needed the host’s supervision for them to do these things, then that’s a protocol they set up. But remember, that’s what they wanted to do for –insert justifications/ethics here- (e.g. those that may feel awkward with the whole sharing of mind thing for some reason, or those that just want some bit of privacy for certain reasons). It doesn't mean that protocol bleeds into everyone's inner experience, though.

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04-24-2016, 06:06 AM
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Drakaina Offline

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RE: Wandering tulpas?

Most thought forms and headmates I know of can have their own complete life in a mind world without the host's supervision or awareness (given they've developed to that point and have become autonomous/independent of course).
Since tulpa don't exist in our physical world, and they manifest by the host's imposing them there, I don't believe a thought form can go off and do things in the corporeal world outside of the host's line of sight. It would be as imagined as the mind world itself. To phrase it another way, I know that there's a hallway on the other side of my door, but once it's out of sight it falls to my mind to visualize it. It's not part of my immediate intractable reality.
Then again your tulpa is based on Deadpool and he's as meta as it gets. It wouldn't be a stretch if he went for a stroll in another dimension entirely. :P

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04-24-2016, 06:29 AM
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Stevie Offline
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RE: Wandering tulpas?

Wouldn't walking around in the corperal world without the host's supervision just be another version of walking around in the wonderland? At that point even if it's the real world, if you're not there experiencing it, it's just like an imaginary copy for the tulpa, if that makes sense.

That said, Chris is either kicking it in the wonderland or kicking it with me, I don't think whatever's going on in my city at any given time is enough to make him wander around.

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04-24-2016, 08:37 PM
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Tewi Offline
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RE: Wandering tulpas?

Just for the sake of variety in responses, I felt like mentioning that we don't do that. There's no real activity from anyone not switched or actively interacting with others; no activity when we aren't active. That always seemed pretty normal and understandable to us, but it seems we're somehow a minority. Anyways, we have a wonderland, but we do not live there, and we can't "do things" in it when we're alone. All we've got is a persistent low-level awareness of what's going on in the mind and senses at all times, which again is always how it's been for us and feels normal.

And I'm not sure it's possible to "learn" to change the nature of your existence, it seems like extremely advanced parallel processing (so casual, no real focus required apparently) and not only does parallel processing not generally exist (with few exceptions), we can't even play piano with more than one hand. After a relatively large amount of research and practice, we came to the conclusion that what is known as parallel processing in humans is actually either multitasking (quickly and efficiently switching between tasks), or combining multiple tasks into one, such as patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. I believe the latter is how playing piano works - the entire act of reading sheet music and playing notes with either hand becomes one larger task so to speak. Seems to be that way for typing on a keyboard, but in that scenario we've had like ten years to figure it out.

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04-24-2016, 08:55 PM
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Temar Offline
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RE: Wandering tulpas?

One of my headmates, Ayo, wanders a lot in the real world. She loves imposing, especially in public places where there are interesting things to explore and, usually, climb on.

However, none of us ever wander outside our host's sight or earshot while doing this, mostly for the reason that Steve said:

(04-24-2016, 08:37 PM)Stevie Wrote: Wouldn't walking around in the corperal world without the host's supervision just be another version of walking around in the wonderland?

See, imposition is a trippy thing. It lets us experience the real world, sure, but that experience is through the host's perception of us experiencing it. The host can see, hear, and feel us, and that's what gives our imposed forms legitimacy. Our imposed forms don't have the ability to intake sensory inputs on their own, since they're illusory by nature.

Take away the host (or the body and its senses, more specifically), and you take away pretty much what makes the whole imposition experience work. So, sure, he could theoretically go out and wander the real world if he wanted, but it'd probably be pretty much an imposed Wonderland experience.

That said, though... yeah, as you keep working on him, he'll probably build up the confidence and autonomy to explore a bit more. Which I think is the crux of your question. Smile

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04-25-2016, 06:13 PM
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