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What are Your Plans For the Summer of 2016? (including tulpa plans or goals)
My host and I are going to have two and a half months off. My host is "half retired" now and so will get big chunks of time like that every summer. We plan to work on the house and the yard and do a lot of art together. In early September we are going to Faerieworlds 2016 in Oregon. Davie will once again transform himself into the extraordinary wizard, Mistgod.

So what are your plans for Summer 2016? Do you have any tulpamancy related goals?

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My summer tulpa-goals are to give the elf living in my head a distinct voice. So far we've worked towards her voice by listening to lots of music with female vocals, as was recommended by another user. And so far, I can really feel it helping!

That's what I want to achieve this summer in the tulpa section of things.
(05-24-2016, 04:24 PM)Khronos Wrote: My summer tulpa-goals are to give the elf living in my head a distinct voice.

Yeah, this.

Other than that, I'm going to start learning Spanish, but I'm not even good at German yet, Lord help my poor soul.
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Ugh. Work gets hectic during the summer, capped off by flying to a far-flung city to spend four days in a hotel conference room. Woo. Only forty years to retirement.

I'm still going to try to get the host to do Camp NaNoWriMo. It's basically a month of writing, which is pretty much our version of forcing. She's been slacking lately, and there's nothing like peer pressure to kick her into motion.
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I will be indoors where it's cold. All summer. I would say I don't like heat but that's an understatement, I end up being reduced to a pitiful sprawl on the floor once the temperature hits 80 fahrenheit.

I can't say I have any specific tulpa related goals, not for summer anyway. Just more narrating and encouraging vocalization. I guess I have the tentative goal of trying to get parallel processing started at least by the end of summer.
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I was thinking about it, using it in a productive way instead of just throwing it out as I made my entire life and noticing it just a day before the start of school xD (althought mine "summer" will only starts in july). But well, this time I have something to work in.

The same as Khronos, sure, and anything that we can do, about tulpamancy. I was thinking in learning how to write decently redactions to school and other things I will eventually need to know how to do. But well, yeah, it's a shit (not saying that writing is, I mean doing a text of thirty lines in 50 minutes about a boring theme, this is), I'll probably just say "fuck this". Also, returning (by the third time, I think) to lucid dreaming, now that Alice is here things might get interesting.
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i'm planning to lose more weight. while im no way "overweight" im just trying to be more "fit". you know?
My hostie had the plan to lose weight this summer. So far he hasn't lost a single pound. He hasn't gained any, but hasn't lost any either.
Vriska: Well... My host's plan is to pass university's exams and ours is to help him do so and in vacations travel and relax. XD

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