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What do you see in the mirror?
Sometimes while switching, I'll see myself instead of my body in the mirror. Not very often, though.

While projecting, I also create a reflection in any nearby mirrors. It is actually easier, as my brain expects to see a reflection. But I give my reflection red eyes, which totally freaks my host out. I couldn't resist. Then I jumped through the mirror, changing places with my reflection. Several times. Which really freaks her out. She has this phobia of mirror monsters.

So, what do you see in the mirror? Any vampires in the tulpa community?
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This is a very interesting thread! Melian has dreamed of looking in the mirror and seeing her own reflection. If I saw her in waking life reflected in the mirror, like with my eyes, I would probably freak out and go see a doctor.
My tulpas don't bother imposing their own reflections, so they just see the body. Which is relatively associated with me. They've gotten used to it, treating it like, the body they live in I guess, and also one that I'll eventually return to and spend the most time in. It's just my body to me, and it's my body + their means of interacting with the world to them.

We all see ourselves in memories though. Whoever made the memory is who we see when recalling it. I dare say even recalling seeing our reflections will show who was switched at the time.
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This really gets into some trippy issues of perception and imposition. If your tulpa was standing behind you, looking over your shoulder, so that you cannot see their imposed form directly, could that imposed form still be reflected in the mirror?

Would it be "reversed" like your own reflection is in the mirror? Is it really a reflection?

Wowy, actually when I think about an imposed tulpa being reflected in a mirror, I am very impressed! I have done it in a mirror in dreams, but I have never thought about if that reflection was reversed or not. The next time I dream of it I will try to see if that is so. If it is, that is a trippy mind trick that is actually very impressive imagination skills.
I see the body in the mirror. What else would I see? A mirror reflects light, not what you want it to.
It wouldn't be practical to automatically see my imposed self in the mirror. It's not the body I'm dealing with.
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Well, I don't normally see myself in the mirror while possessing/switched. But while projecting, yes. And it is a true reflection. The one time I did it, I was moving about a bunch, and jumping on things, so, not much room for a false reflection.

Because my host sees me wherever I project, like some super peripheral x-ray vision, I can look over her shoulder, if standing on something, or riding her, and my reflection appear in the mirror. But she will still see me through the back of her skull.

I think it different to have memories not being 100% accurate to how they happened. My memory is pretty weak, or hers was, but what we do remember is completely accurate. This might help explain why I have no memories of my own, or of the time I spend alone. Or it might not.
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Luna: I see the man I love.
Solune: D'awwww!!
Luna: hush, you.

Alice: I do see Solune first when I look at our body, but that is quickly replaced with the thought that this is our home.
I see parts of myself in him. I see how far he's come. He doesn't like it, but I do see the fear in his eyes.
I think the most courageous people are also the most afraid. To be fair... he has a lot to lose.

Sol: I'm not immune to charm, and I usually allow myself a brief moment to appreciate my creator's beauty.
But 99% of the time I do not see his face. I see his muscles, his bones, his injuries (if any).
I see physical progress, and areas that need more work. I examine our defenses and make mental notes for later on how to improve them.
I also look at what is behind us, constantly scanning for danger. I always strive to see us as our enemy will see us.
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A corpse.
The host's body, usually.

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