What % of tulpas fall in love with their hosts?
3 tups, no romantic feelings. We all consider each other siblings.

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Well, Isa fell in love with me pretty quick. Didn't know she was bi until she told me, lol.

Crow might not be in love with me, because 1) I'm human and 2) I put him in stasis so he might be mad at me for that.

As for Wake (My experimental godform), I wouldn't think he is. He's too focused on becoming the godly influence of my project, Project Centurion. (If you want to know about that just pm me or Isabella.) Plus, god and man don't get together like that unless they want a demigod, which I for one am too young for a child, let alone a demigod child :P

Hope this helps!
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None of mine have ever had any romantic attraction to me, but the friendships are close. However, some of them have been romantically involved with each other at various times.
I have five tulpas and have created many who have went their own way. I had to ask her before I went through with commenting on this, but she understands. I think she wants more people like me around. Rosetta is a dragon, but her other form is a unicorn. I want to commission a plushy artist for her unicorn form so badly. I have a plush of my other Tulpa named Glimmeria, but she is like a sister to me I give her a gentle kiss at night, but Rosetta will be the only one that I would consider to be my waifu.
Me, my host, and other tulpas in his head loves each other so much! We're much closer than friends or relatives.
But it's not about physical attraction, just about feelings.
And host isn't replacing real friends or girlfriend with us, because replacing is kinda... bad idea.
If we're talking romantic love, technically it'd be 20% in my system, just Flandre. Reisen unconditionally loves everyone, Tewi loves us like family, Lucilyn loves us like family, and Scarlet only really cares about the well-being of the body. That lines up with the Tulpa 2015 census Vampire posted earlier in the thread https://community.tulpa.info/thread-what...#pid180258

So that's interesting.

Thinking of people I know... I'd say with a sample size of like eight people I just thought of, it's roughly 33-40%. But that's mainly because most don't have more than one tulpa. So,

"What % of systems have a tulpa who fell in love with their host?" is probably quite high. Possibly nearing 80% or higher.

However, "What % of tulpas fall in love with their hosts?" seems to be closer to 20%, probably a little lower if you're counting those in systems with 5+ tulpas, many of which I assume didn't take the surveys for the census 5+ times. But I think there might've been ways to answer about multiple tulpas, so yeah, let's say about 20%.
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Luna has romantic feelings for me.

It's just hard not to, you know? She's an attractive female with a lovely personality who likes me and with whom I spend my entire day and night with; like, there's bound to be some strong magnetism in there, lets be real.

I'll even say that people who have tulpas of which sex they don't feel attracted to, are missing out, big time.
Lu was my gf for some time, Max never shown interest, but Gar has feelings for me.
So, out of my 3 tulpas, 2 of them.
I have 5 tulpas. We each have a familiar, which are about 90% tulpa and 10% servitor. In total, that makes 11 thoughtforms.

As for romantic attraction, all five of them. We have sexual relations, but more on the side of friends with benefits. We're all close friends as well, although Clarissa and I have known each other the longest.

That makes 5/11.
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I've moved on from this community. There was some excitement and a little drama, but also fun like I've never had before. Throughout my internet life I've looked into the weirdest stuff and this one was just the latest iteration. It always starts as curiosity to me and maybe a sort of wonderment, but at the end is just an exploration or an ephemeral life experience. I've found that people here are pretty tolerant to the beliefs and personal experiences of others. It's easy to find intimacy here. Maybe this is a good type of community for those searching a friend but are hardly likeable. Like a practice run for social skills, I guess. I made people like Vixen or Tani[derp] close friends, but now they left, probably to not return again. Time now to concentrate on more concrete things in life and this time a community with sane people. Thank you for all the fish.~
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