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Whats your Tulpas favorite Movie?
Sundaras favorite Movie right now is Both of the Smurfs movies. She wants to see Legend with Tom Cruise too. But she loves the Smurfs.
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Vriska: Jurassic World.
Gamzee: Pulp Fiction.
Feferi: Finding Nemo.
Beth: Rock School.
Miranda: Terminator III.
Dross: The Conjuring.
[The Wind Rises is fucking fantastic.]
[I don't think I have a favorite movie...or tv show. I really like creepypastas though. The genre doesn't matter, weird internet urban legends of all kinds rock.]
{I like Dune a lot, but there are too many good films to choose from. Moon is another good one.}

Alice likes space and superhero movies, which is really cool to see in her. It's cool to see her enjoying herself.
[Sim Manami]


<Holo the Wisewolf of Yoitsu>

Dune and Moon? Maybe you should try June, and Cocoon, and Loon. Smile
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Red: The last unicorn... it's so... surreal!
you heard the meowstic..
Red: and i love the movie Silent hill! mr.pyramid head is in it!


Of all the movies my host has shown me, i liked Spirited Away the most. It was so vivid and imaginative. I also enjoyed Yellow Submarine a lot because i knew all the songs it played and it was a very trippy movie to watch.
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