[Wonderland] How do I make a wonderland?
This is getting really fun Big Grin So im thinking of making a place where my tulpa can sleep, play and do all of its own stuff. Will I be able to visit that place and walk around? Plus, I want my tulpa to be really happy so would it be possible to make video games for her.

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You just imagine it. A wonderland is just a place you can imagine consistently, typically you know all the details of, and where you and/or your tulpa hangs out. Being in the wonderland is just a matter of imagining yourself there - getting immersed might take practice for some people. I suppose you could call it a skill to some extent, though the related skill is usually more "Visualization", for clarity and immersion. Practice to improve.

Also, there's no reason for it to be a video game when it's in your imagination, it can just be ~the real thing. Or not. All up to you.
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