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[Wonderland] Wonderland Creation Via Daydreaming

RE: Wonderland Creation Via Daydreaming

My hostie and I know when we have a day dream wonderland setting stored into long term memory, because we begin to have dreams about it or dreams set in it while asleep. If you start dreaming about it while asleep and see it in detail in that dream or lucid dream, that is a pretty solid wonderland I think.

The part of my wonderland that is "central" is my dreamscape mansion. We dream about it frequently and know the entire layout of the house and the contents of the rooms in detail. Another is the pond of magic silver water and the waterfall (my picnic place) in the Mistwood Forest near my mansion. We dream so detailed about it we can see all the stones in their place in and around the river, the trees as they always are and the butterflies, flowers and fairies.
03-08-2016, 02:04 AM

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