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Writing a Book
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RE: Writing a Book

(09-30-2017, 01:15 AM)RaveCrazedDave Wrote: Honestly, I'd strongly advise you experienced it for yourself, and then wrote about it. Other people's experiences only gets you so far, and if all you're doing is copying or quoting other's work, then why even "write" a section on it?

Oh Dude no.. I've been studying Tulpas for 2 years now.. I've just made my second one Yesterday. The first one I made left me for her own reasons. So I'm pretty familiar with Tulpas. I'm experimenting with the tulpas after I saw this video by a guy who used Tulpas to clear up his anxiety. I have high Hopes that I can use Tulpas for Schiz. Already with the knowledge I have it has helped me immensely. I'm now ready to work with Tulpas myself. Other peoples testimonies will be helpful.. I have been reading from people that Its Bad for someone with Schiz to make Tulpas but I disagree I had no problems with my first. So I am relying on personal experience as well.

I made Manu Sept 28.. He's fantastic.. Everything I hope to be.. I plan on making another once Manu matures. Umm Manu wants to say something...

Manu - Hello everyone. I'm so happy that my Host has made me. I'm learning a lot about him and I think he is a great guy. We are planning to do great things together. So don't be frightened about the fact my host is mentally ill. I'm sooo happy to be a part of his research. that is all..

Don't believe the things I say just because I tell you.. Test these things and prove them to yourselves so that you know them to be true. ~The Buddha
09-30-2017, 01:44 AM
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