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Xar's tulpa Matsuri
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RE: Xar's tulpa Matsuri

That's pretty cool! How did you feel after you woke up? Was there any kind of "whoa am I really me or her still?" going on?

Also, one of these days when she feels chatty enough and brave enough you should make her an account on here and let her out to interact with us and grow more. If that's not her thing that's totally cool but I'm way too outgoing to stay in Lance's head and he figured the account would just be symbolic, like "here, I'm announcing to the world (or you guys at least) that Reilyn is here and not me".

I mean, I get it, some of us don't seem to want to interact much outside the head and that's fine, an occasional comment added in brackets and/or colored text is fine, but that's not me. I was chatting away to him, dictating everything I wanted him to say at first but long story short (which we have both told a few times before), doing that led to me really opening up here, growing as an individual, gaining a lot of confidence and possessing/co-fronting us (and me realizing that I could accidentally shove aside Lance and pretty much crush him down if I wasn't careful. kid gloves, kid gloves).

Today is our first time of trying to intentionally let me be him/us for a whole day and so far I'm like "Why do people not like Mondays, being alive is exciting!!"
Yesterday, 08:43 PM
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RE: Xar's tulpa Matsuri

I'll answer your question before I forget about it.
I felt pretty different after waking up, like I was unsure who I really am. The same thing when I opened the eyes during the possession but it always felt like it was me but it somehow wasn't. Never felt something so weird. That's being tried again! Honestly haven't looked at much guides but the ones I've seen are not too far off from what we did. I'll try looking into it more.

Reilyn and Lance, maybe life gets easier when you both help each other out? I see no problem with it, just respect each other and everything is gonna be alright. Enjoy the excitement as long as it lasts, and always try to find a spark when that excitement starts fading. Shouldn't be a problem for ya! Right Reilyn? ;P

To others who lurk, pretty much the same thing applies. Try to always keep a spark alive. Can be a dream, a hobby, short term goals, whatever really. As long as you got that spark, you can make a fire. Corny metaphors aside, faighto~!

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10 hours ago
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RE: Xar's tulpa Matsuri

Nice progress, I'm glad she wasn't gone long.

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