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The Guides section is divided into three parts:
Guides: Specific methods to lead to a certain goal
Tips & Tricks: Smaller bits of advice that don’t make up a full guide
Articles: Informative writings meant to share knowledge on a subject, rather than serve as instruction/advice
All submissions will go in the Submission subforum, however each submission is expected to say which of the three subforums it is meant for. Submissions will then be reviewed by the GAT to determine if they are ready for approval or need more work. Submissions will be approved based  a 4/6 or 5/7 vote by the GAT, who will also take into account the reviews and criticisms of non-GAT members. If it is approved, it will be moved to the appropriate subforum. If not, it will remain in Submissions. If a guide isn’t approved and the OP has fixed all the errors or re-written it, they may request for it to be put up for review again.

Currently, the GAT will be operating with a list of past submissions that still need review, and will review them before a certain deadline. Any new submissions posted will immediately go up for review, with the guide stickied and an announcement made.
Guides that still need to be reviewed will be stickied and put on a list in the GAT Discussion board.

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