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Forum Announcement: When Creating a Guide
You are free to post your guides here, and if they're approved by the Guide Approval Team they'll even be moved to the main Guides board. However, please keep the following in mind when posting you guide:

When creating a new guide in this board, I recommend that you first check around to see if someone is already using your strategy, because after all, great minds think alike.

Also, I ask that you prefix your thread. If your guide has to do with visualization, select the [Visualization] prefix. If your guide covers more than one area, you can use [General], just as if your guide does not fit into the already-existing prefixes, you may use [Misc.].

Be sure to title your threads correctly so they describe just what your guide is about. If your guide is about making wonderland more vivid, having a title such as "Creating A More Vivid Wonderland" would be better than titling it "My Guide" or even "My wonderland guide". (also, use the "Wonderland" prefix for such a guide!).

Also, I encourage you to spell check and grammar check your guides before posting them, and try to maintain a professional presentation while writing them.

Other people will be reading these guides. If you're unsure if a method you're trying actually works, don't bother posting it. Test your methods, make sure you're not leading someone down the wrong path.

Remember, this board is for guides, not questions. If you have a question that you want to ask, a subject you want to discuss, or an experiment you wish to run, there are places for that -- this is not the place.

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