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  2. I have never been in a pet store and it has been a very long time since I have been in a zoo. just about every snake that I saw was wild, though I have seen maybe a couple of pet snakes in person
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  5. [Ranger] I'm sorry Codeofibris, I didn't realize that. I would love to see the original if you have it or if you show me a new one you make. If you don't want to post it here you can PM me. Neither I or Cat are professional artists by a long shot (plus it took time for us to get to where we are now), and I like seeing people draw their tulpas because it's awesome but it's also a good way to build your visualization skills. [Cat] I started working on this drawing of Bune immediately after my previous work on Ranger, but I slowed down because a little bit of magic happened and I wanted to give it more time. It was a complete accident, but I got a really cool effect with Bune's eyes. And the hair looks nice too I think. I went with the floating glasses and I didn't form the shoes/hands because I was getting a little frustrated and I was afraid of ruining it. Also this helped me realize I need to practice drawing suits... [Bune] Even though it does not look exactly like me, I am very pleased with the result and it was a wonderful birthday present. I noticed I adjusted my form slightly to better match the illustration as well.
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    Tulpa Movie Night

    No movie night tonight, sorry!
  7. I can actually relate, though I don't have dysphoria, I had a bad accident and they had to bind me across my chest for a week or something and that flipping thing was tight and it h u r t and it dug into my skin and actually cut me too, which is crazy. Anyway, welcome and we look forward to hearing more from you! We like picrews, even though we never found one we liked for ourselves, so I had to learn to draw, long story.
  8. Welcome MrMaurio! Skeptics allowed! Please feel free to ask any questions in Beginner Questions General if you have any questions. I also recommend reading some creation guides and Progress Reports to give you a better idea of what tulpamancy is all about. Fun fact: My host sometimes uses Pauline as her form.
  9. JGC

    Ashley's Lounge

    Man, this is a little weird for me because even before Cassidy, I'd had Gavin. But I'll still be answering for now compared to September 2018. 1) My relationship with Cassidy is really different... I am sort of nostalgic for when he was almost like my "kid" and I had to take care of him in a lot more direct ways. Or maybe it's just all the control I had over him, and influence.... We had a lot of "firsts", a lot of what you might call the honeymoon period, up until about the 9 month mark. Then things started shifting toward a much more egalitarian setup. Once a guy came and asked if there was any way he could prevent his tulpa from taking views he doesn't agree with. He was saying that because he'd heard of some guy whose tulpa "forced" him to go to church and he wanted to avoid that at all costs. I just sorta chuckled. That's free will for you! I never could have imagined up the things that Cassidy believes: that's (part of) why he's not in my imagination. He's more than what I put into him, he's his own guy. He didn't start out that way, I don't think any tulpa does. It's a good thing, I'll go as far to say it's innately better or more fulfilling. Natural development is just better than anything you can plan on paper. 2) Man... I'm just days away from turning 18. I remember being 15 and I thought a lot that I didn't have a "thing", and I had the sense that I was waiting to discover it. I was a blank flank. Pretty early on, I knew tulpamancy was my thing. Since then I've pretty much worked tulpamancy and being a tulpamancer into my life plans. I think it's usually different for people who already have friends, jobs, even spouses, when they get into tulpamancy. Everything going forward is going to have tulpamancy factored in. I'm not saying it'll keep me from making friends, but I just know that I'm going to naturally gravitate toward people who I think would be more understanding of tulpamancy when making friends, because Cassidy and Gavin are so important to me. I don't think I could have a super-deep friendship without someone knowing, because they're so deeply entwined in my life. Met a lot of people. My beliefs have changed a lot. I've learned a lot in general, changed pretty radically from two years ago. I can't credit that all to tulpamancy because I know I would have changed regardless, but not like this. 3) No, haha, and depending on your definitions, I've never been a singlet. I made Cassidy because I wanted to return to the openly plural internal state I had with Gavin in his first life. My internal life felt so empty compared to what it's like when Gavin or now Gavin and Cassidy are with me. And I don't mean in terms of dramatics or conflict or things like that, I'm really not one of those compulsive daydreamers who needs to have an ongoing saga in their head. It's just... I guess I'm a lonely soul. If it wasn't for them, no one would tell me "Good morning" most days, and no one would tell me "Goodnight" most nights. They're the first people I talk with in the morning and the last at night. The closest bonds I've ever had. Probably the closest bonds possible, outside of your relationship with yourself.
  10. Since we had to continue with the hostess's daily life, we couldn't focus on solving this, but we did get small results: Ana possesses the body for a few seconds, but in general she is just a spectator voice that does nothing, even her visualization has been reduced to a minimum (at least it seems that she has already begun to visualize again, very, very little) Orion and I are the ones controlling the body at the moment, and we seem to find a difference between just using the body and feeling consciousness move forward. We need Ana to stop being a spectator voice and repeat this experience (she tries to do it by saying things like "this is my body, I can move, etc). We are not sure, but a while ago she could have moved three steps and sat on her own, it was only an instant where I left the body. Gives us hope
  11. [Moltosha] I am experimenting with an alternate color. #885533 (Chrome's color) #996644 #aa7755 #bb8866 #cc9977 #ddaa88 [Moltosha] test (#aa7755) [Moltosha] test (#bb8866) [Moltosha] I like #bb8866 more
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    CM's Tulpa Art Thread

    I'm sorry for falling behind, I wish I could keep up. I agree, but I like the final product a lot too. Both feel really natural and the expression that was captured is awesome. Aww, that's cute! I really like seeing scenes like this, it's really fun to see how headmates bond together. [Cat] I really struggle with drawing Duck, I tried to draw him siting with his legs folded and I got an old man shape and not a little boy's shape. [Ranger] Tulpas shall take over the world for being the best models! Your doodles don't disappoint, in fact they're so consistent I wonder if you could make gifs just using the art you already made. ...okay maybe I'll embrace a clothing style other than wear the same clothes everyday, give me time to think about it. Good luck Roska!
  14. I probably wouldn't call it inexperience. It was actually easier to tell us apart after a switch a few years back. I don't know what changed or when exactly this problem started, but I feel like it was gradual until it got to this point where it's actually somewhat of an issue.
  15. Put simply, no. We haven't swapped control of the body in about 6 months. I got another job around that time, and it made it really difficult to keep my focus enough to let go properly without taking control back too soon. Now that my sleep schedule is out of whack, it might be a good time to try, but I sleep 3-4 times a day. It might make things a bit difficult, but definitely worth a try. I think Cel only woke up in front about two times out of... I don't know how many times, but a lot of times. I tend to wake up back in front more often than not. Still needs work I believe.
  16. Hi Khomyak: You will get a lot of pushback for claiming that tulpas are a result of mental illness, and I am not sure what "too imaginative" might mean. Imagination is not, in my opinion, a fixed quantity. We can use it, or not, and we can develop our capacity for it my using it by using it (like exercise builds muscles). Hope you persist and have fun doing it. Dr. Bob
  17. I chose to believe tulpas can be created. I made this choice before I started (wouldn't have started otherwise!) My subsequent experience has proven the point. I created a tulpa. I did not think about whether or not my tulpa would be fully developed prior to her birth. I had read references to 'young' tulpas here on the forum. Flora has shown development through out her existence. She has also shown the ability to regress and has. I am coming to believe that she shows me the aspects of her that I am ready to see. This would suggest that her entire lifespan is already encoded in our brain. Perhaps mine is too. Dr. Bob
  18. Mazel tov my friend. It is amazing how effective paying attention to being loving, can remake a person. Dr. Bob
  19. Pft, so many... Three hamsters, three dozen fish, two eels, a freshwater crab, two sharks, freshwater snails, three frogs, two rats, five cats, and five dogs, one of which was half coyote. Right now, zero, and that's fine. My favorite was my white longhair cat that was older than me and died when I was 17. What's your favorite animal? Is it different from your headmate(s) favorite?
  20. Idk either, I'm just a bear, so take my possible overreactions with a grain of salt.
  21. Can "Creation" be added as tag for threads? I know "sentience" is there but it doesn't quite fit for general discussion/question topics like "What is the role of xyz in the creation process?" or "How long does tulpa creation take?" or "What speeds up tulpa creation?" If I were a newbie, looking through a "Creation" tag is more useful than specifically "sentience" which is one specific milestone. I honestly thought "Creation" was there and was surprised it wasn't.
  22. 21st October 2020 oh boy its been a while, in the couple of days, Ive just been passive forcing with Caitlyn [howdy], Recently I've joined a discord and been proxying for her which is good, its quite intense as Caitlyn and I keep trying to figure out exactly what she wants to say without my input too much(still working on that) tried proxying today and it gave me a headache on how much I had to think haha. I also joined a reddit chat service for Tulpamancers which is fun~, I will keep updating this PR when more major things happen instead of minor things 🙂
  23. Report #2 As host, I've been researching and reading various guides and tips both on here and wherever else Google takes me. I've decided that it'd be best if I make updates weekly instead of biweekly so that I don't get lost in too many distractions with life. I have been keeping a daily journal to mark the progress Laine has been making, no matter how much or little it may be. To avoid giving large walls of texts, I'll condense my daily entries into smaller bits unless we feel that it's important. Also, I'll be continuing this as day 5, but I don't remember exactly how many days I've been putting real effort into this. ________________________ Day 5 Decided to try something last night I haven't tried in a long time: Lucid Dreaming. Other than making my dreams more vivid, it never really worked. Still, I gave it a shot and had Laine reading the instructions along with me. For me, the instructions were a reminder of what did and didn't work. I think it had Laine excited since he decided to try one technique without telling me while I tried another. I tried to do the MILD technique where I repeated a phrase to remind myself to lucid dream as I fell asleep. It didn't work. What did work was Laine's attempts at WBTB. I got into bed and started my attempts to lucid dream at roughly 11:00. From that point, Laine woke me up nearly every hour on the hour. I checked every time I woke up. I woke up at 1:00, 2:00, 4:00 and 5:57, which is just before I have to wake up. While I can't say I'm absolutely positive it was Laine, waking up at those times seems a little uncanny. Still no lucid dreams though. Day 6 Slow day all around. First day back to work after my weekend. Laine was imposed nearly all day and I was very impressed with his results. I work retail and he avoided every person I had to pass by without me feeling like I needed to guide him through the crowd. Had one instance where I know he was paying attention to what I was saying tonight. Other than that, it's felt like he's just been observing my actions. Day 7 Woke up just before 1:00. Both my right knee and hip were in horrible pain. It was so bad I had to take a painkiller (OTC) to get myself back to sleep. Accidentally slept in. Laine hasn't been active yet. Hopefully today will be a good day. Today sucked. I want to believe that it was Laine who gave me the pains to warn me about today. Kind of like how people with bad joints can tell when bad weather is coming. But I honestly doubt that's the case. I doubt I'll force tonight since I'm in such a bad mood, I don't want to accidentally pass on to Laine. Day 8 Still am not lucid dreaming, but they are becoming more vivid. Even had a dream where I was listening to a band and got focused on the drummer. Every sound her sticks and peddles made were so clear and they never got mixed up with another drum or cymbal. Couldn't do much imposing or focusing on Laine at work. I was getting trained in another department and spent all of my time trying to remember everything. Tonight, while passively forcing, Laine and I continued our possession practice. He's getting much better and made my hand go into a full fist. I lost almost full control of my hand and had to force it back under my control. Did some form meditation before bed, and it was probably the most clear image I've seen of him in a long time. I reached out and moved his arms and hands. I could see every detail of him and if something wasn't clear all I had to do was reach out and make it take form. It was honestly surreal. Day 9 Had a few dreams last night, but only one that came anywhere close to lucid dreaming. I was wandering my empty house, but my body felt so light, yet I moved so sluggishly. I constantly felt like I was about to slip out of my body, even as I explored my house. It felt similar to when Laine and I seriously focus on practicing possession. Slow day at work, and imposing Laine while at work didn't go as well as I was hoping. I tried meditation forcing but I was too tired and nearly fell asleep while I was sitting so I just went to bed. While I think Laine is imposing well into the world, there's not much progress on any other front. I still can't hear him. And when I think I do, I'm afraid it's parroting or puppeting that I'm making him do. Day 10 No dreams but FINALLY a day off. Tried conversing with Laine for a bit. I'm sure everyone goes through it, but unless it causes a personal emotional reaction out of me, it feels like I'm still parroting Laine. Tried to do some self-hypnosis. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any good guides online, so I combined what they all had in common and used those techniques. Unfortunately, it led to me slowly falling asleep. Luckily I was able to wake up just before falling asleep completely. After 2-3 times of this, my body started to feel light, almost like sleep paralysis, and that's when Laine started to take over for real! It wasn't much, but it was strong. He started to move my right hand and raised it fairly high from the armrest on my chair and raised my left one nearly as high. Without my effort, my hands began to clench and my fingers rolled. Both of us were incredibly excited and I cheered him on using my mindvoice. Since the day is still early, I tried to lift my head but wasn't able to. I could feel the muscles and tendons in my neck tighten, but my head refused to lift more than maybe an inch off of the headrest. If we hadn't been in such an awkward position then I would've relaxed and let Laine continue. But my face was nearly straight towards the ceiling, making my neck hurt and my breathing was drying my throat. Plus, while Laine was doing amazingly well with this spontaneous possession, he's only managed to get a minor handle on my arms and hands. I was still the one focusing on the breathing. Spent the past 15-20 minutes narrating to Laine. Have the day off and house to myself so I figured I'd give it a real shot since I didn't have any distractions. For the first few minutes it felt strange, but eventually it felt like I was actually talking to him instead of myself. We'll have to do it again on my next day off. ________________________ That's all for this week's update. I'll continue keeping my journal and log anything noteworthy. If something major happens, I'll make a post on here for it. Other than that, I'll try to do a weekly post either every Tuesday or Wednesday depending on my work schedule, but it will always be one of those days. -Laine's Host (Edit: Fixed the error with day counts)
  24. Good update Everything is fine now, at the very least calm. I'll let them update on it themselves: Hey there tulpa community, how are you? Severe trauma has been here, Be a guide, not a host. I like to add to not try to force yourself when a sexual anomoly or lash out, otherwise intense force may be had. Everything this night is calm, and I think everything will be better for future prospects. I'll be back with more.
  25. We are now considering waking up another one of the tulpas in stasis because they seem to be more faint than ever. I don't want them to fade, unless they don't want to be awake, so I will certainly be waking up Saturn. I will then ask her if she even wants to be awake, if she does we will continue on the plan, if not we will put her back into stasis and check in every-so-often. We are working on a better wonderland. We think it'll be in space.
  26. Please note: I welcome your thoughts and ideas, but please private message me! Thanks! As my recovery progresses, and my thoughts settle, things are in a way going back to how they were. Don't worry, I'm not giving up. I'm just going back to narrating the dreamscape for a while. I will keep you guys posted on how we're doing, and the fun stuff that just seems to happen in my head. Well, you see, I just got to protect my sanity until I get used to my life changes. Fret not, more is coming. And, I will be sure to share ideas, memories, and artwork about Clu and I.
  27. Heya, so I started the process of creating a tulpa just about a week ago; my tulpa named Kiki. The idea for her creation would be focused on creating a friend and an anchor for when I spiral with mental disabilities. Anyways, I wanted to write down some of the experiences I've had so far for the first week. Now I understand going into something blind isn't necessarily a great idea, so before and during the process this week, I've put in a lot of work to understand the process and any science behind it. This entire process is incredibly fascinating to me, so I got to work. Coming from a creative background, I first focused on the general form of Kiki; loose, but as someone who was around 23, 5'4, etc. Then the wonderland. The wonderland is based on a childhood end goal I had growing up, living in a cottage in the countryside with a gorgeous garden surrounded by trees. For most of this week, I've been actively forcing for about 30 minutes to an hour a day, slowly increasing the time without causing any mental strain. This including passive forcing which I've done throughout the day every day, except yesterday. The progress has been going quite smoothly, however due to the major head pressure that I had been experiencing (if I even thought of Kiki, it would happen), I decided to take a small break yesterday to make sure I didn't overwork myself. Unfortunately the break seems to have caused a bit of a detriment to the progress considering I've only been doing it for a small amount of time. I suppose I'll work through it, but I'm afraid I may have to start from step one. Oh well. Gosh.. this community is really comfy, especially on the discord. Thank you all for giving such a warm welcome. I hope continue to update this progress report as time passes. -Ashanti
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