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  2. If no one else is around, you can do anything, including declaring the room you're in to contain 51+ people (based on a true story involving Congress).
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  4. Yeah that's a fine name. I recommend naming it based on your initial post which I think you did.
  5. Ah okay. I'll change the name then if I can think of anything. I'm not sure what to call it though really.
  6. the feeling of going places at night, where in the day there would be people there, but now there are no people. freedom
  7. When you're counting your calories, you really notice how easy certain foods make it to go way over all of a sudden
  8. It's definitely not too late. The point of the format of a forum is to catalogue topics and questions so other people that they may be useful or interesting to may find them
  9. Hehe cute! Just curious, who's who in this comic?
  10. The movie is pretty visually appealing, it wants to inspire a lot of ideas in me. I will probably watch through it again sometimes and take screenshots I'm painting! bed
  11. Also thanks for explaining how to change the title, I might change it but idk I might not now since it feels like it might be a bit late to change it now.
  12. We watched the Nanachi-having episodes, and read ahead on the wiki about what comes later Mitty scene would be bad enough on its own for me to say that, but it stays pretty bad going forward
  13. Thanks, I got it already though now, I think I get it now. I think I was just kinda overwhelmed with information before, and I kinda just had gotten confused with how to put what I knew into practice.
  14. Yeah I agree It's just the concept is cartoonishly horrifying and so is what happens in made in abyss movie 3, but it is depicted more seriously and less campily, but has tendency to bounce back to fun and cool it seems. I enjoyed the movie a lot. I think my emotions are kind of broken because my reaction to a lot of the saddest or most twisted parts was to laugh lol
  15. I didn't realize that you were talking about blood wash. blood wash isn't really all that bad. I liked the parts where you were just doing your laundry, before any of the murder happens. I think that that's the scariest, or at least the creepiest, because it's a lot more like something that you might actually experience, while going through a labyrinthine laundromat while chased by a serial killer is much more unlikely
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  17. It's innocent children going on a whimsical adventure but it gets dark fast It's so adorable but then it's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  18. You'll never catch me watching or playing anything like that!
  19. Made in Abyss Dawn of the Deep Soul Have you seen them?
  20. And I don't know what the movie you just watched was like, but Made in Abyss is at its worst moments 100x more disturbing than Blood Wash could ever hope to have been
  21. blood wash and christmas massacre yeah they have a campy stylization so it isn't as mortifying as the concept I suppose bondrewd though... I can't believe he just... yeah lol
  22. Ehh, that's technically what happened, but if you're talking about Blood Wash, the game wasn't really gore-y at all and it's only the concept that could've been disturbing IMO
  23. wtf why would someone watch that let alone make that?
  24. people and their shorts. rena hasn't worn them either and it is an exclamation of... a mixture of emotions lol. i'm both inspired and filled with wonder while simultaneously being utterly horrified. i recently watched let's play of puppet combo games that involve mass murder of children and ripping fetuses out of pregnant women to wear their faces and didn't expect that soon after i'd watch something even more disturbing than that
  25. Phil generally wears shorts from May to September and long pants the rest of the year, of course there's exceptions if it's unusually warm/cold. I like to imagine myself with very cold-resistant legs so I wear shorts much later into the fall and much earlier in the spring! 😁 And of course in our wonderland it's always warm enough for shorts (unless we want to imagine it's winter for fun)
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