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  2. we are now halfway done with the Beginner Scripting Unity tutorials (: Unity has a TON (LIKE A TON) of tutorials and courses on https://learn.unity.com/ that track your progress (and give you XP in categories lol) now, compared to just a single official basic games tutorials playlist on Youtube way back when Lumi first tried Unity, it's SO much more accessible now
  3. Doing things is generally much more fun and productive than not doing things.
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  5. I'm Garrett. I live in Texas, and I'm 20. Known about Tulpae for years now, just now trying it out... Been two-ish days of trying and I am getting small hints of thoughts that are not my own. My Tulpa is Nia, modeled after the Nia from Xenoblade. She's able to change these at will to my understanding, it's just a base that I love and can imagine fairly easily.
  6. Good night I must do things just gotta do them!!
  7. M- I wish Amy would stop trying to steal my nights out just because of alcohol. She just changed her mind out of the blue and gave it back to me when she ran out of fun. 🙁
  8. This forum has some nice people that can certainly help foster your new headmate(s) especially once they start posting too.
  9. i got some booze and my drawing tablet out, time to get funky
  10. 4chan is where unhappy people go to get less happy
  11. Yesterday
  12. having accurate expectations of others, and how you actually feel about other people (and how you interact with them) are different things 4chan culture is a really annoying thing for us because generally, the people who fall into it aren't actually particularly ignorant or irrational, but we learned a looong time ago that there are tons of different perspectives and feelings to have towards things and life in general that are just as logical as each other, so getting stuck in the cynical one like my host was way back when is no good, even if it makes sense while you're in it
  13. 13 years of using 4chan has less made me cyclically unhappy, more made me aware of how stupid people can be so i can set my expectations accordingly lol
  14. the 4chan brand cynicism comes for you all eventually, we've seen it countless times it would make sense if people who were already kinda like that just ended up on 4chan to some extent too, but the culture there definitely still reinforces an unhealthy attitude towards life in a cycle, the people influence the people influence the people there's other places that are the same concept but even worse than 4chan but I won't even mention them by name
  15. that's why i only post in based fun threads on 4chan, because otherwise i'd be miserable
  16. I don't wanna talk about how nearly all 4chan users end up grossly cynical and unable to enjoy interacting with life in healthy ways and instead just get stuck in a permanent negative view of basically everything I definitely don't want to say that, because then there'd be negative discussion even though the entire point of bringing it up would be because of my desire to see people be happy Y'know?
  17. no I'm not doing it, I won't get into lame negative discussion instead of being positive (nothing to do with the essay talk even if that is also a lame subject lol) I think one of the reasons I always end up doing that is because I see negative things and I want to do something about them, but talking about negative things will always feel kinda negative even if I'm trying to help make them better also considering what I wanted to post just now, maybe the way I react to negative things doesn't always sound super positive even if it's coming from a good place lol
  18. I 100% agree with Michael Obsessing over characters can basically turn into forcing, but it's usually unhealthy for a tulpa to think they're a character with a history/from a different reality, unless they exclusively exist in an immersive wonderland and are not interacting with the real world ever not a rule, but it can cause problems/instability in the system
  19. I've heard stories like that. I keep that trick in my back pocket, just in case it ever comes up. The one I use for essay length is making all periods, commas, spaces, and other punctuation 14 pt font. also I get rid of contractions.
  20. one time I had to write an essay with a character minimum, and what I had wrote wasn't enough letters, but I felt that trying to add more or trying to reword things to be longer would take away from the essay, so I just added invisible characters in the paragraph breaks. and I got away with it
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