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  2. Oh my god, maybe that's your super power. You may be the best at sucking in the world. Imagine that no one can even aspire to suck as good as you. So let's recap: 1. Find your super power. 2. Do something with it. 3. $$$! Explosive growth! For me, it's being a Bear. No one even comes close, it's laughable and I am rollin in honey and pinecones rn. And tasty tasty moths.
  3. What a beautiful day it is outside! 😁☀️💚💚💚
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  5. Elon musk is sabotaging my tulpamancy I know this because I looked at the clock and it said 12:22
  6. how to bloom. I seem to suck at everything I do pretty thoroughly I have not had good success in anything I do. what am I doing wrong with everything but also tulpamancy
  7. Who doesn't do that already?
  8. also Elon musk the host for tewi confirmed. he's just been beaming her presence to lumi's mind with his tremendous technological knowledge
  9. Late bloomer. [Ashley] boomer bloomer, idk
  10. considering Rena is 5 years old I would hope I am past early tulpamancy just to be sure what do you mean by superficial
  11. If Elon Musk had a tulpa, it would be 2E or maybe 2Æ
  12. co-fronting is when multiple systemmates are more-or-less in charge of the body and brain at the same time, it's as messy to define and describe as it sounds and everyone DEFINITELY does it differently (that does it anyway, not many people do I think) not only does early tulpamancy tend to be superficial, it basically requires hollow interactions in order to start learning (/teaching the brain) to tupper though more imaginative people can be fully immersed from the start purposeful tulpa creation anyway, when it's accidental usually it's just more confusion and feeling things out over a while
  13. why haven't I thought of this before Tewi's rapper name would be 2E
  14. that sounds confusing. your intentions to move don't clash with one another?
  15. co fronting is pretty much the worst defined word in tulpamancy. everyone uses it differently
  16. It's like two people being switched in at the same time
  17. I wanted to say it was bc you kept repeat posting, TB, but I looked and no it just looks like our more global friends are active
  18. genuinly how has there been so many posts lately like I wake up to 4 or 5 new pages, I don't even read them anymore bc wtf
  19. I still don't really understand what co fronting is
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