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  2. GER, sorry for your poor air quality And the breathing through a wet cloth thing is maybe a myth. Directly near a fire, you just need to stay on the ground as smoke usually floats a bit, though I did see you can stuff wet cloth under doors/in cracks if you're forced to stay in a burning place for some reason. When we're talking "There's a fire some tens/hundreds of miles away" though, definitely don't do this. Air purifiers and of course N95-tier masks are recommended, but I don't think normal masks really help (you can try, but ehh lol, just avoid being outside as much as you can). There's a bunch of advice on what to do about wildfire smoke here: https://www.cdc.gov/disasters/covid-19/wildfire_smoke_covid-19.html I don't see anything about humidified air or anything though. Stuff like trying to make sure your heating/AC doesn't circulate air from outside, or gets a better filter for filtering smoke, could be important though. Generally speaking, when you need advice on what to do about stuff like this, it's always better to google and check trustworthy sources than to rely on folk advice. There are lots of myths (and accidentally missing big things) abound, so if you really care it's good to have good sources
  3. Sorry, got distracted and stayed up later than I expected, and then slept for 11 hours too lol now my head hurts
  4. Mhm... I did use AI to replicate it in an anime style to be honest. Using a different picture though.
  5. Your profile pic does resemble you!
  6. Alright here's one but I had to censor the other person's face because they do not wish for publicity and it's illegal for me to show their face without permission.3c6abe32-d80c-4a78-b7e1-05964afeaec9.jfif Edit: oof it's as a download I don't know how to change that sorry...
  7. Okay I must admit that I fibbed slightly. πŸ˜„ That was an AI generated picture. But it IS one of the best likenesses of me that I've seen from the AI. 😁 And it's probably pretty close to what I would have looked like at age 20, and looks like a college campus. So it really is a picture of me..."from a certain point of view", Obi-Wan Kenobi style. And yeah, it did make my eyes quite a bit bluer than they really are.
  8. TB

    TBnRB's Meditation POWWOW

    This article might be useful for you. I've only scanned so far but it seems to be about using Kasina meditation to deal with dullness
  9. I haven't heard of those. Interesting Nice picture. Are the eyes blue or green though?
  10. Interesting I might have a picture of me at my semi-formal give me a minute or so...
  11. Hmmmm well so far I've read about ten manga in a two day period... Let's see... I'm currently binge reading one's called, Reborn as a monster, Damn reincarnation, Noble Reincarnation – Blessed With the Strongest Power from Birth, My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World, World’s Strongest Troll (I also am on the look out for reborn as an sss-rank goblin... lol), and dungeon odyssey. Previous one's that i can list are... i reincarnated as a dragons daughter, and Disciple of the lich or how i was cursed by the gods and sent to the abyss!. at least i think those are the names. Theres heaps more but It's hard to remember when the names are as they are lol.
  12. Speaking of school, this is a selfie I took back at the beginning of my Junior year of college! 😁
  13. I need to get back to reading dragonball super and dragonball multiverse. What are you reading? I feel like declaring that I will work on tulpamancy in an intense way again in my PR or something but I don't know if doing that makes it more likely or less likely that I'll do it. How does that work again? I feel like I've heard an argument for both results
  14. Ah the joy's of school... I should be studying but no... I'm binge reading manga, manga and even more manga!
  15. 8:00pm. Time for Lumi to wake up
  16. Yesterday
  17. That's very sweet! 😊 Forcing before bed is really nice. As for the changing, as Beau is a young tulpa he may change a lot as he is still trying to figure out who he is! It's an exciting process to see! 😁
  18. That's good but I would still suggest the wet towel, as it helps keep moisture in your lungs. Smoke can harm you by drying your lungs out.
  19. Those are good suggestions and I'm happy you're thinking about us! 😊 Thankfully we have an air purifier here, and we didn't have to spend much time outside. It's just so strange how different everything looks under this haze; it's technically a sunny day but it's as dark as if it were completely overcast, and everything has a strange orange glow about it. At least we can spend the rest of the evening inside and hopefully it will clear up or the wind will change directions in the coming days!
  20. Dear god Simmie! Some suggestions... If you can try and breathe through a mask or in some cases get a wet towel or something similar and try and breathe through that or keep it over your face sometimes. Even if you don't feel the effects of it the smoke can still be effecting you. trust me I know from experience. Sorry if I sound bossy but I do honestly care for your safety and I get like this in those situations. So please try something like this just in case. I would hate to hear that something happened to you and Phil. I actually had a scare with someone I know on discord having the need for heart surgery and I was almost crying when I heard. (They've got a new heart now but it is still possible for it to reject them...) Sorry if I sound selfish...
  21. I hate this idea, but I'm not doing the world any favor by withholding it. I want to keep it for myself. Honestly, I don't care either way. I had a dream where I went to a restaurant, and there was a sign that said "kids eat free". This is the world that everyone else lives in. In their world, you have to be a kid to eat free, that is reality. However, there is always cognitive dissonance until you reach Nirvana and the things I wrote here. They also live in a world where you can eat free by convincing them you are a kid. It's a joke, but that's charisma. That's why I said that this is "humor". No matter what, I will always be able to eat at that restaurant for free despite not being a kid. I could use my charisma for that. That is bending reality, and the world says that is OK. However, what I'm doing overall is not OK, even though they're the same thing. Ironically, the older I get, the more likely I'm able to eat free at that restaurant using my charisma, because people feel sorry for me. Intellectuals can never justify being charismatic. They're only intrigued and hypnotized by it, but it always makes them feel bad, because charisma is lying. I dare to say that they're not, since that's the only way to have charisma. So where do you draw the line on "reality has to be reality"? If I say "the cup on your desk is literally 2 feet to the left of where you perceive it. It is. You are the one hallucinating." It's the same thing. My charisma vs your reality. Everyone has a breaking point. They can say these two examples-- the restaurant and the cup are different. But that's how you mindbreak somebody. That's cherry picking, but I'm fine with that. Where do they draw the line? All I have to do is invent a series of trolly problems to figure out exactly where their line is, then push them over it. I can make the trolly problems as granular as I want with two problems that are infinitely close to their "red line" of reality on that. Then you inform them that they are so close, that they're basically the same thing. "That's where I draw the line, so that's where I draw the line." So you're agreeing that it's arbitrary. My red lines are arbitrary too. I obey them because I feel like it. You can then make the consequences on either side infinite, until they're unsustainable either way, based on the morality at hand. In reality, consequences often are wildly disproportional to the nature of the decision. Show them some terrible art-- something that they won't like, for sure. They've defined their red line in the most granular detail possible, so this is the most confident they've ever been in their life. When they say they don't like the art, tell them their decision just cost the world six million jews. They created hitler, who was rejected from art school for making terrible art. It's OK though, they did their best. It's really not depending on how you look at it, but now you have complete leverage over them. It's OK either way, and it's wrong either way. It's like that for everything, from the most noble charity to stepping on a butterfly. All morality and evil is a ponzi scheme. It builds and builds until you reach either decadence, depravity, or a black hole of apathy. It doesn't make a difference to me. Technology is the same way. It always gives and it always takes. They have a complex about how much time it takes to decide on a decision, now. They got their trolly problems right in their head, but the gravity of their last decision wildly outweighed that, and they decided on that instantly. In reality, it doesn't matter how much time you take. That's the secret to having confidence. Everything you say is right. It is also wrong. It doesn't matter. Going forward as an extrovert who decides every moment instantly would give them massively more information and experience, since that's out of their comfort zone, and it's equally as viable. They're for sure not ready to instantly become an extrovert, though. You've mastered their personality, and you're leading them to their counterpart. How much of a step does it take to say "that's not the same thing" between the restaurant and the cup examples? How big is your step up until it matters? Nobody in the world has an answer to that which isn't just their opinion. The step up or down is what it is just because that's what makes you comfortable. That's fine, but that makes you liable for judgement when that makes you a hypocrite, and it will. Even if you're perfect, given enough time, you'll probably fuck with your "red line" without realizing it. Cracks will begin to show. Why are they faltering? Do they actually think it's possible for the cup not to be two feet to the left? Even as I'm saying this, they're still listening, considering my point of view. Why? What if I inform them there's a universe where that's possible-- I say it is two feet to the left, and then it is? They'll feel their world view begin to shift. Their mental power of abstract perception and discernment will pan across their universe like a telescope swinging for the first time. They'll come out of their shell hopefully, and realize how easy it is to simply make stuff up and prove it right, since it always can be. It's awesome either way. They'll feel like a hypocrite. Then, the new perspective will reward them for not judging and they'll see something new, and they'll realize it's to their benefit to drill down and let go of their world view until there's nothing left, and then they reach Nirvana. What I'm doing is not evil. It's also terrible to force someone down this path, since I'm wrong no matter what. That's the whole goal of all spirituality-- the destruction of the ego. This is the last step once you have complete control over yourself-- in order to be truly free from desire now, you have to accept it, otherwise you are still its slave. If they can label and latch on to the idea that giving up their judgement and ego opens their eyes as their telescope swings around, then they've set themselves down an irreversible path of testing their limits and letting go. At some point, the ego becomes unsustainable-- they will realize that setting any boundary will make them liable to it, and their telescope will begin to close if they do. They'll see letting go of their ego as selfless, and they'll unconsciously reward themselves and make it real. I'd leave endless blissful omnipotent immortality down to a coin flip. Lots of people wouldn't even be able to do the honors, which gives me a reason to pick their brain. Wrong either way. Even if they knew their best chance of getting rid of all disquieting thoughts about me was simply a coin flip, they would hesitate. Why? I was basically forced down this path. What it took for me was a decade of suffering while people say that it was good. It was not. I experienced lying hallucinations and psychosis many times, and realized that reality was just in my mind at times. Often (or possibly always) hallucinations are correct in a symbolic way. It is a battle to justify hallucinations until you reach my worldview. Then, I found humor, and I realized that we were both right all along, and that's OK. We're both wrong, and we're both right. That's humor. Then, I realized that applies to everything. Then, I dared to even laugh at God, because I didn't want to be him anymore, and that's called humility-- realizing I'm not, and never will be. That humility makes you one step toward God, so there's no right answer. Humility and imitating God can be opposites, hilariously. There's a universe where I'm dead on the bullseye, and it's not very far off. I'm saying that to turn the world on me, so they think this is a different universe, not this one. We're living in a world where the power of stupidity can get you anything. Now it's my insane worldview vs the universe. I'm letting the universe fight it, because I know that's why it will win, since I didn't do anything wrong. I'm sitting back and watching their monster get stronger. All I did was admit that I was wrong, in their own words. That's humor. Now I have infinite compassion for everyone. I do. I also have infinite hatred for them. Choose which one you want, [at first, I was going to choose the opposite of whatever they chose. That would be justice. Then, I just decided to do love either way. That's how it works. Whichever one you choose for selfish reasons, you get the other. Whenever you give up your preference selflessly, you get the one you wanted for yourself instead.]
  22. It's weird: Outside is literally the wrong color. Are you seeing the effects of this where you are TB? Update: Wow, outside is EVEN MORE the wrong color!!! This is so strange! Yeah, we're definitely not taking a walk today! You can even smell the smoke!
  23. That's unfortunate Simmie. Hope that clears up soon. And I can't imagine waking up at 8pm
  24. Good afternoon! 😊 I thought about posting some meaningless fluff during the middle of Lumi's 10 hours but I decided not to. πŸ˜„ As much as this is LOTPW, I feel wrong posting something that isn't conversation-oriented. It's like...once I say Good Evening, what am I supposed to do, say Good Evening 2.0? πŸ˜„ (Maybe I'll do that πŸ€”) It's always nice to see you @Ranger 😁 Oh and apparently the wildfires are mostly happening in Quebec but there are some in Ontario and upstate New York too. It's gotten so bad that they've issued an air quality alert all the way down here in central New Jersey, and we've decided to not go on a hike today because of it. 😒
  25. Yeah, I am, waking up around 8PM right now
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