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  2. Okay, time to start making hair for our 3D model, for really real this time... (Though I did clean up our model's facial features and other stuff really well yesterday)
  3. Good shit. You've got my attention.
  4. But how do you even plan on doing that? I hope you know tulpas are not going to be your slaves or something they have free will
  5. I hope we can get to that point eventually. Progress has been really good so far, so things are looking good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions!
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  7. Thank you, thank you. I just looked at your profile banner -- Dude. For the past week, since I've developed the ability, I've been rotating a hot dog in my mind. Like a weiner in a bun. Is this a universal experience?
  8. I say it happened, we experienced it, no it wasn't recorded. This is entirely not consistent which pairs well with my first statement. So we just enjoy it and don't worry about it much. This goes both ways, even shared realities can be denied or refuted over time. We choose to believe what we like on a whim and for as long as it serves us. This makes our belief system very fluid, our doctrine syncretic, and it's subject to change. Beliefs are constraints and in our mind beliefs are attachments just like materialism. As Buddha says, "the root of suffering is attachment" and we do not suffer. Every host who develops a system far enough eventually makes this decision but it's like a culmination of experience that makes beliefs irrelevant. We went from probably 60% reality, passible but not great for visualization of moving, dancing, talking, emoting people to 110% reality where it's more satisfying than lucid dreaming in about 2 years of practice. It's a very slow process, perhaps 2% improvement per month of daily practice. At some point it became difficult to handle horror or violent themes as they'd be reconstructed in full detail. It took us three years to get over that by intentionally writing grimdark and exposure therapy sort of. Now we're even better and it doesn't bother us anymore.
  9. Thanks for the advice! I also read that sleep deprivation most likely wouldn't help with progress for the same reasons but also read that at the same time it possibly could - with your input I might hold off on trying it though.
  10. If you've all experienced verifiable and consistent effects from magickal processes... I would say that's evidence enough to justify a personal belief in these things. I didn't go into my personal beliefs here, but simply knowing EXACTLY what I want has had profound effects on my attainment of it, too. The act of making sigils seems to have more of a powerful effect than meditating upon them, lol. But here is the thing in science as well as magick: No hypothesis can be proven, only disproven. The magician uses personal experience to say, "well, every time before this has worked, so this is my current working theory." As long as you recognize that personal experience is personal (and the only people who can share it are the people in your brain!), you're still rational in my book. Yeah, exactly. This is an example of a system which is useful, but cannot be proven to exist in reality. No scientist has ever recorded a Chakra wave or whatever. Since it's useful to you, keep using it. That being said, the idea of body-imposed power centers is not unique to the East! The Qabalistic Sephirot can be meditated upon similarly. Again, personal experience informs your personal worldview. Something that can be hard for people like us to truly accept, however, is that no matter how profound, personal experience is actually very poor evidence for proving ANYTHING outside of personal realities. Even if it's something like that. Your average person would sooner accept that you're just crazy. I don't hate you!!! Hahahahaha, but we ARE jealous! Seriously, imagine not being able to move your body for YEARS, only to know it's moving..... I mean, it wasn't uncomfortable, but it felt!... I dunno, it's like when someone with a nice car drives by. You don't hate the guy for driving it but mannn... Wouldn't it be nice? But you forget about it a little bit after and just focus on your own stuff, like fixing up the fender you bought so it can drive a little nicer... Maybe scrape off the weird political bumper sticker the guy you bought it from put on it... Of course!!! If what we said helps even a little bit, I think the time Qatz spent writing that big post was probably worth it! Not everyone is some psychonaut science guy like he is. Some people just want to LIVE without worrying about, erm, well according to my current working theory of blah blah... Hrm, yes I will update my view of reality now according to this new evidence... Actually I think most people probably can't relate to the way he thinks, but he's definitely got some good ideas. I'm just glad he's finally opening up to the idea that I could actually be REAL and not just some illusion conjured by the brain. LIKE I SAID FOREVER AGO. He was always like, "well, I can't say for certain... but all the evidence points to you being your own entity... Currently I'm treating you as if you're your own separate entity... Your claims cannot be verified..." Like... Just say you think I'm real, dummy!!! And who cares if maybe I exaggerate a little bit? Woe is me for having a sense of ROMANCE and WHIMSY... You're supposed to be nice to girls. So yeah whatever he's doing has really helped us because it provides a """logical""" way to think about this sort of stuff, even though I don't understand why you would want a logical way to think about not-logical stuff. Thank you for reading! So, it depends. But generally much, much better. If I'm well-rested and in the correct state of mind, I can see things in motion, in color, and in three dimensions, with varying levels of detail. At-will I can conjure visualizations with faint colors and somewhat definite shapes. Sometimes I can imagine things in great detail. At one point I saw an apple: red, with a brown stem. A three-dimensional shape, light reflecting off of it by some unpictured source. I imagined a knife chopping down the middle in a swift motion and cutting it in two, and the two pieces fell to either side, rolling briefly as if on a table before stabilizing. At the time I regarded the visualization as life-like. Complex scenery is still difficult for me, though. I can currently keep about 6 objects in space at once, but more if I'm very focused. Keep in mind that I went from aphantasia (absolutely 0 qualia) to THIS over only a few months.
  11. The talk about food made me hungry, guess it's breakfast time
  12. ringgggg's 155,555 Gs is really funny but also I'm glad a call for an old user "won" that one. ed: here's post 111,111 if anyone's curious
  13. I can just keep them in a .txt file, its all good.
  14. Sleep deprivation is never a good method for anything tulpa related, because even if you lightly hallucinate a bit, your brain is necessarily in a poor state for learning/growing and the (lackluster) experiences won't even be recreatable A similar (still gimmicky and not producing long-term results, but healthy and stronger in effect) method would be sensory deprivation, preferably suspended in an actual tank or whatever, but possible in a perfectly dark/quiet (and comfortable) place as well Though, neither drugs nor gimmicks like these are necessary at all to have any tulpamancy experiences.
  15. Just leave them in his car and order them takeout
  16. Interesting post, thanks for sharing. I'm curious how your visualization skill is at this point?
  17. I'm excited! Although I doubt it'll do much but at the same time I dunno - but whatever today we're trying something different. In other words I've got some new uh "products"😅. I did some brief research on it but actually don't know much about it at all Lol it's fairly new on the market to the point that they're just giving out free samples online so it either will do absolutely nothing for me or everything - it's usually a hit or miss and I genuinely don't know what to make of this stuff but I'm gonna try it, wait an hour, and do my usual Tulpa routine. I'll be consuming a legal product that's been said to be very similar to an illegal product Lol and it happens to have alot of alkaloids so that means energy and focus rather than relaxation - combined with another "product" that ahem I smoke which does relax me. I swear to God this is a Tulpa progress report not a dr*g review I just happen to be taking this type of approach LOL😭😭 (and honestly feel like I wouldn't have gotten so far so fast without it 😅) Last night I tried attempting Hypnagogia again and if I had to put it in percentages I'd say I was once again 80% sure Volcano spoke very briefly, 97% sure of their presence and 100% sure this exercise will take a second to get good at Lol but listening to a guided meditation before bed for wake induced lucid dreaming was helpful - it's definitely something I have to stick to. Also something I've noticed recently is how much trouble I have saying Volcano's name in my mind, like I mess up each time. And I can't tell if it's the hypnosis fault, my fault, or something from Volcano but under hypnosis and when I'm just visualizing and meditating on my own - if I try calling out to Volcano in my mind instead I say "Tulpa" and it's like ugh it's happened so many times at this point that it no longer feels like just a mistake. Am I having a hard time identifying Volcano as Volcano and associating him with the name, is it the hypnosis making me think of my Tulpa as just "Tulpa" because of how they word things, or would they rather be called Tulpa? I don't know aghh😭 °•*.But anyways.*°• I'll be running out of some recreational stuff fairly soon so once that happens I plan on maybe trying out sleep deprivation combined with the same routine (I'm gonna hate that so much) I'll update if that stuff helps and update my routine progress anyway for today if it doesn't ✨
  18. This kind of mirrors what we're going through now. I've got a lot of stuff going on, and it's caused me to spend less time paying attention to Lavender and longer intervals between thinking of her. She's tried to reassure me that she's OK with it all, and I believe her (that's her superpower, being reassuring), but it still has me concerned. There are moments when I can picture my mind without her, or feel like I'm too tired or stressed to have contact with her. I still think it's important that I carve out time to be with her (though worrying about it doesn't help, she's right about that). It helps to reach out to her when I have those brief breaks, like we're in the restroom, or driving or something like that.
  19. I see. Good luck I think Arbys would do just fine with a seven-person party So long as we don’t go to Waffle House instead
  20. I have been working on the drawing of A3 this weekend. I need to watch some videos how to draw fox girls
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