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    Oct 08

    Tulpa Movie Night

    This Week's Feature: <coming soon>     How To Join:   Tulpa Movie Night will be hosted at https://cytu.be/r/tulpamovienight . CyTube is a website that allows videos to be played in perfect sync. Basically it's like watching a livestream of a youtube video. Everyone will be watching the movie at the same time. No sign-up or payment is required and there will be n

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  • Apr 16

    Tulpa.info's Birthday!

    On the day of April 16th, 2012, Tulpa.info officially started; originally as a resource for hosting guides and blogging the scientific method of creating a tulpa, it grew into a valuable resource for the greater tulpa community.  This site started as a self-hosted set of HTML files sitting on a server in my basement, along with a tumblr and invisionfree forum.  If you want to view the original ver

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