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RE: Give me things to write! - Paranoid Llama - 02-28-2017

Write a 3 paragraph essay on what you think about me.

RE: Give me things to write! - jean-luc - 02-21-2018

Paul is a tulpamancer. Spell check thinks Paul is a petulance. In this essay, I will be talking about how little research I did for this "essay". Then I will talk about how cool Paul is. Are you ready? Here I go.

For this essay I have done no research at all. All of the information in this is either made up or from memory. I considered doing some research, but then I realized that would both be a lot of effort and would also be kinda creepy. I'm not sure how many sentences I need to make a paragraph. I think technically only one but I've added in a few just in case.

Paul is cool. "Why is Paul cool ?" I hear you ask. What a silly question. Paul is a llama, which automatically makes him cool. Furthermore, he is (as his title says) a Forum Games Maniac, which makes him like 500% more cool. In one of those forum games, Paul made a wish that got "granted" by yours truly, which is also where the name Paul came from. Thus, I conclude that Paul is awesome and cool.

So uh, it's been like a year or something but don't worry about it.

RE: Give me things to write! - Clo - 02-21-2018

Write a brief summary on how you feel your progress with typing on Plover has come along. Do you feel good about it? Are there techniques you strive to become more efficient with?

RE: Give me things to write! - jean-luc - 02-25-2018

it's coming along quite nicely. I used to get surprisingly frustrated while doing any Plover, and I was about to say that doesn't happen any more and then I got kinda frustrated while writing that so... I guess I'm getting less frustrated.

There aren't really many "techniques" for steno, it is the technique. I suppose there is finger spelling, which is writing one letter at a time, for when you want to write a word not in your dictionary. I'm okay at it I suppose.

RE: Give me things to write! - jean-luc - 01-17-2019

I, jean-luc, do hereby declare this thread revived!

And now, the steno alphabet:

Abeen contributingded he. Going had I SKWR-PBLG can beinglogical multiple under to.request
S is the you SR-F with KP-BGS why ss


Oh hey look, a bunch of posts I never answered.

(02-27-2017, 07:00 PM)tulpa001 Wrote: Favourite line from star trek?

"The first duty of every Star Fleet officer is to the truth. Be it scientific truth or historical truth or personal truth. It is the guiding principle upon which Star Fleet is based. And if you can't find it within yourself to tell the truth, you don't deserve to wear that uniform." - Captain Jean-luc Picard

(02-27-2017, 11:56 PM)Paranoid Llama Wrote: make a poem about someone you like then give it to them

Paul is paranoid.
So paranoid he left.
I miss Paul.
How do I write a poem.
The end.

(02-28-2017, 01:09 AM)Beatles Wrote:
Write a poem about my tuppers, Apollo and Piano.

Apollo like the spacecraft.
Piano like the instrument.
One is so daft.
The other quite intelligent.
Which is which depends on the time of day.
For now, that's all I can say.

OMG I actually rhymed, can you believe it?

RE: Give me things to write! - Ranger - 01-17-2019


Write a top 10 list for the best things a Tulpa can morph into, and/or the top 10 worst things for a Tulpa to morph into.

RE: Give me things to write! - solarchariot - 01-17-2019

Ummm, my favorite Picard line is "There can be no justice as long as laws are absolute!"

RE: Give me things to write! - Someone - 01-17-2019

Five reasons why everyone should dab daily.

RE: Give me things to write! - Lucilyn - 01-17-2019

Five reasons why no one should dab ever ... after 2017

RE: Give me things to write! - Bear - 01-18-2019

A beautiful poem about our good friend Lucilyn.