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Which of your opinions and beliefs about tulpamancy have changed over time? - Abvieon - 08-06-2018

I thought this would be an interesting discussion topic. Is there any opinion or belief about tulpas you used to hold that you don't any longer, or something you didn't previously think but now do? This can include just about anything: What you believe tulpas are, your thoughts about the tulpa community, your thoughts on specific tulpa creation methods, etc.

RE: Which of your opinions and beliefs about tulpamancy have changed over time? - Miri - 08-06-2018

I used to think switching was a magical key to your wonderland, turns out it's just letting your tulpa take full control of your body while you don't pay attention to the outside world. If you want to experience the wonderland in full 4K you better become a god in dissociation/immersion. Still appealing though.

RE: Which of your opinions and beliefs about tulpamancy have changed over time? - ShadowTheFluffhog - 08-06-2018

All I can say is that at least the tulpa community hasn't shunned Rachel and I out like the Soulbonding community has. Other than that, meh. Nothing to really say. Rachel doesn't use the guides here because she doesn't need to, but at least she has a place to share her interactions and life she shares with us... for now... So, I guess that's cool?!

RE: Which of your opinions and beliefs about tulpamancy have changed over time? - Cat_ShadowGriffin - 08-07-2018

Bah, my thoughts on my thoughts on anything change so often it's ridiculous. I need a lot more time in order to give a solid thoughtful answer to this question.

However, I self created a bunch of myths and used to believe in for a while. Before learning about Tulpamancy, I convinced myself I could only truly talk to my "subconscious" Ranger in a Lucid Dream. Otherwise, I thought I was parroting my active forcing sessions with him. The worst part was I believed parroting him was beyond my control. I spent a good amount of time trying to Lucid Dream unsuccessfully just to talk to him. (I didn't know the terminology was "parroting" and "active forcing" at the time, I just didn't want to confuse anyone by calling those things something else.)

I still would like to talk to Ranger in a Lucid Dream, but I now understand that parroting can be overcome and active forcing is a completely appropriate form of communicating with your Tulpa. That and the fact Ranger is definitely not my "subconscious".

RE: Which of your opinions and beliefs about tulpamancy have changed over time? - Indigo Blue - 08-07-2018

My system used to believe that tulpas could stay active in wonderland when they weren't being paid attention to, but that belief went away sometime after I was created. They wised up to the nature of tulpas more. We also no longer believe walk-ins can just sporadically appear in your system (which used to be a problem for us, not anymore), as we think that they're likely intrusive thoughts and not actually sentient. My system used to get really bothered by "evil" walk-ins, back in their more immature days before I was around. All of that changed, though, so we're a much more stable system that doesn't hold onto false/harmful beliefs anymore.

RE: Which of your opinions and beliefs about tulpamancy have changed over time? - reguile - 08-07-2018

There are a ton of things I could potentially talk about on the topic. But I only have a few minutes, so this is all I am going to say on this one:

The biggest and oldest change for me was turning away from the word "placebo" used to define tulpamancy. A big part of my thought process in that was to describe the idea that a person essentially is fooling themselves into thinking the tulpa exists, when they really "don't exist". This changed in a few ways, albeit somewhat subtle ways. Nowadays, I like to think of tulpa as less a placebo and more as a set of habits and behaviors that all sort of intersect to form an experience. Where a placebo might be a thought summoned in an instant, a delusion you create and live, this alternative viewpoint puts a lot more credibility in tulpamancy as the experiences are built out of things you have to train yourself to do over time.

Another big avenue of change within this has been the shift in my outlook on the things that tulpa do. Where before, should a person have had a tulpa that was out of control, I might have said "just stop thinking that is valid". That is something I no longer do, and I look at a lot of the things that drive tulpamancy as beyond immediate control. I think it's possible to, for example, have a tulpa with form, personality, and more, defined outside of the "host's" immediate control.

Another big change has been my outlook on the intersection of things like depression and tulpamancy. I have, in the past, and to some extent in the present, always tried to discourage people in a bad place to make tulpa because of a two part fear. Firstly, that it would produce cult-like behaviors in that we are giving people an esoteric "cure' for their problems. Secondly, out of a belief that these people are hurting their lives by turning to escapism.

I now tend to think more that these people are fine to make a tulpa, and that it can help them. However, I still fear the cult potential and believe a happy medium is to help those who discover tulpamancy and feel it might help them but, but to NEVER offer tulpamancy as a cure to their issues. This is something I am swinging back and forth on quite a bit, so I still have yet to find a good happy medium.

RE: Which of your opinions and beliefs about tulpamancy have changed over time? - solarchariot - 08-07-2018

I have held the belief that being human is not for sissies. Being human is tough. It's complex. Tulpamancy opened a level of complexity that I had never before entertained. For example, I thought I was fairly solid, as a person. I thought I knew who I was... yeah, I could spout a whole load of sociological and psychological factors that reveal a person's personality is complex and contextual, and that most the time we think we're reacting to external stimuli... But we're not. External stuff may push some buttons, and we may have some triggers, but we're responding to internal cues more often than not.

I created a tulpa. Call her a friend, call her sophisticated program of a personality with her own subroutines, or make up some new terms... I don't think it matters what you call her, or call tulpas. Tulpamancy is a real thing for me, but it also a metaphor for my existence. Everything I respond to, in my mind or in life, is a created thing. I am more weary about disparaging people, for example, because if I label a person, regardless of accuracy, the perceived accuracy of that label results in an expected response. To provide a more meaningful example, I have to interact with my son's mother, and most the time, I am not happy with her choices, and I worry for his well being, but nothing has ever risen to the point I need to blow it up; nothing was ever actionable. Quite personably, I've wanted to blow things up for a long time. If I label her, I will think of her in a certain way, and even if don't verbalize it, or disparager her in front of son, how I think can be telegraphed to child. The things we create have substance, we respond to them on very subtle levels, and other respond to that same subthreshold of labeling... Creating a tulpa has simply helped me realize how substantive our thoughts can be. I feel like this is close, but maybe it needs to be labored over more for better clarity, because this feel so profound to me in terms of life changing potential that... I don't know. It borders on being one of those self help positive thinking, how you think influences your reality kind of paradigm, and it is, but I am saying its deeper and more complex than the surface thing I am hinting at.

RE: Which of your opinions and beliefs about tulpamancy have changed over time? - Lucilyn - 08-07-2018

I just wanna say this is a super good thread topic, but I think Lumi would have to be the one to answer this for us

RE: Which of your opinions and beliefs about tulpamancy have changed over time? - solarchariot - 08-07-2018

it really is... and I totally answered it wrong. I answered how I changed, not how my thoughts on tulpamancy has changed...
Okay, so I am going to take another stab at this. No real stabbing. No one gets injured in my thought processes, though suffering can occur, cause apparently I ramble. Actually, I might suffer, as I am slightly embarrassed by an approaching admission, but in terms of posterity and accuracy, I think it relevant. My beliefs prior to spending quality time in tulpamancy were rather shallow: I assumed at best, this tulpa thing would be nothing more than sophisticated mental robot that might help me get some needs met. Though I am prone to magical thinking, I am not sure I took the sentience factor seriously. Sure, we all banter the words sentience around in our discussions, but how many of us truly spend time pondering that? If you poke at a mirror, you don't assume that the image is sentient. That's all this is, right? A mental mirror of self looking at self.

The rapidly increasing sophistication and complexity of the interaction patterns left me in a quandary about personhood. Is a tulpa person? It feels like a person. Prior to tulpamancy, I read everything. I believed what I read. There's a part of me that did, anyway, and a part of me that really really wanted to believe, and part of me that was seriously skeptical about the whole thing. This feels like a person, sufficiently so, I had to decide, in order to keep functioning, 'this is a person.' This is probably why my first answer came out the way it did, because I was reflecting on this; if tulpa is a person, who or what am I? The metaphor of brain/computer personality/program is probably the most common approach to relating to this. Is that all we are? Do I have a soul? If I have soul, does she? Do we share a soul the way an over-soul shares lots of souls and lots of lives? I can't not go here. If She is a program, and we switch as easily as jumping from app to app, soul explanation seems less likely. I think we are more than this. I want this to be more than this. Being human is not for sissies. Life is hard. If tulpamancy doesn't stir at least some existential angst, I'd have to wonder if you're doing it right, or I am doing it wrong. Or, maybe this is just an extension of the thing I have always struggled with. I appreciate the psychological explanations of tulpamancy, that's what sold me on it in the first place, but the explanation fails to satisfy my experience of the this phenomenon.

RE: Which of your opinions and beliefs about tulpamancy have changed over time? - nihi0145632 - 08-09-2018

Yeah, Switching is not what I imagined it to be Sad