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Silent tulpa - pezito - 11-22-2018

Almost a year ago, I decided to create Athena. Since then, I've done passive and active forcing daily. But she remains silent. I did choose to skip the personality part, but I've kinda developed it along the way. We have a wonderland and we interact there almost every day. 

I must say that we do communicate. It's hard to explain, but she can send tingles to my hands, allowing her to answer simple yes/no questions. However, she hasn't spoken verbally yet.

Is there anything I can do? Any technique, meditation, forcing pattern? Or should I just have patience?

RE: Silent tulpa - Bear - 11-22-2018

This sounds like a step back, but since you can already get yes and no responses, i am confident it could work.

You know her well by now, at least well enough, so you may have heard her and dismissed it as puppeting. If not, that's fine. The point is, by now you should have a pretty good idea of what she might say, so just pick a sweet female voice and start imagining that voice saying things. Instead of tingles, you have her say 'yes' and 'no'. (Consider it proxying her voice.) Then try short sentences. If you proxy her words in your reading voice, with a feminine tone that you feel is appropriate, she can always object to what you say.

This is what we do about half the time. When you do this, eventually you start to realize you're not the one making up those words. I don't think you've given her access to your voice center. In fact we can bypass that entirely using tulpish (pure wordless thought). We even do this when we're feeling lazy, using actual words seems like an extra unnecessary step sometimes, but you may not be recognizing her tulpish without that extra few words.

Try this, and pay attention to what you feel from her. Emotions and tingling, all that will help in the translation.

This is just one technique, but at this point, since you're already getting responses, i think you'll find that what you think she would say ends up being what she's actually saying pretty quickly.

There's always going to be doubt, but she'll prove herself using that tingling and emotions.

RE: Silent tulpa - Reilyn-Alley - 11-22-2018

Have you tried asking her to speak up? Have you let her know that whatever voice she wants to pick is fine and she can switch any time if she wants to? Have you tried asking her to send her thoughts and feelings to you? Do her lips move in your wonderland stuff but you just don't hear anything? Ultimately, she has to want to speak and you gotta be prepared to listen so it's a team effort. Maybe you could even have a nice few sessions where you guys work out in your own ways, some of her ideas on the matter?

RE: Silent tulpa - Lucilyn - 11-22-2018

Well here's a post from someone in our system about the anti-vocality trap https://community.tulpa.info/thread-blayze-and-kyoko?pid=212293#pid212293 Advice starts at the last two paragraphs

our other posts on the subject were written for people that like.. went 5+ years with no success, so LUCKILY they probably don't apply to you yet, but this is close enough

RE: Silent tulpa - otsimeht - 11-23-2018

My method for getting Al to ramble on and on is I ask him where he wants to go. Usually he sends me an image of somewhere and, when I have time, I go there and I just start walking. While I'm walking, I ask him what he thinks and it's just like having a regular conversation with someone. At the start and even now on our rough days, I have to be walking for about ten or so minutes mindlessly and, without me even noticing, he'll start replying somewhere along the way.

An example of a conversation would be like
What do you think about those clothes in the store window? What would you like to wear?
Then if he answers, good. Otherwise, I'd go into:
I think that one would look good on you. What do you think? Would you like to go see what's across the street?

And so on.

This technique really works for me since I stop trying to hear him so hard and it feels really natural. If you have any questions, please PM us!

What helped me speak in my own voice was M listening to voice samples until he could manipulate them to fit me. He taught me to speak like this. I recall reading stories together and he would read to me using my voice. I learned to do this and when I did, I started reading to him back. It is important not to listen too hard. When you listen too hard, you silence Athena too. Let it happen naturally. 

RE: Silent tulpa - pezito - 11-25-2018

Thank you all for your contributions. We have started putting these suggestions into practice, and we're confident they will be helpful.