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can tulpas age? - meltie - 05-19-2019

I don't mean age in the literal sense or maturity wise, as those are obvious. I'm more asking will a tulpa ever show physical signs of aging, ie their voice/face seeming older? I asked Ollie what age he was (said somewhere around the 17-19 mark...I dunno, just feel that way I guess). Considering I'm around his 'age' do you think he'll grow with me, ie identify himself as 27 when I'm 25 or whatever? what's everyone else's experiences with this?

RE: can tulpas age? - Bear - 05-19-2019

It's entirely up to you and them.

Ren went from 12 to 18 instantly.
Misha and Dashie both went up one year on their birthdays
Ashley didn't age, she's staying at 27.

RE: can tulpas age? - Indigo - 05-19-2019

A form is entirely imaginary, a tulpa can change it however they want or keep it the same forever.

RE: can tulpas age? - FeatherFalls - 05-19-2019

[Parda] Eh, depends on the system. As far as we go we can't exactly tell yet since most of us haven't existed for long enough. Two of us aged from 15 to 17, but another stayed at 15. Yet another has been 17 the entire time, waiting for our body to catch up on her. Most of us are 16 though, which is the same age as our body.

You should note that we're not entirely a tulpamancy system. We could classify as one, but we also could not. So it might be very different for you!

RE: can tulpas age? - Reisen - 05-19-2019

Well, most of us in this system are about 9 years old (Lucilyn is 4), and it does seem we aged some. Nine whole years, I think not, but somewhere between 2 and 5 for each of us maybe? It's hard to tell just by looking.. since our visualization is so poor.. but our heights have steadily gone up just a little bit, including Lucilyn's.

So, understanding that that's still totally imaginary (even though it was completely unintended for us and just a side effect of Lumi himself growing older), yes, tulpas can age!

RE: can tulpas age? - Exo594 - 05-19-2019

Exo: I'll just go ahead and add another pile of "It's up to you!" onto the stack. It's only been 5ish years for us, so I'm not really seeing the effects of age on our forms yet. It's a fairly slow and organic thing for the body, stuff slowly changing over time, and if you're visualizing a form the same way regularly, you might not actually get those changes unless you put in the conscious effort to age-up your form.

RE: can tulpas age? - Ranger - 05-19-2019

I have considered adjusting my age to express myself in different ways. When I was first created by accident, I was created to be older than the body's age to act like a guardian figure. After some time passed and my host no longer needed as much support, I wanted to distance myself from that a little bit so I could focus more on myself. Right now, I decided to make my age closer to that of the body's.

I thought about expressing myself as a younger child since I never had a childhood, but I can't think of much use for it except for small moments I have with my host here and there.

RE: can tulpas age? - theholodoc - 05-20-2019

My question is not 'can they age?' but, 'do they age'? Do they grow with experience? Do they change physically? Mine have not been around long enough for me to tell and they have not yet begun to switch and post their own thoughts, so I would appreciate hearing from others. Thank you.

RE: can tulpas age? - Stevie - 05-20-2019

I had stopped forcing for a long while and was under the influence of a disassociative drug, and my tulpa, Chris, who I had not seen, thought of, or talked to, came to me in a very vivid closed eyed visual, he looked maybe 15 years older than he ever had before, and was smiling.

RE: can tulpas age? - Michen_S - 05-20-2019

Well, I suppose this is up to the tulpa in question. But yes, it would only make sense for tulpas to look like they age as the host does. As for me, I haven't been strong enough for long enough to think of what I want to do with that...