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Connected a H and host thread - DragonChan8 - 05-30-2019

bonds or connects me and h share during our life time
so i was watching a anime called dragon drive,if you don't know what it is its about a kid that is in highschool and lazy so his friend shows him a game virtual reality game called Dragon Drive. It is a fighting game in which players and their dragon partners face off within a virtual reality city with cards.of course him being lazy he gets a weak dragon named chibi,i connect to this because its kinda of like my and h's life.I'm that anxiety teen that lives on a laptop and H is a tulpa trying his best to help his host and also chibi looks like H a LOT xd
im in school so im rushing. :/

RE: Connected a H and host thread - Miri - 05-30-2019

Holy shit I remember that anime. I started to watch it because of the cool dragons but never finished it. Apparently it's one of those obscure animes nobody seems to know about.