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Senior Quote - IceCreeper909 - 06-10-2019

Alright, you guys know how in yearbooks they do senior quotes, where seniors are supposed to leave an inspirational quote or whatever? Well, it's also incredibly common for seniors to put quotes that are more funny than inspirational. So in this game, put a quote that'd be absolutely lovely to see in a yearbook! 

For example, 

"You don't know hardships till you can't find the answers on quizlet." -Unknown

RE: Senior Quote - Indigo - 06-10-2019

"I'm actually several people."

RE: Senior Quote - IceCreeper909 - 06-11-2019

"One man's trash is another man's wife"

RE: Senior Quote - jean-luc - 06-11-2019

"Sometimes the people outside your head drive you mad, and the ones inside are keeping you sane"

RE: Senior Quote - Bear - 06-11-2019

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha

RE: Senior Quote - Reilyn-Alley - 06-11-2019

"Persimmon, axe cake, blueberry, thunder dome".

RE: Senior Quote - IceCreeper909 - 06-12-2019

"What would life be without eternal suffering?"

RE: Senior Quote - Someone - 06-13-2019

“The answer if always a dab and a box of Cheezels away...”
- Some Lunatic

RE: Senior Quote - Ranger - 06-13-2019

"Don't eat the corn dogs from the cafeteria."

RE: Senior Quote - IceCreeper909 - 06-13-2019

"I just wanted to say how proud I am of this regime."