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Tulpæ.info - jean-luc - 07-26-2019



Tulpæ.info[Image: 1x1.png]

RE: Tulpæ.info - Ranger - 07-26-2019

Lol, the updated site is awesome jean-luc! Spoiler: I now completely understand the difference between a hotdog and a sandwich, thank you very much for clarifying.

RE: Tulpæ.info - JGC - 07-26-2019

Personally, I am overjoyed that it says "chalupa." (I prefer to call myself a chalupa nowadays, if you were not aware.) -G

RE: Tulpæ.info - Akecalo - 07-26-2019

Now I have to try to work Octopœ into a conversation so that I look cultured.

RE: Tulpæ.info - Bear - 07-26-2019


RE: Tulpæ.info - Breloomancer - 07-26-2019

it's everything that I could have ever wanted, except that you forgot to also say that "tupperware" Also works as an alternative pluralization

RE: Tulpæ.info - Desmond - 07-26-2019

Ok, a hot dog is not a sandwich but could a taco be a hot dog or vice versa?

RE: Tulpæ.info - JGC - 07-27-2019

What about pita pockets, Jean-Luc? -G

RE: Tulpæ.info - Breloomancer - 07-27-2019

are ice cream sandwiches sandwiches?

RE: Tulpæ.info - Lucilyn - 07-27-2019

wow, I'm surprised æ is allowed in URLs