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My Meditation habits - bigman - 12-10-2012

Don't know if this will help anyone in particular but here is a link to a post I wrote about my meditation habits and a three-fold conscious limit that I use to help with concentration.


RE: My Meditation habits - GGMethos - 04-09-2013

I like how you emphasize "locking yourself up". That is effectively the same exact thing I did during forcing with Raina and Ali.

RE: My Meditation habits - Linkzelda - 04-09-2013

Thanks for the guide! I glanced over this, and I feel I need to create something as well where I fixate all my concentration towards. I tend to deviate and get distracted a lot with meditation and self-hypnosis, and this reminds me of imagining a red dot when closing my eyes and visualizing.

Nice use of self-hypnosis, wish you the best!

RE: My Meditation habits - ThunderClap - 11-23-2013

[Focus & Concentration

Guide 404s.


I will gladly re-review it if you fix the error.

RE: My Meditation habits - Linkzelda - 12-06-2013

Disapproved, wished OP was still existent though, otherwise I would've given it an approval for Forcing & Concentration. It was a nice usage of using symbolism to isolate one's thoughts and having better inward concentration for forcing.

RE: My Meditation habits - Sands - 02-12-2014

Yeah the link is dead, nothing to be rated here. I have to disapprove this without even reading as I can't, but if the link is ever fixed then give us a holler and we'll review it again.

RE: My Meditation habits - Anonymous - 02-13-2014

I seem to remember this link being ok at one point in time, did anyone save a copy?

RE: My Meditation habits - schlondark - 02-14-2014

Disapproved due to HTTP 404

RE: My Meditation habits - NotAnonymous - 02-14-2014

Disapproved due to the link being dead.

I do recall reading this before, but unfortunately the link is dead and I didn't save a copy myself. I think it was Tips material.

RE: My Meditation habits - Linkzelda - 02-15-2014

4/9 Disapprove, which means it'll be unsticked by the end of the deadline (2-17-2014).