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Research Board Rules? - Apple-Cola - 05-23-2013

This is a question concerning this portion of the rules in the "About the Research Board" post: "First you would check to see if this experiment has already been done, and if not, you would make a topic..."

Scientists share the view that the thing that makes an experiment credible is repeatability. But, I've found that, according to the research forum rules, we're not supposed to post about an experiment that's already been done.

I understand that this is to prevent clogging, but I don't think that's a very good stance to take. I get that a lot of people online are fine with lumping their experiences together into a conglomerate of sharing-and-caring time, but if I were to repeat an experiment that some random person has done before, and I have my own set of notes and results, I'd rather have my own thread than be forced to toss it in a thread that belongs to someone else.

They probably wouldn't appreciate having a random wall of text about someone else's experimental process and results tossed into the thread that's supposed to be about their own findings, anyway.

I'm not talking "comments" and "sharing past experiences", or volunteering as a lab rat in someone else's experiment, I mean a fully separate set of tests in a completely separate experiment that follows the same procedure as another one. I mean I guess that I could just use my tumblr for my findings, since a "repeat" thread isn't allowed, but that sort of ruins the point of having a forum, doesn't it?

I don't know, I just don't understand why we aren't allowed to put up our own experimental trials. For science!

RE: Research Board Rules? - Lacquer - 05-23-2013

I think that you're just supposed to post in the thread already about that experiment. If it's a "completely separate experiment", I'd imagine that it'd be okay to make a new thread.

RE: Research Board Rules? - Slushie - 05-23-2013

It makes sense to me that repeats of the same experiment would be posted in the thread of the original experiment. If the original poster doesn't want that, too bad. It's not a thread about them, it's a thread about the experiment.

RE: Research Board Rules? - Apple-Cola - 05-24-2013

Alright! Thank you guys!

RE: Research Board Rules? - Chupi - 05-28-2013

I'm just going to throw this out here: I think additional experiments done to confirm something should be in their own threads unless it gets excessive. We hardly have clogging in the research board as it is, and less people are going to notice your new experiment if it's on page 5 of a thread people are pretty much over. And people looking for whether something has been repeated would find their answer really quickly using the search function rather than finding it on page 5 of 7 in a thread.

However, repeat or similar ones should really cite the previous one and say they're trying to confirm or have some differences in their procedure, etc. This way there's a link to the older one, and it tells readers the newer OP is aware of the older one, and not just a moron who can't search.

RE: Research Board Rules? - Apple-Cola - 05-29-2013

Okay! Thank you sooo much.