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New Great Big List of Guides - Anonymous - 05-29-2013

The following is a compilation of Tulpa.info’s various guides. If there is a missing guide, or you have recently uploaded one of your own, please contact a moderator and the guide will be added to this list.

General incorporates thorough guides that include the many steps required to make a tulpa.

ThunderClap's Guide on Tulpa Creation

Kiahdaj’s Absolute Guide to Tulpas

New Guide Thoughts and Drafting

Tulpa Phenomenon Overview Guide v1

Fede’s Ultimate Superior Tulpa Guide

JD’s Tulpa Method

Want a tulpa who is really smart from the start? Follow my method

Metaphysical tulpa guide

Daniel’s guide to a day 1 tulpa

Jabre’s tulpa creation guide

NLD’s hands on tulpa creation guide v1.4

Methos's Tulpa Creation Guide

Lunanite's Compendium of Guides (covers the start of making a tulpa)

Teryakywind's Detailed Creation Guide

pico's PDF guide compilation

Tulpa Handbook

Teryakywind's "Tulpas for Dummies" General Creation Guide


Personality guides aim to help develop a tulpa’s personality both faster and more realistically.

Five Big Traits and Temperament

JD's Guide to Personality Forcing

My personality tables

zestamasters personality method

Sentience includes guides on narration, determining sentience, and achieving a sentient tulpa.

Tulpa Journey Guide

Jean-luc's super-simple guide to a talking tulpa (No personality required!)

Possible Method For Faster Sentience

Schlondark on Narration

A Bit of a Narration Guide

When to parrot your tulpa

Centering and tulpae


Linkzelda's Guide to Better Narration/Storytelling & Visualization

Zero's Narration & Mindvoice Tips & Tricks Handbook

Improper Usage of the Mindvoice's Effects on Thought Independence and the Solution

Tips that may Help Bolster Sentience

Visualization guides explain visualization methods and how to improve the mind’s eye.

Rasznir's Visualization Focus Guide

Tulpa Anatomy

Can't see a dang thing?

Basic Method On Practicing Visualization

Digital Screen Visualization

JD's Guide to Visualization

Vlad The >Implier's 5 stages of visualization

Spice's host's guide to training the minds eye

Perfect visualization from the half-sleep state

kakeli's Guide To Better Visualization

Mental image rendering guide

Tip for those struggling to visualize

Amazing clarity visualization

Teryakywind’s guide to making the imagined real

Building a memory house - 1960's technique

Dealing with anomalous behaviour in the wonderland

Cozmo's Guide on Creating and Building a Tulpa's Body

The "Self I Spy" Game

Blindfold Trick

Sophie's Wonderland Tips

Image Streaming

Concentration includes meditation techniques, hypnosis, and ideas on how to keep focus.

Couguhl's Guide to Tulpa Association for Regaining Focus

Transparent linking

Removing Doubts and General Meditation Technique

Chevreul’s Pendulum Concentration

Linkzelda’s self-hypnosis tulpa guide

Linkzelda’s ultimate self-hypnosis scripts for your tulpa related needs

My Meditation habits

LucidAcid’s meditative tulpaforcing guide for more productive forcing and stuff

Tulpaforcing and meditation

Octaviapus' Guide to Lucid Mode

Meditation aids

How to sustain concentration while forcing

Vocalization guides attempt to tell you how to get your tulpa talking. This category includes guides for proxying your tulpa, even though it doesn't necessarily mean hearing them.

THE VOICE (voxing)

Parroting syndrome

Coaxing tulpae into talking

Pruria talks talking to tulpae: Deaf hosts

Quantum’s nametag method

How to talk to your tulpa in less time

Niichan’s proxying guide

SKoP’s Proxying guide for the tulpa and host

Schlondark's Psychic Tulpa Voice Guide

Echo Parroting - Teaching Your Tulpa How To Use Their Own Mindvoice

Rationalistic Guide to Vocality.

Forcing is a mosh pit that includes guides that are relevant to tulpaforcing but don’t fit into any distinct category.

Maxyp's Tips and Tricks

Sensory Sharing Explained

"Black Box" Differentiation Exercise

Overclock Forcing Method

Aura's guide for tulpae making tulpae

Jimmy’s pony creation thread because you were too unoriginal to make your own

Hypnosis while conjuring traits

Generally helpful forcing technique (but mostly for Visualisation and Imposition)

Alatar's tulpa musings for newcomers

"Ravagestar's Sphere" How to drive off intrusive thoughts.

A collection of tips and tricks about tulpas and tulpamancy in general.

Aarix Independence Guide

Tin of the can. Doubt and motivation guides aim to help get rid of doubt and motivate you.

Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide

Thunder’s guide to alleviating doubt

Aarix last resort method to belief and tulpaforcing

Tips for those who are getting parrotnoid

Linkzelda’s motivational tulpa guide

Candellaith's tubes [anti-puppeting guide]

Channeling away your worries in the void

Imposition contains various guides to help you see, feel, smell, hear, and perhaps even taste your tulpa in the real world.

q2's method for a huggable tulpa

NED's leash imposition guide

glitchthe3rd's imposition guide

Mary and M's Starting Imposition Guide

Open eye visualization idea

Imposition via photos

Flash Imposition

Mind Synthesis Guide

How to see your tulpa and distortions

Tulpa imposition guide

Mindscape Overlay method for getting an overall better feel for your tulpa

Guide to imposition/controlled halucinations (touch)

JD's Guide to Visual Imposition (image heavy)

Tetris Effect as Visual Imposition Method

Pepper's Ghost

Implanting Guide

Guides to help you let your tulpa control and use your body.

Parallel processing and personality switching

Guide on how to switch

Guide to tulpa control

Pre-vocalization communication through possession

Mutual Possession

The muscle memory

Possession via Disassociation

Guides that are better put into categories of their own.

Quora's IRC Guide

Tulpa Background and History

Super awesome tulpa game guide

Helixileh As A Forcing Method

A tulpa checklist

Gymnasium student training a guide in russian

Jimmy’s late night guide to choosing the right tulpa base

Finding lost or runaway tulpas in a cluttered mind

Helping your tulpa become more independent with flashcards

Glitchthe3rd's servitor workshop

JD's Guide to Telling People About Your Tulpa

Things to do with your tulpa

[Lucid Dreaming] A guide on Lucid Dreaming and Tulpas

[Satire] Tulpa.info forums how to use them

[Satire] The illustrious Sock's most perfect guide to mind doll creation

This is intended to be a more up-to-date version of ThatOneGuy's older list.

RE: New Great Big List of Guides - Anonymous - 05-29-2013

Latest updates:
  • 12/19/2015 Fixed some of the broken links and removed some deleted threads.
  • 09/12/2015 Removed link to "[A stage before personality]Treating as sentient before sentience", as it has been deleted
  • 08/04/2015 Fixed link to Fede's guide
  • 06/17/2014 Mass update
  • 02/24/2014 Added Sophie's Tulpa Background and History Guide
  • 02/20/2014 Added Quora's IRC Guide
  • 02/11/2014 Added ThunderClap's Guide on Tulpa Creation
  • 01/14/2014 Added Sophie's Wonderland Tips

RE: New Great Big List of Guides - Vani - 06-06-2015

Hi, I have noticed that the "Niichan’s proxying guide" link doesn't work, it returns a "You do not have permission to access this page" error. Has that guide been maybe removed?

RE: New Great Big List of Guides - Vos - 06-06-2015

(06-06-2015, 12:27 AM)Vani Wrote: Hi, I have noticed that the "Niichan’s proxying guide" link doesn't work, it returns a "You do not have permission to access this page" error. Has that guide been maybe removed?

I think he deleted his account, but you can still find the guide here.

RE: New Great Big List of Guides - Vani - 06-19-2015

(06-06-2015, 02:09 AM)Vos Wrote: I think he deleted his account, but you can still find the guide here.


RE: New Great Big List of Guides - Yuki - 08-03-2015

The link to Fede's guide seems to be broken.

RE: New Great Big List of Guides - Kiahdaj - 08-04-2015


RE: New Great Big List of Guides - Anonymous - 08-08-2015

Y'all mods should use the changelog.

RE: New Great Big List of Guides - Kiahdaj - 08-08-2015


RE: New Great Big List of Guides - Lacquer - 12-19-2015

As was pointed out here, several links in the personality section are broken.