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taking pony tulpa drawing requests - Hornets - 01-14-2014

i need to do a little bit of practice. if you have SPECIFICALLY a pony tulpa, i'll draw em for ya. just give me a reference and i'll try to draw it all nice for you. also please specify whether you want them to be bipedal or just normal, because if you don't specify i'm most likely going to draw them on two legs.

i'm taking real commissions very soon and i am currently working on a comic involving ponies so i'd like to get some practice in with a new art style (it looks like this)

(just a note that i'm pretty busy with school right now so i might not be able to finish your request extremely quickly or whatever. please keep that in mind, i am only human)

RE: taking pony tulpa drawing requests - Strangelove - 01-14-2014


Sounds cool. Normal style, would ya?

RE: taking pony tulpa drawing requests - Quadraginta - 01-15-2014

My dear little Raid, please ^_^

Normal-sized Mare, with a flat, pink mane that falls over the left side of her face, covering half of her left eye and falling partway down her neck. Reminiscent of Pinkamena, only the mane only falls to one side of her head and neck, the left side.

Her mane kind of 'curves' around the front and back parts of her ear, so her ear pokes out between the strands of her mane. Her mane 'starts' (as in the roots start) exactly in the middle of the back of her neck, and in the middle of the top of her head, and slightly upon her forehead, as well, the very first root starting a bit above her eyebrow-line. The mane curves to the left, which then droops pretty much straight down, in a nearly 90 degree line, covering half of her left eye. The ends of her mane go at a slight angle, the end part of the mane closest to her face falling only slightly down below her jawline, and then angling slight downwards as it reaches her front leg, where then the end of her mane ends at about the bottom of her shoulder.

Descriptive? Well, she deserves it.

@ND A$ 4 HER TA!L:

This is something I couldn't achieve when I, myself, attempted to draw her, (not an artist, sorry ^_^) and neither could my friend, who has been drawing pretty much all her life.

Her tail is surprisingly difficult for people to picture, for some odd reason, but here goes.

It's one tail, but six individually wrapped bands seperate it into six individual mini-ponytails. One tail, six mini-tails, all combine to make said one tail. The ends of the tails are pointed, as if gelled and if you were to play connect the dots with them, they would form a hexagon. The tails are more 'blended' into each other, the way a ponytail actually would be, but their seperate-ness (that is now a word) becomes more apparent at the tips, where the bands tie them each seperately.

Also, her coat is yellow. Preeeeetttty much Fluttershy's colour scheme.

Oh, and blue eyes.

And as for bipedal or normal....

Surprise me Wink

RE: taking pony tulpa drawing requests - CannibalisticBunny - 01-31-2014

Pinkie Pie!

RE: taking pony tulpa drawing requests - Abvieon - 02-12-2014


I would love to see Ark drawn by somebody else, it is always nice to see my drawings redone in a different style.[/quote][/code][/php]

RE: taking pony tulpa drawing requests - Azure_Flame - 04-05-2014

If you could, I'd like you to do Moondust. Reference in the attachment. Though, I wasn't able to show that her tail and mane are the color of silver, and shine like clean metal. Also, normal would be appreciated.

RE: taking pony tulpa drawing requests - hawkdron496 - 04-24-2014

Can you please draw Amber? She's a mare, about knee height on a human, with a mane going down the left side of her neck. Her body is a light red, her tail is droopy, and hangs down, twilight sparkle style, and she has a cutie mark of a fireball. Her eyes are a light violet color, and she is a pegasus on all fours. Thanks.

RE: taking pony tulpa drawing requests - Vos - 04-24-2014

I'd request something, but it doesn't look like Hornets has been on since January.

RE: taking pony tulpa drawing requests - Maverickthecat - 11-05-2014