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Giving tulpa an avatar - Kristian_Rebel - 04-19-2014

Hello. I've recently made a post about wonderland and asked that question later in that topic, but I guess it's a different subject. I've been thinking about how to force my tulpa and came up with an idea. I gave her an avatar in form of whisky plug (srsly, this thing is one of most important physical things I have. It has it's own history and meaning, it's not just a plug to me). So, I've been forcing for 2 or 3 lays now and I'm still very new and want to ask some of the veterans about it. I don't want (or can't eally) visualise her. I want to do it together with he when she'll be ready. I have a few concepts of her most important traits and character and that's it. So I've decided to associate her with this plug, for a time. And I'm talking to it now and then. I talk to her about my feelings, about how I see her and sometimes just random stuff. Is it enough to make her self-concious? Or I have to try something harder with concentrating and sweaty forcing? Only thing I know about her that she is very caring and understanding. Maybe some other initial traits. But I want to make her whole (body and whole personality) with her. Not just alone. It's how I see an AI. Something that decides what good for it by itself. So, the question is - is that a good approach? Will she evolve from this? Thank you for your time.

RE: Giving tulpa an avatar - Vos - 04-19-2014

Yeah, there's no problem with what you're doing at all. A lot of people use an "avatar" like an orb or some shit when they want to decide on the form with the tulpa or just let the tulpa choose the form. Yes, your tulpa can become sentient and vocal when you're talking to this plug.

RE: Giving tulpa an avatar - Anonymous - 04-19-2014

I recall Grissess' tulpa Snakey is actually a physical plush snake. Not entirely sure how that works, but I've heard of it before. Don't see why not.

RE: Giving tulpa an avatar - Kristian_Rebel - 04-19-2014

(04-19-2014, 09:49 PM)Tess Wrote: I recall Grissess' tulpa Snakey is actually a physical plush snake. Not entirely sure how that works, but I've heard of it before. Don't see why not.

What? It's stayed the physical object even after it became self-concious? Well, I gues I understand how it works. Just a non-visiulised tulpa inside his/her mind. But I want to make a proper body for Mirraine after she will start talking to me. With her help. And thank you for your answers, they did help me. At least I now I'm sure that's what I'm doing is proper forcing.

RE: Giving tulpa an avatar - a937539 - 04-20-2014

Anything that gets positive results, to the growth of the tulpa, is considered forcing. It helps to do it regularly, every day or every other day.

RE: Giving tulpa an avatar - Kristian_Rebel - 04-20-2014

Thanks everybody. I'm narrating to her now and then. And here lies the problem - I only narrate now and then. I only do it when I'm absolutely free or stopped doing something. In average, probably I narrate 1 or 2 hours per day. Because I've pretty weak willpower and when I'm sitting infront of a computer I have always theese thoughts - OH GAWD FORUMS YOUTUBE DOCTOR WHO DOTA and stuff like that. And for some reason I can't narrate when I'm doing something else. So, if i will do it only for 1-2-3 h/d, will it be enough to make her concious in any time in future?

RE: Giving tulpa an avatar - Vos - 04-20-2014

Oh, I had the same problem. I was always more focused on a show or something that I was working on than my tulpa, but I made notes around my room that would remind me to narrate. After a little bit, I didn't even need those notes at all, and I was narrating like crazy.

Narrating now and then is fine, I guess, but try to find ways to improve that.

RE: Giving tulpa an avatar - Kristian_Rebel - 04-23-2014

Hello again. Got one more question, but it's not worth of making a new thread. Well, I narrate from time to time. Sometimes I can even force a few phrases when I'm doing something like watching Doctor Who (this is a progress), narrating now and then when I'm free and can concentrate (I have this itchy health problem right now that distracts me (really hard) all the time when I try to concenrate. I wait in line for a doctor in a capitalist country. Russia is capitalist too, but you can recieve medical attention on every day of the week there!), and I've found myself talking sometimes complete nonsense. And asking alot of questions for my tulpa, knowing that i will likely not have an answer yet. I've told her that this is kinda paper-messaging, where I write every day and wait for the response, which will come god knows when. And sometimes I think that maybe talking to a physical object (the plug), while adressing to tulpa is a bit wrong kind of forcing. So, here are the questions - 1. Is it OK to talk nonsense that would bore to death any sentient being 2. Is it OK to ask questions all the time (Like - you know what...? How do you think about that:...? etc) 3. Are there any people who practice forcing with a physical object. Ones that are not role-playing.
As always, thank you for your time.

RE: Giving tulpa an avatar - Kristian_Rebel - 04-25-2014

Is it OK if I bump this thread a little? It's just that because of my terrible illness (I'd prefer any kind of flu to this never-ending itching) I'm going insane with doubts, concentration brakes and all this crap. I feel like I need some motivation or I dunno. I'm thinking all the tine about that thing - alot of kids have some toys that they speak to and treat as real (the same thing as forcing. I have a plug and talk to it.) but they don't develop tulpas because of it. I fear that it will not work. Sorry for whining, it's the only thing I'm good at right now.