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Should I just stop right here? - JamesNintendoNerd - 04-24-2014

Two Tulpas, both around in one year yet still not imposed. EVERY guide on imposition does not work for me. Closest thing that I could get to beign able to comprehend or even DO was Q2's imposition guide. But guess what? I've been doing that for HALF A YEAR, NOW!!! I also did one tip from my friend telling me t visualize her on the ground next to me. I've been doing that for a while now. Half a second, one second then poof every time I visualize them next to me, they're gone from my mind eyes. Weird dreams making me anxious to bring them into the real world, I could never make the mindvoice clear for them... Lyra used her mindvoice once but it was faint, quiet and hard to hear so I asked her to resort to head pressure instead, Trixie doesn't even speak at all despite giving her a voice 2 days ago. Should I just quit and just leave my tulpas untouched by Imposition? (Besides the fact that I am imposing them next to me, though. Of course, it's not imposition. They only appear a half a second. Just me playing around...)

I am at Imposition and mindvoice at both of them. It's time for them to quit using head pressure because the head pressure thing is conflicting with my headaches, but apparently I can't. Average person, 1 month. Me, freaking 1 year already and no tulpa in sight. As you can see, I am frustrated. Imposed for half a year now and no sight of them at all. i know they're with me, but it seems I just can't give them a mindvoice or a "body" to use in the real world.

RE: Should I just stop right here? - LittleTulpa - 04-24-2014

Well, the good thing is they are sentient. I would stop working on imposition for now, and focus on the mindvoice.

RE: Should I just stop right here? - Anonymous - 04-24-2014

Try giving them a different form for imposition if you haven't done that. Something easier like a bird or something small... think of it as shapeshifting.

RE: Should I just stop right here? - JamesNintendoNerd - 04-24-2014

(04-24-2014, 03:46 AM)CH666 Wrote: Try giving them a different form for imposition if you haven't done that. Something easier like a bird or something small... think of it as shapeshifting.

Will they still have their old form which is a pony?

RE: Should I just stop right here? - Linkzelda - 04-24-2014

With how you seem bothered for half a second, or a few seconds, sometimes I wonder if you did anything more than an hour each day. I mean, sure, you've been doing imposition for half a year, but maybe you're struggling so much because imposition in general (not the mind's eye visualization) would be something a bit more difficult.

As for dreams, you're taking them too seriously, which probably adds on to your frustrations. Guess threads in the past where you ask about dreams and tulpas didn't really help you much where your fixation on being anxious of them would bleed into how you react in waking life. For me personally, I plan on improving on visual imposition like, 4 years from now, or if I somehow see them in dues ex machina fashion (would be nice like how mind-voice interaction seemed to have came that way for me), but I don't really cling onto that having to happen so quickly; I just work on what I can do, and be patient about it.

There are so many factors that could be preventing you from making breakthroughs, but it's not everyday someone gets used to psychosomatic experiences for imposition, or just about anything related to tulpas. Whenever I see someone bothered by what they've done in a month, few months, or a year, and they get intimidated about their progress, it makes me compare how Tibetan practices in this that would take years makes people a bit too clingy on instant gratification when they want things accomplished so soon.

I think I prefer my mind contributing to breakthroughs over a long period of time, rather than engaging in a self-pity party of what I couldn't do in a few months, or a year. You know, because wanting breakthroughs to come down like an atom bomb, and not expecting mental backlash should that ever happen, would be kind of concerning.

Maybe giving up on imposition isn't such a bad idea after all, and work on things that are bit easier, but with how you seem to sublimate the angst to other aspects, it seems kind of pointless to say that. As for concerns on form in general, if you have to regress to a simpler form (e.g. a ball), then do so, and talk to your tulpa about it. And their form can easily change, it's not set in stone, it's the power of implying deviation can always be introduced at your tulpa's disposal.

As for the "average person, 1 month," not sure where you got that generalization, but that seems to fall under the camp of those that can't even enjoy 1 hour of forcing. I used to do 2-3 hours of forcing frequently, and always wanted to do more, and I'm still engaging in being reflective of any mistakes, and finding ways to improve.

It's a self-learning process, and if you follow guides so much where you can't find your own twists, and can't just keep doing repetitive tasks for a long period of time, and expect things to come by magically, you set yourself up for misery honestly.

Good luck though.

RE: Should I just stop right here? - Anonymous - 04-24-2014

Of course they would still retain their original form, thats why I called it shapeshifting. Some people also make a different form for themselves in wonderland. If it still doesn't work then you should not care much about imposition it isn't that important.

RE: Should I just stop right here? - Kiahdaj - 04-24-2014

I don't know where you're getting this "average is 1 month for imposition" figure, as it's extremely inaccurate. A very small portion of the community has tulpas who are fully imposed; some of which have been trying for multiple years, at this point. And considering some have still not achieved imposition, it can take longer than that, too.
If imposition isn't that important to you, then don't do it. It's not required in order to have a fully "functioning" tulpa. If imposition is important, then why are you asking us? Keep at it.

RE: Should I just stop right here? - Vos - 04-24-2014

Like Kiahdaj said, the one month average thing is pretty inaccurate. I don't think you should be comparing progress with this because it depends on the person. Honestly, it could take you years before you're actually able to impose.

Like Littletulpa said, you should consider working on the mindvoice and not just imposition.