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Light_Spirit's Progress Report - Light_Spirit - 05-14-2014

Hi my name is Ricky, and my Tulpa's name is Melissa.
I don't normally post blog type things on the internet so don't expect anything fancy.
I guess I'll start from the beginning.

Two weeks back from today was a Wednesday, I was listening to music over at plug.dj and lurking the chat in the room.
Whenever someone posted a link in there I would click it because the internet is full of wonderful surprises.

I forget what they said but this link took me to a guide for Tupper creation.
I read over the guide multiple times and tried to find Tuppers though Google, wasn't aware at the time that what I was searching for went by Tulpas.
So I jumped into it, without a real clue of what I was doing.

The next day I browsed the rest of the site to see what was on it and there were a few more guides to read over.
Then I was aware that there are so many methods and ways to go about developing a Tulpa.

A week later I'm back at Google to look up Tulpas this time, and began going through the results.
Eventually I click on this site and figured it'll be as quiet as the other site.
So this is where everyone was at! xD
I went though the guides related to me and got so much out of them.

So now after I was sure of how I want to do this, I'm going to share my progress with the community that made it possible.
OK so with that covered onto the actual report.

I Begin my Tulpa based on one persons guide, which looking back wasn't a great start.
It's a Fluttershy tulpa and right away I attempt imposition, narration, form, puppeting and parroting.

I find a few more guides on tulpas and begin doing half hour active forcing sessions.
I started this with a wonderland, which was just a circle of grass with a tree in a sky void.
From there I started narrating to the Fluttershy about me and how I'm glad to meet her in the wonderland.

I picked up a pink noise track and Visual-Audio entrainment videos from the internet and use it to try to help Fluttershy become vocal.
Imposing her walking behind me, narration and puppeting for passive forcing.

(By this point I'm being dragged along with my own hype.)
Gave Fluttershy permission to enter my dreams to try and communicate there.
I think she was there and something went wrong, when I woke up I heard Fluttershy crying and tried to console her.
More narration and imposition later in the day.
I got a thought from Fluttershy for a name of her own, Melissa.

Attempted a active forcing session without external help, and it was still effective.
Stopping visual imposition for later progress.

More active forcing in the morning doing miscellaneous interaction things.
Later on I forced to music and visualized the thing as a concert with Melissa and me as the audience.
Found tulpa.info,I'll have a look at it tomorrow.

Go though the mass of guides available to me.
Head pressures are becoming a thing of frequency so I stop consuming caffeine in case it's messing up development.
Starting to doubt the methods I'm using are the right ones for me, considering new methods I've found.

Finally begin to see how I want to go about it and why I felt wrong.
I abandoned the Form, Parroting, Puppeting, Imposition and Fluttershy tulpa, leaving me with her name and a blue orb.

Keeping up with narration and forcing to Melissa.

I narrate some reading material to Melissa.
Did a forcing session in the evening and mistook outside noise as Melissa being vocal, realized I'm being impatient.

Keeping up with narration, and begin giving Melissa personality traits in active forcing.
Head pressures are coming back since the revamp.

Start thinking of a form for Melissa while forcing. I ended up with a Human-like body with a petite build, light pink skin,blue hair that touches the shoulders, large blue eyes, a small pointed nose and thin lips for a small mouth.
It's not permanent though, if Melissa wants to change it I encourage it.

So as a side thing I've been attempting to lucid dream since I began tulpamancy, and in the early hours of the morning it paid off.
I stayed in my home and tried to call Melissa into it, instantly killing the dream and waking me up.
I tried again to go lucid and I did.
I once again tried to bring Melissa into the dream of my home, it worked, kinda.
I felt her there in front of me, I couldn't see her but she was there.
Then my skull felt like it was being compacted from every angle so I had to force the dream to stop.
This for me was what I needed to know I was doing it right.

Just keeping consistent with narration and personality forcing.
The wonderland at the moment had improved much since I started it.
At the center of it is the first tree, surrounded by a large open field. To the north of the tree is a small rock pond, and further north is a snowy region with a large mountain.
To the east is just sprawling field, don't know whats beyond it.
The far south has a dense forest.
Just a little to the west of the tree is a simple one room structure for Melissa to sleep in, beyond that there is more open field.

RE: Light_Spirit's Progress Report - Light_Spirit - 05-15-2014

I forced some anatomy to help me visualise movement properly.
Also later in that forcing session I was trying to make Melissa stop moving so I could see if she was able to move on her own.
It took me about 2 minutes before I realised what I was trying to do was happening in front of me.
So with that achieved I'll move on to help her being vocal.

RE: Light_Spirit's Progress Report - Light_Spirit - 05-15-2014

So since day 1 my only goal has been to actively force at least 1/2 an hour a day (now 1 hour).
Also since day 1 there has been a lingering doubt not of Melissa, but my competence to make her exist.
I think I'm ready to put that doubt aside now though.
So when I began today's session and visualized Melissa I had noticed she now has a tail, and her ears resemble cats ears.
I'm relieved and happy to see her making changes without my influence!
For communication it's thoughts and emotions occasionally.
But when I was thinking of a mindvoice for her, Rikku came to the top of my thoughts.
I'm going to guess that was Melissa's input so I will work on a Rikku-like mindvoice.

RE: Light_Spirit's Progress Report - Light_Spirit - 05-16-2014

Well in today's forcing I was attempting to give Melissa the Rikku-like mindvoice via parroting sentences, but that was no good, it was like I heard it but it wasn't coming from Melissa.
So I just shut my own thoughts up for a minute focus on Melissa's mouth.
It was moving with no sound to it and then I heard her.
I have no idea what voice it was but it was Melissa's undoubtedly.
It was mostly just rambling of sorts but holy shit I'm squeeing like a little girl right now. xD

RE: Light_Spirit's Progress Report - Light_Spirit - 05-17-2014

Focused on narration and visual imposition passively, and conversation for active forcing.
While I wasn't hearing her a lot, I'm getting better at deciphering whats my thoughts and whats hers.

RE: Light_Spirit's Progress Report - Light_Spirit - 05-18-2014

Just a standard day nothing new to post, so I might limit these posts to when I have something big enough to make a paragraph out of.

RE: Light_Spirit's Progress Report - Light_Spirit - 05-25-2014

So this week pretty much consisted of narration because I don't know how I want to progress.
Or just cause I've lost the drive I had when I began Tulpamancy.
I could try to pin it on life issues but thats no excuse either, going to have to really think about what it was that hyped me up so and rekindle that determination.
So not really a progress update but I figured I should put something rather than nothing.
The goal this week is to have something to report!