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best way to meditate? - raymond13557 - 07-22-2014

I often meditate on my couch indian seating style or just standard, i tend to breathe like i am supposed to.. in through the nose and out from the mout in 8 seconds each but i cant seem to vizualize all the time.. is it better to meditate on the ground? when i meditate i usually talk to and pet red also discuss what to do next, he usually tugs on my hand and points to the game room or the mental RP studio.. (we have a live aether feed to the aethernet you can find it on mental tube or boo-tube in your mental browser.) is there a faster and easier way to vizualize and meditate? or what i was doing proper?

RE: best way to meditate? - Patchlamb - 07-22-2014

Sounds pretty much what I do. Just cross my legs sitting down leaned against some pillows so I can sit up longer. And then use breathing to relax and focus on something. I'm not sure there's another way to meditate. I think some people lay down on their back, but I always found that would put me to sleep quickly.

RE: best way to meditate? - raymond13557 - 07-23-2014

Haa.. if i lay down for more than 20 minutes i will fall asleep instantly or begin to lucid dream, i've been experimenting with different styles of meditation today and i have found that just sitting in a relaxed way or on afew pillows works great regardless on ground or chair, fouton.

RE: best way to meditate? - Ashmo - 07-23-2014

Meditation, in its simplest form, is relaxing. That's a real definition of what meditation is. If you are relaxing, you are meditating.