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His voice - Kage_Bunshi77 - 07-31-2014

Alright so I have a voice in mind I want my tulpa to talk with could I just apply it to him everytime he talks? Like force the voice on him? I promised he can change it later cuz I felt like he was saying no but he agreed to change it later I just want to hear him in that voice for the time until I can impose him in the real world

RE: His voice - King of Manga - 07-31-2014

You don't start off hearing what they sound like right when you hear them. You hear random thoughts or the meaning behind the words. If you can't be sure he actually said no then just focus on forcing and wait till you actually 'hear' him, then worry about what he 'sounds' like.

RE: His voice - AttackDoughnut - 07-31-2014

Oh, absolutely! That's certainly a way of getting your tulpa talking faster. You seem to get that deviation is important, so go for it!

Think of it like this. Hearing your tulpa should go faster if you do this, because you're searching for a voice you know instead of trying to listen for a voice you don't know what it sounds like. Your tulpa will search for a way to attach its own voice to it, and learn to speak faster. It'll deviate from the voice gradually once it feels comfortable in your ability to hear it.

Good luck!