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Forcing her to do things? - Deadlykid - 08-21-2014

Alright, this is one of those "Am I doing this right?" sooo, I'm sorry.

Just started really actively forcing this week, and when I active force sometimes things happen that I usually blame it on intrusive thoughts and try to "fix it". (example: Once passed one of the doors in my wonderland and suddenly a giant worm busted out and pushed me over, I then got rid of it and reset my original position) Now sometimes this happens with Rose, once she started to spaz out and flailed everywhere really fast, kinda creepy, but I just put her back in the original position she was, not sure if that was a intrusive thought, or just her moving, and thats what the question is. Am I puppeting her to make her stick to a routine forcing session or am I just getting rid of intrusive thoughts?

TL;DR: Cant tell if some of Roses movements are intrusive thoughts or just Rose moving.

RE: Forcing her to do things? - amber5885 - 08-21-2014

If she's flailing it's Probobly you. It happens to me and Toby sometimes. When it happens just let her know it was a random thought and apologize an try again. With practice it should stop.

You could also ask her if it was her. It be a good way to start a conversation.

RE: Forcing her to do things? - fennecgirl - 08-22-2014

That doesn't sound like normal behaviour from her at all, so I'd say it's pretty likely that was just an intrusive thought you got rid of, not you stopping her from moving as she wanted.

RE: Forcing her to do things? - SakuraSky - 08-22-2014

Just to add, Tulpas seem to be able to distinguish things that are intrusive thoughts from those that aren't, at least in my experience.