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Theme issue - Silvia - 11-10-2014

When I try to use the high contrast theme on here, I end up with this. I don't think it's a problem with my browser, since I've tried this with both Opera and Chrome.

RE: Theme issue - ThunderClap - 11-11-2014

It isn't just you. We will work on it and get back to you ASAP when a fix is ready. Thanks for reporting this.

RE: Theme issue - Quilten - 11-11-2014

Well, it certainly has contrast.

RE: Theme issue - Chupi - 11-12-2014

The issue was that the global.css file for the High Contrast Nostalgia theme got blanked somehow, resulting in no CSS whatsoever and transforming it into High Contrast Broken. Unfortunately I don't have a backup copy of it, so for now High Contrast Nostalgia looks exactly like Nostalgia. Hopefully Rasznir or Pleeb can dig up a copy someplace.