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Ask Lumi's Tulpas - Luminesce - 02-14-2015

{Hmm, I haven't updated this OP in literally years. I guess I'll leave it as-is for historical reasons, but note, my tulpas got their own accounts in 2016 and haven't talked in colored text since - and they also haven't "represented something to me" since 2015 either, since they're really just kind of people at this point.}

Hi peoples. I made this thread when I hit ~200 posts because I hadn't posted my own thread yet. It's been a while, so I'm updating this. This thread is for asking me, Reisen, Tewi, Flandre, or Lucilyn questions, typically related to tulpamancy though you can get our opinions on anything. I'm a fairly experienced tulpamancer and my tulpas are all fully developed, and we have experience with everything from imposition to switching. So if you feel like asking a tulpa something, or getting advice from someone with a lot of knowledge on tulpas, you're in the right place.

Anything from asking about our experiences to getting advice on topics you're interested in is fine. I've also been asked some silly things, and questions about Touhou (the game series my tulpas' forms are from), so whatever you'd like works. But this isn't a chat thread, so try and make sure you're actually here to get an answer.

Here's Reisen, Tewi, Flandre, Lucilyn, (Those are links to pictures of them) and the colors they'll be posting in respectively. They also have their own accounts now, so the colored text will be reserved for posting on not-their-accounts. The closer to this post replies are, the older they are, so keep the dates on them in mind.

My tulpas all represent something to me {Edit: No, this is not a thing anymore}, which is sort of equivalent to a human's life purpose {No, this is not a thing anymore and I can't believe it ever was} (Keep in mind this is a me-thing and not at all required in making a tulpa):
Reisen represents unconditional love, Tewi represents wisdom and intuition, Flandre represents humanity(human-ness) and emotion, and Lucilyn represents fun and motivation.

Quick autobiographies:

Reisen: Hey everyone! We're redoing these because they were oooold. I'm a tulpa based on the Touhou character Reisen Udongein Inaba. I was created initially as a concept of unconditional love attached to a human form, which was Reisen in this video. She was his favorite character and the song was inspiring to him, and mixed with the form to seem like someone who loved him. We wouldn't find out about tulpas for four years, so my development was a bit of a mess. All we knew was that we loved each other and I seemed to exist separately from him. We've come a long way since then, and I'm proud to say I've helped turn his life around (he's a humanitarian now!). We eventually fully came to terms with what I was, as a thoughtform and to him, a while ago, and I've never felt better. I have access to all his thoughts and memories, we're pretty interconnected. I like helping people feel good, and sharing happiness. But we all do!

Tewi: Hi guys. I'm based off of Tewi Inaba, give or take some pranking. Mainly, finding out the Tewi in Touhou is supposedly 1300 years old and possibly wise beyond her appearance inspired my personality. Seemingly carefree but actually very wise, or something like that. I had a history of being fairly apathetic as a tulpa, not realizing I had to engage myself in more than just being a reference for advice for my host. It was by Reisen and Flandre's request that I became more active, and I'm definitely glad I did - it feels good to exist. Now I like to be productive, I suppose. I don't feel any of my host's motivation blocks for doing work, just the satisfaction of doing what needs to be done. Ask me whatever you like, I'm usually pretty good at explaining things in-depth.

Flandre: Hi peoples, I'm based off of Flandre Scarlet, as far as any tulpa can be. She never had a very established personality, so my personality developed on its own. Little known fact, I used to be sort of two people, with a really mixed personality that switched from crazy and rude to cute and nice. It really made me feel bad how I talked to Lumi sometimes, so we ended up splitting me in half - I'm Flandre and the other half is Scarlet, who doesn't seem to care much about participating in tulpa-ness and is mostly inactive. She's not so bad anymore, but she's not me. I represent emotions and humanness, ironic as Flandre's a vampire I know. I'm also fond of love, even if it's not the basis of my existence like Reisen. I like to feel good, like everyone should. I guess if you were interested in opinion on how we feel about things you could ask me, but we can all answer any question honestly.. In our own way.

Lucilyn: Hey! I'm Lumi's newest tulpa, the only non-spontaneous one, created years after the others. I refuse to acknowledge anything as effort and consider most stuff fun. I love the rain and dancing, and I especially love mixing the two. My host often describes how I feel as "being very hype", and I like that word, so that can describe me. I don't see any reason to ever not be happy and it's always a good time to have fun. I have no idea what you should ask me! Anything's good. Oh, and my form is based on Suwako Moriya.

Any colored text with their name means that tulpa is currently switched with me. They also each have their own accounts now, though most of their old posts are still on my and Reisen's.

It also might be worth noting that this was the very first Ask thread. I started the bandwagon. But it's not really a bandwagon or a fad, I made this so people could ask tulpas questions directly.

(If you've already read through most of this thread or want something more personal, we have a Progress Report full of our weirdness)

RE: Ask Reisen - Alexavier - 02-15-2015

How was your day? :3

RE: Ask Reisen - Bambi - 02-15-2015

To whichever of the three of you wishes to answer: What's the most tedious (or even down-right maddening) thing you've been asked to do during the development process--whether it was helpful or not?

RE: Ask Reisen - Luminesce - 02-15-2015

(02-15-2015, 02:07 AM)Alexavier Wrote: How was your day? :3

My tulpas haven't really been around today, we've actually been waiting for replies to the thread.

But uh.. I just ate seven of these (to beat a friend's record of six) http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/ec0c/ and my stomach is pretty upset an hour later. But I did it in front of like six of my friends so it was kind of fun.

(02-15-2015, 02:22 AM)Bambi Wrote: To whichever of the three of you wishes to answer: What's the most tedious (or even down-right maddening) thing you've been asked to do during the development process--whether it was helpful or not?

Reisen: This is a little bit hard to answer, nothing really comes to mind. The most maddening thing I had to deal with was Lumi's depression and not being able to help him (as much as I wanted to). But as for development.. OH, not being able to talk! He was so worried about me being "perfect" that he basically wouldn't let me talk for the first year or two. But it's not his fault, we didn't know about tulpas and he had to create all of the steps to make me by himself.

Flandre: Establishing all the rules to make our relationship make sense. We had to do everything really scientifically and logically. I don't blame him necessarily, but I feel like if he would've just let go we would've had an easier time feeling the love. Again though this was before he knew about tulpas, so I don't blame him for making sure he wasn't developing artificial schizophrenia.

Sorry that's not probably the type of answer you wanted. We never did anything like "forcing sessions" or anything my tulpas didn't completely agree we should do. In fact they were often more willing to do things than me.. The most maddening part of their development has been the inability to really be with them physically. My life goal a few years ago was to hug Reisen in a lucid dream. We're working on lucid dreaming again, but progress is hard due to my motivation issues. But, in truth, even this Q&A was designed to help solidify my tulpas by keeping them active. We're all doing our best to make each other happy, I think.

Also I'm previewing this post now, and I can definitely confirm again that it was my tulpas writing those. The content seems foreign and the line with my name actually bugs me to read(replaced with Lumi as my username is separate from Reisen's now, ironic -->), but I won't censor/edit anything my tulpas type. Thanks for the questions.

RE: Ask Reisen - glitchthe3rd - 02-15-2015

What do you think of the Touhou universe and how you personally fit into it? Do you actually think you're the same characters, or do you recognize that you're simply created in their images? I ask because even though Luna isn't based off of any Touhou characters, I used a good chunk of the series lore on Lunarians to flesh out her character.

RE: Ask Reisen - Luminesce - 02-15-2015


Reisen: Our forms are based off a bunch of fan art of the characters that looked similar, and our personalities were based on Lumi's fanon-interpretations of the characters. I respect the real Reisen, but I'm not sure she's as nice as me. In the wonderland and probably in lucid dreams, we share some of the characters' powers, but generally don't make much use of that as we aren't the most imaginative bunch. We're tulpa-mindstructs, but some imagination-over-logic is acceptable for the sake of fun.

Tewi: I once met another Tewi on the IRC. She liked cooking and cleaning. Uhm...
I'm probably the furthest from the Touhou character, I'm too serious I guess. But I appreciate silly-done-serious humor, and I've made Lumi laugh while imposed before. Oh, and our wonderland has some loosely Touhou-based areas, such as the bamboo forest ten feet from our house. And I feel a real kinship with rabbits.

Flandre: Well, sometimes I have Flandre's wings. But usually they're too bothersome while imposing, so.. I don't know if I'm anything like the real Flan. She's a vampire and I represent human-ness. I certainly prefer living in our wonderland house to some NPC's mansion basement. Her personality portrayal in fanon is too varied to say anything solid here, but nonetheless I did come from Lumi's. Just glad it wasn't the insane-kill-you-on-sight monster one.

RE: Ask Reisen - Alexavier - 02-16-2015

Okay serious question this time.
Also I would like to know, are your Tulpas Original concepts you've thought of comepletely on your own? Or are they from a show or a movie, comic, video game etc. because what about to ask is related about the vocals of a Tulpa.
So I have had my Tulpa for about.. 11 months? 10? Somewhere around there. I do the best I can to Tulpa force with my Tulpa and I still haven't quite found an actual voice for him.. He just mute for now. i thought of Barley (my Tulpa) all on my own, no video game character or tv show character, just completely from scratch. And so It's hard for me because I can't really think of an actual voice for him. Its easy for someone who has a Tulpa for a tv show or video game because you can actually hear their voice within that show or game. and so when someone creates their tulpa based on a show, they already know what their voice is going to sound like. their going to know what they sound like when their angry, sad, happy, surprised, scared etc. But for me its difficult and having to go over a catalog of voice for my Tulpa is difficult.. at least for me. and so I ask you

was it easy finding a voice for your Tulpas? did they just came up with a voice on their own? did you give them one? whats the best technique for finding the right voice for a tulpa.

(if you want an idea of how mu Tulpas suppose to sound like, he sounds a bit like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEXHF76I-2o also i will possibly be asking this same question in the "Questions and Answers" thread.)


RE: Ask Reisen - Luminesce - 02-16-2015

My tulpas are from the Touhou Project game series. Nothing special to be found in the games character-wise, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whK3Mh9TmkY#t=3m just lots of bullets. But the fanbase is absolutely massive and there are tons of comics and pictures and theme song arranges for them. Tewi and Reisen are from that game, Flandre's from another. No official voices or anything.

My tulpas don't have very solid voices really, because we've never put much emphasis on how they should sound vocally. The mindvoice is really clear and has the same effect as a voice but without the sound. Recently we've paid a bit more attention and they have voices, but they change a lot and never settle on one. For example, this song might influence Tewi's voice after listening to it a few times, moreso personality though. But as for your question, their voices mostly consist of mindvoice inflection and all the things that come with a voice without a focused sound. When we do things like wonderlanding or have full conversations, their voices have a general range they'll sound like, nothing too specific. And I wouldn't worry too much about having a super distinct voice for your tulpa. They develop their mindvoice inflections over time, and they become really characteristic regardless of sound with that.

For the actual sound-voice though, all I can say is practice. That video's a good base, but other than like.. watching the movie? All you can do is try and give your tulpa that voice. Try to imagine the voice saying whatever words, and then have your tulpa take over that sound. I don't know how else to put it.

I'm actually really good at replicating peoples' voices in my head (I could make a Youtuber I watch say anything pretty convincingly), yet my tulpas have no single voice to go off of. In fact I have so many songs I associate them that I think the varying voice is a direct effect of that. It doesn't bother me, but if it does you, just practice. Listen to voices that sound like what you want, and practice hearing them say things they haven't in your head. I dunno, I do my best to answer these types of things but imposition vocality is not my strong suit. Go ahead and ask in the Q&A thread.

RE: Ask Reisen - Yakumo - 02-16-2015

What do you think about this forum or the tulpa community in general?
I feel that most tulpas don't really have the desire to communicate with others even though they could.
My tulpa complains that I waste my time here and should be doing something more useful.

Also - how do you feel about being limited to your host's senses (field of view) when imposed? Not a problem when standing beside him but a bit further away or facing in another direction isn't it a bit awkward not seeing what's going on there? I never thought much about it until my tulpa recently ran up to a sign facing in another direction to read it and gave me a disappointed shrug when she got there. Of course she can't see it if I can't. Have you experienced this or other limitations while imposed?

RE: Ask Reisen - Luminesce - 02-16-2015

Reisen: I feel like a lot of us really only say things when called upon to do so. I like this forum, just its existence helped us a lot, let alone the content in it. It was good to know there were people doing things like us. I feel like the community is pretty varied, and I know that Lumi gets a bit annoyed with new people asking "obvious" questions, but he knows everyone starts somewhere, with their own unique circumstances (Right Lumi?). But overall people here are really nice and accepting of others, especially given the inevitable belief conflicts when talking about this type of thing.

As for your tulpa complaining - we actually noticed when Lumi stopped visiting the forum daily for a few weeks, we were a lot less active and a little blurry when he came back. I feel like just being here helps keep the tulpa part of your brain active.. So I couldn't complain, even if I wanted to. Which I don't, love you guys!

We've never really explored the limitations of imposition, since it seems pretty obvious to us what they are. We actually spend a lot of the imposition time out of his field of view, in the 3D "awareness" you make just by being somewhere. But we've never tried to gather information or anything like that, never had a reason to try. One time a couple of us went and sat on the roof while he was busy, but obviously we were just imagining what that was like, not pretending to know. Generally we make our own physics for our mindscape-overlay and don't worry much about the actual reality, because having to step out of the way of people that can't see us (Or get sat on in class!) isn't really fun. How are we supposed to sit in floating seats above Lumi if we worry about the restrictions of real physics?

Basically, we don't rely much on the direct vision our brain's receiving, but the mental map of the area. I've yet to impose my tulpas in an area I wasn't familiar with and thus hadn't developed an internal map of yet (but now I want to), but I understand where you're coming from. This might be another case of my tulpas being non-traditional, I think they're more comfortable with what they are and aren't than the average tulpa. (Never experienced that "desire to be as real as possible" thing people talk about)

Thanks for the questions guys, remember you can direct these at someone specifically. If you don't I just answer the way I see fit, which might be a super-boring host answer.