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    Tulpa Movie Night

    This saturday's movie will be Khumba! Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__jJYYIehqY Rejected by his superstitious herd, a half-striped zebra embarks on a daring quest to earn his stripes, and finds the courage and self-acceptance to save all the animals of the Great Karoo. I feel you. Recently, Youtube has been opening more and more movies up as "free with ads", that's mostly where we're pulling from at the moment.
  2. From what I'm reading, this looks like a case where Invision Community could no longer maintain bbcode (see below), and thus decided "BBCode is outdatad let's go with this instead." It's a positive spin on a bug. Yeah, I agree with you, and if I'm being honest, if I knew that Invision Community was discontinuing BBCode I'm not even sure if I could have justified going with them. At some point, Invision Community decided to store posts as HTML instead of plain text (which is what most bulletin boards do). This means that you can simply load the static HTML content l
  3. It looks like bbcode was disabled in the new version by default. It's worth noting that it's going away sooner than later, as per their release notes for this version: I re-enabled bbcode parsing and will continue to until they remove it altogether test But it may be worth getting into a habit of using the rich text options. P.S. I don't particularly agree with deprecating bbcode but I have been moving towards just formatting via rich text. Shame we can't do markdown or something!
  4. Donators are supposed to have unlimited PM quota, so this definitely shouldn't be happening, I'm still looking into it, please hold fast. EDIT: Just read bear's response, so it may be happening for everyone, let me see what I can figure out.
  5. Does this happen via copy/paste into a reply / drag files to attach? Does it happen if you manually upload through the "choose files" option? I tried looking through the source code, one thing it's using canvas data for (which is probably what it was being used for previously) is in its use to see if emjois can be drawn on the canvas before it draws an emoji. It does some kind of pre-test where it draws an emoji on the canvas, then draws an invalid character on the canvas, and compares the two somehow with getImageData, then it clears the canvas and then continues rendering the e
  6. It’s a glitch in the dark theme. Set the light theme as default which has it EDIT: Also, as a side note, you can change your themes at the very bottom of the forums if needed
  7. Does it happen on the light theme for you? And yeah I’m not seeing the notifications options at all on dark theme EDIT: Does this happen in mobile? I'm only seeing that happen when I'm on mobile rather than desktop (it looks like it happens when there's no longer room for the notification to appear). If you're on desktop, could I get a screenshot?
  8. I haven’t had that problem but I haven’t tested in TOR. Screenshot?
  9. Perhaps I should just switch everyone to the light theme temporarily after all lol
  10. All plugins are (supposed to be) working again.
  11. If I don't hear something back from our theme creator before the end of the day, I'll switch the default back to the light theme, which is much more stable at the moment: I also updated the OP.
  12. Thanks, opened a ticket.
  13. It's just fun thread statistics that came with the upgrade. I know thread statistics were asked for before, so I figured I'd enable them. Sadly the only two options are, "Put the thread's statistics under the 1st post or put it on the side of the post." If people hate them too much, I guess I could just disable them; I thought it was a cool metric in LOTPW. As for the vertical issue and go to latest post, I have them opened with the theme creator.
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